Thursday, March 19, 2015

Surviving the insane world of the crazy Illuminati and Global Elite: How to find remedy and relief when it all seems to be getting worse

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Hi, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for taking the time to read and listen to the Ucadia blog this week entitled “Surviving the insane world of the crazy Illuminati and Global Elite: How to find remedy and relief when it all seems to be getting worse”.

If you’ve listened to the Ucadia blogs over recent months, then you will know that I completed a detailed three part series on Ucadia versus the Illuminati and Global Elite (See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) as a way of trying to consolidate a huge amount of information and to try and clear up so much of the deliberate and sometimes mistaken presumptions that people continue to make about the Illuminati and Global Elite. What I hope those that have read and listened get out of the three part series is just how mentally insane and ignorant the Illuminati and Global Elite have become of their own systems of control, much less any true history – and that they are the biggest force causing change through their own incompetence, heresy and maladministration of their own systems.

Then last week I completed the 5th part of the series on True History of America entitled “The rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult” as a way of making sense of the incredible stupidity amongst the leadership presently within the United States and their “batshit crazy” behaviors at fracking, at chemical spraying, at sponsoring false flag Islamic terrorism such as ISIS and of course their desperate attempts to trigger World War III at all costs. The mental insanity of the US Senate, US Congress and many state leaderships is truly astounding. I don’t believe the world has witnessed a time where more stupid people have been consolidated into such positions of power through the sponsorship and patronage of the Global Elite at any other time in history. And through their utter incompetence and contempt for their own institutions of power, these stupid people are causing more damage against the apparatus of the Roman Death Cult than all the marches, protests and riots for the past two hundred years combined.

So while, we are on course to see the complete incompetence, contempt and insanity of the present members of the Illuminati and Global Elite destroy their own system within a few more years, such an extraordinary timeframe is not short enough for many people.

Those that are facing prison; or those that are facing huge fines or the loss of their homes, or the theft of their children, or bitter divorces and custody hearings; or those that are just trying to survive day-to-day as the apparatus of the Roman Death Cult continues to be destroyed from the inside.

To many that are facing clear and present pain and torture against this monstrous system of lies, it doesn’t matter that it can be proven there is not remedy or relief and therefore any valid law, because the automated machine still continues to “roll over” people anyway.

Nor does it appear to be anything other than academic to many when the argument is put that where the law is unfair or unequal or secretive or corrupt, then the Golden Rule of Law does not exist and no law exists. Because in such places, the police and the paramilitary still carry guns, are still arresting and brutalizing people and still carrying on their business.

So the biggest objection people may have to these recent series and information, isn’t the information but it’s perceive relevance to their pressing issues and the practicality of such information in dealing with urgent matters. You see this continues to be the argument weighed against Ucadia especially from those heavily involved in the snake-oil business of trying to sell people legal cures on the internet and are threatened if people actually take the time to read and listen to Ucadia for themselves, without deliberate disinformation.

For example, I recently saw a posting from a woman, who set up her snake-oil legal remedy business a few years ago by pretending to be all “sweetness and light” and “earth conscious” by choosing an pseudonym that appealed to people looking for that kind of message. This woman then proceeded to blatantly steal hundreds of pages of material of Ucadia, then repackage it as her own and even has had the audacity to publish and sell books proclaiming this knowledge as one of the worst plagiarists I have seen. But what is worse is that after stealing and selling information stolen from others, she has now moved into the lucrative “legal cures” business and continually speaks in riddles about the “legal name” as the source of woes, whilst attacking Ucadia – the very source of much of her stolen material. 

Unfortunately, it is very hard to stop such charlatans and such people completely possessed by Mundi Ghost Energy inflicting so much damage on gullible and vulnerable people, by taking their money and making such false claims.  But the worst damage is when such people perform the dirty work of the Roman Death Cult in falsely claiming there is no practical knowledge and application to Ucadia information.

In truth, I have spoken at length within these blogs on practical remedy and relief over and over and over again prior to this latest series on Ucadia versus the Illuminati and the Global Elite. For example, I posted an article in January on the fact that “Greater Self Knowledge is the only Lasting Remedy”. In other words, if you willingly and deliberately behave stupidly and simply accept false statements given to you, without investigating and looking a little deeper, then you have to accept there are consequences because of such stupidity – not only in this life and the next. It is why I made the point of describing the Mundi Ghost World being in effect Stupid Heaven because people who choose to glide through life in a daze like zombies are easy marks for other ghost energy to entrap for long times in misery, anger, frustration and insanity.

Imaging every moment, every hour, every day, every month, every year for hundreds of years experiencing the worst depression you’ve ever experienced; and the worst anger and frustration you could imagine; and the most terrible loneliness possible; and the most awful hopelessness and sense of failure and imprisonment and confinement you could ever dream. Now to top all that off – imagine then forgetting your name, your memories, your friends and your family to the point that you lose trust in all frames of reference to what you think you are, or were. In other words, complete and utter insanity – lost to yourself and the world. Welcome to Stupid Heaven – the state that awaits all those people who are choosing presently to be stupid.

I even explained at length during the recent three part series the immoral breach of universal laws that ghosts continue to play in tricking and interfering with the will and choices of the living. Siblings that died when we were young. Classmates or friends or children that died tragically that attach themselves to us, without us consciously knowing or granting such permission. Boyfriends or girlfriends that commit suicide and then latch themselves onto us as angry spirits. Or just ghosts that see you as a light and source and decide to latch on like parasites and thus affecting your decision making process and your life experience.  This is not rare or uncommon or conspiracy – it is a sad indictment of what is happening every moment of every day in a world created by necromancers who worship such madness.

So people have no way of reconciling the vile and revolting and absurd voices that come into their head clearly – as the deliberately false world of psychology denies such possibilities and instead tells people that because of such voices they have some mental disorder and need to be treated – dragging more and more people into the world of insanity. When we act stupidly and selfishly, we leave ourselves open to this interfering energy to latch on and screw with us.  This is very real and very important information within the previous three part series on Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite.

In September last year, I did a very clear blog entitled Stop! Before you do or say anything in Court – here is the foundation and benchmarks of law.  The blog made crystal clear what is and what is not law and what it means to you.  It could not be clearer and more practical. Then earlier in June last year I did a range of blogs on the functions of Common law, Admiralty Law and the True Rule of Law.

As to practical knowledge of court instruments, procedures and functions, there is the 3 part YouTube series on law, affidavits and procedures and the canons of law of Positive Law and Fiduciary Law. All of it practical and all of it relevant. So while it is impossible for me to help people individually, the truth is I have never stopped providing practical and down to earth knowledge of addressing the real issues that people are facing - despite the lies being promoted by those who are being paid as agents of the Roman Death Cult or willingly choose to be agents of the Necromancers and curse you.

Go and have a look at the rights defined under Article 27 and 28 the Covenant of One Heaven. Can anyone take those away from you? How could you possibly believe the lies of the snake-oil sales people and miss these rights? No one can steal your energy without your permission. No one can steal your name without your agreement. And no one can steal these rights from you period!

If it all seems confusing and you need some context, then go and read Lebor Clann Glas and get then a story that spans over 10,000 years that can provide absolute clarity on what is going on.  Read and listen to the blogs and if it still doesn’t make sense, have a look at the links in the blogs and even the canons. It is all there.

So the key to surviving the insane world of the crazy Illuminati and Global Elite and how to find remedy and relief is really simple- not to be stupid and not to be insane. To actually give a damn enough about your own life and your own future and read and learn instead of wasting time on crap and computer games. So please read and re-read and listen and re-listen until it makes sense.

And to all of you who are doing this – thank you! Thank you for giving a damn about the incredible gift your life is! And to those of you who continue to help and support Ucadia in some way- thank you!

And until we speak next week, please be safe, be well and thank you and good night.



Thursday, March 12, 2015

True History of America – Part 5 The rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for listening to and reading the Ucadia Blog. If this is your first time coming to read and listen to the Ucadia Blog, then welcome! Or if you have had the opportunity to listen to and read the Ucadia Blog before, then welcome back.

Whether or not this is the first time you have heard of Ucadia, or the Ucadia Blog, I fully comprehend how some may feel a little reluctant to listen to or read further some of this information. Like I have been saying repeatedly in blogs over recent months, there is a steady and marked trend in increasingly desperate chatter trying to stop people from reading or hearing about much of the information discussed through Ucadia. All kinds of rumors and fear mongering and false information designed to “turn people off” from reading and listening about such fundamental subjects as: who really are the Illuminati and the Ruling Elite? What is the ultimate source of their power? What is their agenda? Is there any way out of this madness? And what can we do about it?

Similarly, when I have written and spoken about the essential power of a sacred vow or oath to yourself with the Divine Creator; and that it is “kryptonite” against any and all pseudo-legal systems and false and fascist religions and governments, there has been all kinds of howls of protest by people misquoting deliberately false and absurd 18th century inclusions in the Bible speaking about how we should never make oaths or vows. I mean, a fundamental principle of law and the formation of any valid Office and Trust dating back thousands and thousands of years in every major civilization, including Rome, before the time of Jesus, and people are harping on and attacking Ucadia because they believed the words of a few lying necromancers that Jesus forbid such crucial vows and oaths! This is the kind of madness I keep speaking about when intelligent people are first sent mad by deliberate contradictions included in the Bible to render them utterly stupid and useless in effecting any positive change on the planet. A classic example being the fact that on the one hand it is made abundantly clear that Jesus was supposed to be no fan of the banks, or moneylenders or lawyers – especially when he turned over their tables in the temple; and then on the other hand he is then the bankers “best friend” in disavowing the taking of any vow or oath that would be superior to a claimed banking adhesion contract! So what is going on here?

It seems no matter how many times I try to break the complexity of deliberately occult and obscure law down to the basics in support of the Golden Rule of Law that “no one is above the law and all are equal before the same law”, there are still many people deeply infected with Mundi Ghost Virus desperately trying to distract and prevent people from comprehending the power of oaths and vows in the fundamental formation of the highest form of trusts and covenants; and of affidavits and getting your own affairs in order. Yet it is the practical application of the basics that so many people continue to write and ask for – like, is there any truth to the Birth Certificate being used for some kind of “set off” function, or ways to break the rituals and procedures of modern Roman Death Cult Courts? 

For those of you that have listened to previous Ucadia Blogs, you may know that last week I finished a three part series on Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite, with the third part discussing their greatest power and ultimate weakness. Yet, despite showing irrefutable proof that these people are nothing but impostors, suffering severe mental illness and getting worse; and despite showing that they have been in power for only a few centuries and that their greatest weapon is that everything is a lie and tricking us into faith and belief; and despite proving that as immortal beings who can never die, we have nothing to fear from these “batshit crazy” lunatics who need to be seized from power by their minions and immediately put in lunatic asylums, people are still struggling to see the practical path through the madness in their own lives.

So tonight, rather than add a fourth part to the series on Ucadia vs. Illuminati and the Global Elite, I am going to tie together the three part series on the Illuminati and the Global Elite and a previous series I did on the True History of America: That a Republic is always Fascist – like Adolf Hitler and the Nazis – and a Fascist Government is always an agent of the Roman Death Cult of Impostors and Necromancers that has never been Christian, can never be Christian and can never be Catholic and has always been the AntiChrist since the first formation of Christianity; and that a Republic is always an agent of the AntiChrist designed to trick and enslave people – like the false 13th Amendment – so that people are kept perpetually stupid and living in fear; despite the fact that none of what the Illuminati and Global Elite claim is true.

Tonight, the blog is entitled “True History of America – Part 5 The rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult”. So, if you have not already had the chance to listen to the first four episodes of the series, then I encourage you to please go and read and listen first, to the four parts being Part 1 “(1666-1840): The Curse against the Patriots”; and then Part 2 entitled “(1840-1939): The False God of Perpetual War”; and Part 3 entitled “(1939-2012): The Real Dream vs. the False Truth” and finally Part 4 entitled “(1860-1876): The Truth about Lincoln, Washington and the Union”. 

I also encourage you to read and listen to the three part series entitled Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite before you start, namely: “Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?” and then “Part 2 And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power” and finally “Part 3 their greatest power and ultimate weakness”.

There is a lot of information I admit. And I know for some, such a task of reading and listening to all this information at least a couple of times first before getting into the blog tonight might take some days or even weeks to accomplish. But I assure you, it is worth taking the time to be prepared, because despite the title of the blog tonight, we will be discussing very practical and relevant issues to everyone alive on planet Earth. For example, when we talk tonight in practical and real terms about what exactly is happening when you are pulled over for a traffic stop by a police officer and the origin of such procedures, none of it will make sense unless you take the time to read and re-read and listen and re-listen to the blogs I have mentioned. Furthermore, when we speak about what exactly is happening in a modern Roman Death Cult Court and why you are considered guilty and why people are held in prison and why courts seems to circumvent any notion of justice and get away with it, then these previous blogs are vital. Finally, when we talk about the truth behind one of the core functions of birth certificates since the 1930’s and the incredible power and revelation of this knowledge – then none of it will make sense until you read and listen to the previous blogs as well as the canons under Article 325 on Birth (Settlement) Certificates. So please read and listen first if you have not already, before continuing, so what is discussed makes sense.

OK, lets get started then with a quick summary of what we know before we get into practical points of making sense of what is actually going on today and in the next few years.

5 key points in summary of what we know from previous blogs

So I am going to list five key points we have discussed in the previous blogs and audios that I want you to keep in mind before we move through the new information of part 5 of the series on the True History of America – and the rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult.

#1 - Everything about the Illuminati and Global Elite is a Lie

The first point I want you to keep in mind is that everything about the Illuminati and the Global Elite is a lie: Their histories are a lie; and their rituals are fanciful lies; and their claimed occult knowledge is a lie; and their laws are an abomination and a lie. Even the word faith and belief means literally to be spellbound and trapped by lies! 

The first people they lie to are their own recruits and their own children as they are constantly reinventing their lies and massaging their lies to the next generation.  Thus the philosophies underpinning the Fourth Reich simply did not exist eighty years ago – they have been invented and produced from a blending of blatantly false prophecies of deeply mentally insane Hasidic Rabbis, extreme Christian sects and occult book writers and movie producers. Yet now, the benchmark ideas underpinning the Fourth Reich of an over populated planet, a crisis of scarce fossil fuels, a collapse of food and water availability and the birth of a genetic super race and immortal cyber intelligence are all accepted as true!

It doesn’t matter to the generals, the business elite or the intellectuals that as we said last week the term “fossil fuel” is a total lie and renewable supplies of gas, petroleum and other octane fuels could be implemented in 90 days; and it doesn’t matter that the no#1 cause of damaging sustainable water supply is now the clear and present threat of fracking of water aquifers. Instead, the foot soldiers of the Illuminati and Global Elite are contented to be like robots and carry on regardless of how stupid and damaging such plans clearly are.

#2 – The Illuminati are Necromancers

The second point to remember is that the Illuminati are Necromancers and that they believe there is a source of power in cursing and controlling the dead and then through the dead, control of the living.

Yet as proof of the lies to themselves, few in the Vatican know the true origin of the Pentagram or its original name back to Ur and Mari and the Ammaru (Amorites) or more recent millennia and the emergence of Mithra and the deeper function of the Mithraic rituals.

So we have elite members of the Illuminati and Global Elite still participating in child molestation, sexual orgies, child sacrifice and they haven’t got a clue as to the deeper meaning of the rituals, despite the No#1 rule of all ancient occult teachings saying that a ritual performed in ignorance has absolutely no power – it doesn’t stop the Illuminati and Global Elite as they simply ignore this fundamental philosophy.

For example, this Saturday is the ancient Day of Celebration of the Birth of Mithra and the Dies Sanguinis (Latin for Day of Blood), also called the Mides or the Mid of Mars under a Moon Calendar, not a Sun Calendar. Under the Persians and Aramaic, it was the 14th of Nisan or the celebration of Passia or the Day of Suffering, the Passion now known as the Passover. Any pseudo-scholar that thinks the worship of Mithra or the Occult Calendar in worship of Mithra was Sun based instead of Moon based 28/29 day Moon calendar is kidding themselves.

To Necromancers who still follow the practices of Mithra with the stone sarcophagus and the symbol of the lamb and the baptism in blood of initiates, this Saturday as the Mides of Mars and Dies Sanguinis and the day that even Julius Caesar committed suicide – not the 13th of March  - should be their most auspicious day. But it is not. Why? Because the Illuminati and Global Elite membership generally don’t care about the origin or truth or meaning behind the rituals they perform blindly and stupidly. They just do them to be part of the elite. Remember what I said about power – a ritual done in ignorance has no power! 

In the legends surrounding early Christianity, there is the persistent doctrine that the day of birth and the supposed day of the crucifixion of Jesus was also the Mides of Mars known as the 14th of Nisan and the Passover and the Day of Passion (Suffering) and the Day of Blood and the Birthday of Mithra. So while the vast majority of people in the world are unknowingly or willfully ignorance of the significance of the day, the Roman Death Cult elite is fully aware of the significance of the Day. They even gave birth to a new Pope called Francis on the Birthday of Mithra and the supposed true Birthday of Jesus in the hope of spiritual renewal as Necromancers.

Today, the Mides of Mars and Dies Sanguinis as the Day of Blood is celebrated under the benign sounding name Pi Day or Day of Pi because 3.14 is the first three digits of the number Pi the most perfect-imperfect number in the Universe and the Personification of the Unique Collective Awareness as the ultimate Paradox. So most people around the world will be celebrating Pi Day or Day of Pi as 3.14 on Saturday without knowing much of this history.

As for me, Saturday is a special day because I will be celebrating my 50th Birthday having been born as Francis on the 14th March 1965, or if you want to write that in the same sequence of Pi 3.141965. Of course, while these 7 digits are in the same sequence as Pi, the first digits of Pi are actually 3.14159265 – so my Day of Birth on the Birthday of Mithra as arguably what should be one of the most important days for all members of the Illuminati and Global Elite is only 7/9 perfect or 0.777777 to infinity.

#3-The Roman Death Cult and its Agents are the ultimate heretics to their own system

This leads me to point 3 to keep in mind with the Roman Death Cult and its Agents being that they are the ultimate heretics to their own system. For example, have a think about all the emphasis drilled into people who want to believe the various faiths of organized religions around the world rooted in some claimed prophecy.

Now, forgetting for a moment that everything about the Illuminati and the Global Elite are lies, including their scripture, their laws and all their history – let’s just suppose for a moment it were true in terms of doctrine and dogma. Therefore, the most important scripture and laws of the necromancers should be that information directly gleaned from the supernatural. Once you discount the hit and miss readings of Edgar Cayce, the madness of Mormonism and the “read into it what you will” bestseller of Nostradamus, there are in fact very few genuine prophecies connected to the fate of the Roman Death Cult and the continuing power of the Illuminati and Global Elite namely the Book of Revelation, the Prophecies of Sabbateanism, Hasidism, Fatima, other Prophecies of Virgin Mary and the Prophecies of Kew.

Let’s take the horribly corrupted Epistole of Antioch the Epistole Apocalypsis later called the Book of Revelation. So if we boil all the Book of Revelation down, then we can identify at least forty three core prophecies claimed by the Roman Death Cult, all fulfilled by the sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum. You can see for yourself in the links I have provided to the article on One-Evil.Org.

Or lets have a look at the Sabbatean and Hasidic Prophecies based around small excerpts of the Zohar that were not completely absurd and insane. The seven most significant passages that have been the source of two world wars and the failed attempts to date of the third world war are all fulfilled by the sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum, yet the Illuminati and Global Elite still refuse to follow their own made up religion.

How about the famous Fatima Prophecies? Well, the Roman Death Cult remains so upset about them that at first they created false versions and finally when it became clear the prophecies are about the end of the power of the Roman Death Cult, they have refused to acknowledge it. Or finally, how about the Prophecies of Kew that first occurred on August 15th 1977 and the 444th anniversary to the day of the founding of the Jesuit Order on the feast of the Assumption on August 15th 1534 and the ancient feast day of the celebration of Lucifer. This prophecy that occurred on exactly the same day a year later was transmitted not only to one of the most senior scholars and theologians of the Jesuits directly, but also to the Archbishop of Melbourne and at least six other priests, including Franciscans, Jesuits and Capuchins. Yet the prophecy has been completely ignored.

In fact, the Roman Death Cult has been warned multiple times by the entities and energies otherwise known as Lucifer, or Satan or the Devil that its reign of heresy and madness and profanity against all forms of supernatural is coming to an end, yet these people simply shut their eyes and stuff their ears as they continue to murder, to consume, to destroy for nothing but their own insatiable desires.

That is why I made it clear last week that upon the forgiveness of all curses against the dead and the end of any spiritual protection or deflection of accountability around the living members of the Illuminati and Global Elite, these living heretics are now fully and completely liable and accountable to the physical consequences of their actions until they finally leave their physical bodies and are forgiven. All the consequences of their actions, their deeds, the pain and suffering they have caused is immediately and fully directed to them, without any power of deflection whilst they remain in physical form.

#4- The Roman Death Cult and its agents have absolutely no authority

This leads me to the fourth point I want you to keep in mind as we discuss some practical aspects as to part 5 of the true history of America is the fact that the Roman Death Cult and its agents, such as those that promote Fascist Ideals and the notion of a Republic – have absolutely no authority spiritually, morally, lawfully or legally.

They do not follow their own teachings. They do not follow their own rules. They are constantly making up new lies. Take the laws of Westminster and England – they utterly destroyed their own Parliament and Laws four times in 1666, in late 18th Century, then in 1834 and finally in 1941 in order to re-write certain laws and lies. If you ever got to read the entire claimed volumes of statutes of Westminster as I have, then you’d see for yourself the utter absurdity of some of the claims of statutes dating back to Edward I and later under Henry VII and Henry VIII. They use terms and concepts that weren’t even invented yet. I mean it is utterly preposterous, yet every Roman Death Cult court claims it has jurisdiction according to these lies and absurdities.

Rome is, was and has always been the AntiChrist. It cannot be Christian or Catholic. Therefore, it cannot issue any law in reference to Christianity or Catholicism. Therefore, every bull, edict, patent, statute, regulation ever issued by these impostors and their agents is false.

The same goes for the agents of the AntiChrist that promote fascist models using the symbols and cruelty of a fascist state like the Nazis did. How anyone who is born Jewish could support the Republican Party of America, much less represent such a body of fascist promoters is impossible for me to fathom. This party represents the same body of people behind the funding, building and operation of the Nazi war machine in Germany and it is on the public record in hundreds and hundreds of documents that have not been sanitized that many executives of Wall Street were forced to spend a vacation at a quazi-prison country club for several years after WWII because General Motors and Ford built the Nazi tanks and Standard Oil supplies kept the Nazi Air force up in the air and Wall Street finance kept the system running. For goodness sake, the Bank for International Settlements was founded by Wall Street banks for creating an annuity system across Nazi Germany and then used reserve banks as a cover for their antics. Annuities being the slave bond system that was eventually extended across the planet.

#5-The Roman Death Cult and its Agents are completely insane

The final point I want to make midst all the evidence of malfeasance, heresy, criminality, apostasy and lies is the sad and real fact that when we are talking about the Illuminati and the Global Elite then we are talking about people who are completely out of their mind and the greatest threat to the survival of our species and our planet.

It is beyond me how any general could continue to follow the insane orders of these people? Or a pilot continue to fly the insane flights of chemical spraying, or a media officer continue to spread lies and disinformation for these batshit crazy people!

The reason I keep coming back to this fact is that it is the greatest concern. If we were just dealing with evil geniuses possessing some incredible knowledge, then it may not excuse their actions, but at least it could be seen from some perspective of logic and reason.

But we are not dealing with rational, or reasonable or logical people – but people completely and entirely possessed by the Mundi Ghost Energy that are killing themselves, their children as well as all of us. Collectively, if we remain paralyzed by fear or apathy and refuse to wake up to the fact that the lunatics are “running the asylum” then the planet is facing its most grave threat by such lunatics.

The “New” New World Order (NWO 4.0) and America

So now we have summarized five key points to consider from the previous episodes of the Ucadia Blog, let us address the first key point in the blog tonight regarding the True History of America that connects America firmly and squarely in connection to the Illuminati and Global Elite. It is the fact that America was always uniquely called “The New World”; and that the “New World Order” and the Reichs or “Fascist Ages” of perpetual war, genocide, slavery and tyranny have always been operated in plain site from New York or Washington DC for over two hundred years.  I repeat, so there can be no confusion – the New World Order is, was and has always been operated as a parasite against planet Earth from within the United States as the central hub of banker operated perpetual war, genocide, slavery and tyranny for over two hundred years. 

Wars, Genocide, Terrorism, Slavery and Tyranny only exist on planet Earth because of banks and because of this parasite hub called Wall St, because this is and has always been the business model of these formerly Dutch Amorican Pirates from the time they controlled global slavery as the Dutch East India Company and the Bank of Amsterdam and then later as the Bank of England and the imposter United States.

The first New World Order in the “New World” or NWO 1.0 was in 1795 and the formal treaties between Great Britain and the United States of America as a corporation, held captive by the clutches of the Dutch Amorican Pirate families that had established themselves primarily in New York and the east coast. We have discussed these events and the statutes that prove these facts in the previous blogs.

The second New World Order or NWO 2.0 or Second Reich began in 1862 and the bizarre and extraordinary treaties between the United Kingdom and the Dutch Amorican War machine fronted by Abraham Lincoln, namely (25&26Vict.c.40) and (25&26Vict.c.90)  and then in 1863 (26&27Vict. c.34). We will be discussing these treaties in more detail in a moment and how they go to the motive of the equally bizarre and false 13th amendment that converts every United States of America citizen into both a criminal and a slave, or a 14th Amendment US citizen into a piece of cargo- being worse than a slave.

Note I am using the language of Second Reich to describe the age of just under 70 years to describe the NWO 2.0 – because the New World Order is and has always been purely fascist and driven by claimed ultimate power of the Roman Death Cult. The concept of Nazism and Adolf Hitler and the mass extermination death camps shaped as a 300 mile wide Pentagram wasn’t born out of Germany, it was conceived and directed out of the Headquarters of Global Fascism being Washington DC and with Rome.  I am not throwing these words around. In the last blog I defined very carefully what is meant by Fascism and in the series on the true history of America I also defined very carefully that Washington DC is an occult overlay of cursing the memory of the United States of America and its founders to entrap each and every American, every patriot, every hero, every ideal, every truth – and use that goodness for madness and evil. If you still don’t trust me, then go and read part 4 of the True History of America that I asked you to read and listen to first.

The third New World Order or NWO 3.0 or Third Reich that saw the recruitment of Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and a whole host of insane Roman Death Cult dictators again was born from Washington DC in tandem with the Jesuits and Rome from 1933 and the completion of the treaties between the Nazi Regime and the Holy See that then included by default Wall St as the real owners of Nazi Germany as the owners of the German Annuities through the Bank for International Settlement or BIS. It was the NWO 3.0 that was the most insane and awful to date, not only for World War II and the extreme indoctrination and mind control of hundreds of millions of people, but the complete mental insanity of most of its leadership.

Now, I am going to say this again because for some reason, people find it hard to comprehend. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact.  It is written in black and white in the preamble of the Constituent Charter of the Bank for International Settlements of January 20, 1930 and I quote:

Whereas the Powers signatory to the Hague Agreement of January, 1930, have adopted a Plan which contemplates the founding by the central banks of Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Japan and by a financial institution of the United States of America of an International Bank to be called the Bank for International Settlements;

And whereas the said central banks and a banking group including Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Company of New York, the First National Bank of New York, New York, and the First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, have undertaken to found the said Bank and have guaranteed or arranged for the guarantee of the subscription of its authorised capital amounting to five hundred million Swiss francs equal to 145,161,290.32 grammes fine gold, divided into 200,000 shares;

So lets break this down – clearly. The second paragraph identifies the real owners of the Bank for International Settlements as a select group of Wall St Banks that have founded it – not, I repeat not central banks and this is the United States financial institution mentioned in the first paragraph.

The Charter even lets slip one of its primary goals of enslaving the German people as well as the rest of the world through annuities under paragraph 6 (d) all taxes upon any agreements which the Bank may make in connection with the issue of loans for mobilizing the German annuities and upon the bonds of such loans issued on a foreign market;

In other words a global trading market on slave bonds, beginning with Germany. There is your reason for World War II and the murder of more than one hundred million people – not Hitler.  Yes Fascism as the New World Order was responsible, because the banks are part of the key Fascist apparatus of the Roman Death Cult. So when your father or grandfather or great grandfather went to war to fight the Nazis and Fascist – he was merely a member of the blue team going off to fight the red team with both the blue and red teams of slaves owned by the bankers!

The Third Reich is also heralded by the event when the United States as the impostor regime holding the true United States of America hostage declared War against the enitre planet, including the United Kingdom when it ordered Westminster and even the Royal Family to be targeted, before wiser heads in Nazi Germany prevailed and the Royal Family survived, despite the Wall Street Nazi Families demanding total obliteration.

The fourth New World Order or NWO 4.0 or Fourth Reich began with the symbol of September 11th 2001 and the rushing through of the Patriot Act and the fact that now virtually all the worlds countries are held as prizes in Washington DC and then reformed as corporations through Delaware – the “State of War”, through austerity measures and the militarization of police forces into Fascist uniforms and training. The severally mentally insane in the American elite are pressing ahead, regardless of any contrary instruction with their plans for the Fourth Reich and some version of a Third World War.

It doesn’t worry these people one minute that they are heretics to their own religion of lies. It doesn’t matter that these people have no authority, nor history. So long as they can continue to force, terrorize, intimidate and manipulate people into doing their bidding, they will continue their plans of building the Fourth Reich and carrying out depopulation – even though the arguments underpinning such plans are all based on lies and absurd falsities.

The Bizarre US/Great Britain Treaties and Slavery

As I said repeatedly, the vast majority of the Illuminati and the Global Elite and the leadership of the Roman Death Cult and the New World Order are completely batshit crazy: they are heretics to their own false system of beliefs and faith; they don’t know or care as to the true origin of any rituals they perform; and they have no spiritual or moral or lawful authority; and rely on the stupidity and cowardice and apathy of the masses to stay in power.  So far, the people at large have not let them down.

Yet when some people do wake up, particularly if they read and hear about the Ucadia Blogs like this one, they get terribly upset when the fact is put forward that the United States is the only country in the world that not only condones slavery but has embedded it as a religious and moral right within its own constitution. However, that is exactly what the false 13th Amendment says.

The 13th Amendment does not abolish slavery; it converts it into a claimed religious and moral right. The 13th Amendment does not end slavery; it just changes the name of slaves to criminals.  

Let me read it to you: “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

So if I am able to claim someone as a criminal, such as in summary justice – then I can make them a slave. How could anyone in their right mind logically conclude then that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery? It did not! – it institutionalized it to the present day under the Fascist models of the NWO 2.0 then the Third Reich and now the Fourth Reich.

The issue then is how did the fascists spread slavery across the planet in seeming contradiction to everything they say publicly.  The answer was simple and obvious – through what appeared to be on the surface anti-slavery treaties.

Take the Treaty between the United Kingdom and the Fascist Regime of Wall St right at the beginning of the Civil War when the constitution and constituent documents had been dissolved and the original United States of America had ceased to exist. So in 1862, the United Kingdom threw Wall St a lifeline namely (25&26Vict.c.40) and (25&26Vict.c.90) and then in 1863 (26&27Vict. c.34).

All the Fascist Regime had to do was make sure every one of its judges and officials made an oath to the treaty first, as per (25&26Vict.c.90) . That is the treaty and the primary oath of every district court judge and supreme court judge in the United States. Now you have what it is exactly. No conspiracy – but fact.

Now, the Fascists hijacking the true United States of America formed by the southern states once they won the war then were to become the global policeman for the Illuminati and Global Elite using the grant of exceptionalism by the Roman Death Cult – between the 15th parallel north to south of the equator. Four points were made as the detainment depots for seized cargo taken as prize goods under these treaties being: the Island of Cuba for the Caribbean, the Island of Puerto Rico for South America, the Island of Madagascar for Africa and the Island of San Domingo, later renamed Luzon in the Philippines for Asia and the Pacific.

The 14th Amendment of the United States sealed the deal. So if you attempt to stand up for your rights, you are an enemy of the New World Order and a criminal and now under Executive Orders a terrorist and a threat that can be summarily executed without legal process. That is the impact of the debate on drone strikes.

If you argue in their courts, then you are a belligerent and a combatant and they can capture you, torture you and throw away the key with impunity. Or, if you act as a 14th amendment US citizen then you are captured cargo and they are supposed to treat you a little better for insurance purposes – and do not damage the merchandize!

Please read the treaties. The naval ships detaining vessels are called cruisers. Cruisers for goodness sake! Is that enough to wake some people out of their sleep! The treaties even describe how the whole process of condemnation of vessels and goods seized is to be handled as the new system of summary justice of the United States since the Civil War. So if you want to know what the heck is going on when you are stopped by a police officer in your vessel or detained going to court, then I strongly suggest you read the actual treaties that first defined such procedures.

Who in their right mind thinks there is any kind of remedy under such false systems of injustice and Fascism and madness?  Why could anyone possibly believe a remedy guru who claims there is some ironclad and bullet proof way to “beat the court” in respect of these Roman Death Cult courts of torture and cruelty and tyranny?  They don’t even follow their own rules anymore. They don’t. For example under Article I of the treaty, when someone is detained or brought before a court, then these officers are supposed to show their letters of authority. They don’t do that anymore! So what hope does anyone have if they think they can simply bluster their way through or follow in complete stupidity some bullshit artist and false guru?

The only remedy is knowledge. I repeat the only remedy is knowledge. And the only relief is to live your life in knowledge of true law – the Golden Rule of Law; and to know that you are already immortal and can never die. Do you think these are just easy slogans and words I have just said? They are not. I did not say, just give up and surrender – nor did I say, run down the hill like some maniac and get locked up. What I am saying is there is no magic bullet, no special cure for all ills, but the knowledge of what is true law, true justice and due process as is exemplified under Article 7 of all the Charters of Ucadia – and then to be prepared to stand up and live by and defend yourself according to such knowledge.

You see if Life is a Dream- and it is; then it is thought and mind that matters first and then the physical and temporal second. So just by changing our minds and overcoming our fears and our willful stupidity is more than 50% of the battle. Once you then add on forgiveness of the transgressions of the dead and holding the living to account and individually living and behaving with respect to true law, then suddenly and in essence you become like granite, like an immovable object – strength coming from within.

Do you think this doesn’t make a difference? Think again. Across history, tyrants, pirates, thieves and liars were ultimately vanquished not by weapons and war alone, but by the ideas and intentions to build a higher idea and a fairer and more equal society. That is the purpose of Ucadia and the Ucadia Model! That was the circumstance when Constantine founded Christianity and destroyed Rome to the ground in 313 and 314 CE; and it took the Necromancers another thousand years to eventually find a means to rise up, mainly through the discovery of gunpowder.

Since 1933 Birth Certificates are Death Certificates

This brings me to the final element in this blog and the “True History of America – Part 5 The rise of the Fascist Fourth Reich of the Roman Death Cult” namely the subject of what the heck is going on concerning Birth Certificates and what are called Guthrie Cards – or the blotting paper cards that a pin prick of the blood of a new born baby is shed and then sent off to some location.

For example, we know for a fact that the Guthrie Cards go the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC much like the earlier version of these went to the Placentia Palace of Greenwich when Greenwich was the center of Admiralty prior to the founding of Washington DC in 1861 – yes 1861. Please go and read part 4 of this series if this does not make sense to you. In any event, we also know that for every registered Birth or Still-Birth, a CUSIP number being a nine-character alphanumeric code system owned by the American Bankers Association and operated by Standard and Poors identifying an security for the purpose of facility clearing and trade. You used to be able to look up and find the CUSIP number attached to your body and soul as a tradable commodity by the New World Order until they took down the public access sites. We also know that the Paper Based Long Form Birth Certificates have and had some real financial value, although it has never been made clear how or why exactly – with many wild theories.

So before we answer this issue in more detail and demonstrate one of the most perverse systems of the Illuminati and Global Elite as well as the New World Order operating as the Fourth Reich from the United States, I want to ask you a simple question – If the state creates an Estate for you, what does that tell you they think you are?  And a second question – if all the excuses and standard responses around the world from the zombie robots working for the New World Order is that Birth Certificates are merely reflections of statistics gathered for more accurate governance, then why do such Statistic Bureaus deliberately record false and deceptive and misleading information? 

In other words, if we could prove now that absolutely every single Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages deliberately record knowingly false, deceptive and misleading information, then the argument that it is merely for accurate statistics and record keeping is yet another bald faced lie, isn’t it?

So we also know that the standard information recorded for a long form Birth Certificate was standardized globally amongst the New World Order from 1926 (16&17 Geo.5 c.48) and the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1926 before being extended out in individual acts of states from 1926 to 1930. For example, here is the Act that implemented the same new system for Victoria Australia, derived from the same Act.

Now what you find is that the standard information of the long form of a Birth Certificate is actually the mandatory information and terms to be used to enter a child into the Register of Still Births, not Live Births. That is to say, register a child as dead, by implication of failing to state clearly whether the child is alive or dead or “not any”, therefore presumed dead.

Now fast forward to 1933 and the grand alliance of the Roman Death Cult and the New World Order of the United States through is wholly owned subsidiary of Nazi Germany through the annuities and in Westminster the following year, we have the Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages (Scotland) (Amendment) Act 1934 (24&25 Geo.5 c.19).

What this Act does for the first time is use the Medical Registrar as the maker of a bond, a tradable security as the First Schedule; and then a Certificate of Death as the Second Schedule. I have an example of the implementation of this act again for Victoria, Australia.  So for example, in Australia and in the United Kingdom and Scotland and many parts of the planet up until the last couple of decades, long form birth Certificates were issued under the heading SECOND SCHEDULE with a number and then a second number with the details of the Register of Still Births. Why?

Because from 1934, Birth Certificates were converted into Death Certificates. They didn’t do it because the New World Order wanted to – they did it because they had to. They had created a deceased estate and until 1934, you had no proof of an interest. So they had to give you some proof of an interest and that if you were smart enough and not stupid enough to believe the conga line of bullshit artists, snake oil salesmen, agents of the banks to do something stupid, then your birth certificate was proof of an interest in the their Estate – a window to order the settlement and discharge of certain debts that rightly should be picked up by the their Estate.

No, you can’t take control of their funds and their estates and their accounts – even though they have created them in your name, claiming your energy. Because they created them, even though they did so in fraud.  But what this means – what this means absolutely is that Your Birth Certificate is Irrefutable Proof that you have an Interest in those primary accounts and Estate and that you have a right through any court case also being a probate case to produce a copy of the Birth Certificate as a means of directing certain charges and fees not connected with claims of delinquency, or criminality alleged by you and have them properly discharged against their Estate.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of nutjobs on the internet and no matter how many times I tell people that the “Accepted for Value” Crowd or A4V are raving lunatics that keep promoting stupid ideas that have no basis in law, they keep popping up with new ways to trick people. You don’t own these accounts. You can’t own these account. But most importantly, you don’t need to own or claim these Accounts! The point I am making here is simply that birth certificates by the very statutes of the New World Order and Fascists are also in part Death Certificates and if one were to read and listen carefully to what has been written and said; and that you have completed your will and testament like I have said repeatedly, then there is possibly limited forms of relief.

Of course in states now run completely by private corporations implementing the Fourth Reich, many have abolished the issue of long form Birth certificate and therefore are denying people even recognition they have an interest in an estate formed in their name – an absurdity that completely and totally breaks their insane system once and for all. No remedy and no relief and so no law whatsoever.


So let me wrap up then for tonight, because we have covered a lot of ground. To all who read and listen thank you! To all who care enough about themselves and their friends and family and the planet to help Ucadia, I thank you for being one of the few that actually care enough to make a difference.

And to everyone who comes to read and listen to this three part series I say thank you for taking the time and as I said last week, may this knowledge free you of doubt and fear and help you live a more joyous and fruitful life.

Until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 3 their greatest power and ultimate weakness

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins and thank you for listening and reading part 3 and the final of the 3 part series entitled Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite. It is a series I chose to record because there is so much confusion and deliberate disinformation out there. I also chose to record the series as a means of consolidating information spread across the various Ucadia websites on the subject of the Illuminati and the Global Elite and as a reference for any ongoing questions. So, if you have not already had the opportunity to listen to part 1 and part 2 of this series, then I encourage you to listen to these two audios and read these two blogs first.

Part 1 is entitled “Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 1 Inventory of Who is Who and What is What?” And it covers who exactly are the Illuminati not only by their own words, but by their official Constitution as well as the layers and levels of the Global Elite including Corporations, Families and the “Off World” Elite Network.

Part 2 is entitled “Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 2 And the Origin of the Species and Source of Elite Power” covering in more detail certain questions arising from Part 1 of the series, particularly about the influence of the “Off World” Elite Network. We also got into key sources of power fueling the Illuminati and the Global Elite such as their knowledge of the Origin of the Species and “what makes us tick?” as well as their all pervading worship of necromancy and obsession in controlling and manipulating the dead.

Now in Part 3 of this series, we will be discussing the single greatest power of the Illuminati and Global Elite and how they came to control so much power and why this extraordinary source of power is also their ultimate weakness and downfall. As the theme of this three part series also includes the notion of Ucadia, I want to also spend some time briefly explaining how Ucadia helps ultimately disarm and dissipate the madness and power of the Illuminati and Global Elite. 

In the end, what I hope you gain out of the blog tonight as well as the three part series of the blog is that in a universe that is a dream, what we think and what we conceive matters as much as what we choose to do, or not do; and that when we choose willingly to be ignorant or stupid, we hand power to people like the Illuminati and Global Elite that use their collective brainpower for their own ends; and when we allow our mind to be cluttered with fears and unknown scenarios then we allow a handful of people to manipulate us by playing on those fears; and finally that despite all the conditioning and propaganda that the world is too big or too complex to change, what we see and feel and taste with our senses is an outworking of mind; and if we just expose our minds to the possibility of new ideas and models such as Ucadia, then nothing is impossible and everything can change for the better.

Let me prove this to you immediately, before we go any further.

In 2015, it is estimated that the world will consume almost 100 million barrels of oil per day, up from around 87 million barrels of oil per day back in 2011. The United States alone accounts for roughly twenty percent (20%) of all the oil consumed in the world on any given day. Yet it is countries such as China, now consuming roughly 10 million barrels per day and India at roughly 3.5 million barrels per day that are the fastest growing consumers.

In terms of what this means as part of our collective budgets as societies, energy consumption accounts for approximately ten percent (10%) of global expenditure or roughly US $9.2 trillion in 2015, mainly on electricity production as well as the use of oil and gas to drive machines, then coal, nuclear, thermal, hydro and finally other forms of energy production accounting for a tiny percentage. Ten percent (10%) is a lot, yet the proportion of expenditure on energy for poorer countries is dramatically higher than developed countries and remains one of the primary inhibitors to overcoming wealth inequality around the world.

Whether you like it or not, oil and gas remain a fundamental element that makes the economies of the world run, especially developed countries – and that is why there is so much emphasis now on the concept of “energy security” and the justification for all the coal seam gas exploration or “fracking” around the world, because we are told repeatedly that oil and gas are finite resources, compared to “renewable energy” resources such as solar and thermal and wind power. The best example of this constant and unremitting positioning of oil and gas in our minds is to repeatedly call it “fossil fuels”, because in pre-school and then junior and high school we are constantly shown graphics and images of dinosaurs and prehistoric plant life dying and then their bodies converting to oil over millions of years – hence “fossil fuels”.

Thirty years ago, when oil consumption was less than half of what it is today, we were told that there existed only a few hundred billion barrels of proven reserves of “fossil fuels” or around 60 to 70 years worth– mainly in the Middle East and countries such as Saudi Arabia reputedly possessing more than half of the known reserves of the world in one country alone. It is about the same time that we saw the beginning of a rolling crisis in the United States on fear of running out of oil and gas, spurring a series of never ending wars and interventions into oil producing countries, mainly Iraq and Kuwait and now the false flag operation in Syria and Iraq by the CIA called “Project ISIS”. 

Today, under the constant reinforcement of the notion of “fossil fuels” and a finite resource, the proven reserves of the world are now set at around 1.8 trillion barrels or less than 50 years remaining, with the United States holding less than 3 years of provable reserves. No wonder policy makers and politicians have granted open season on “fracking” and destroying priceless aquifers and water tables around the world. No wonder, forests and fragile natural ecosystems are being destroyed to promote oil drilling. No wonder, the global media commentators are turning a blind eye to the blatant and obvious hand of the CIA controlling and coordinating “Project ISIS” and the weekly broadcast of beheading journalists and aid workers. Why? Because if you believe the constant and never ending programming that oil and gas are made from dinosaurs millions of years ago and we only have a few years left before Armageddon – then most people would pretty much agree to do anything for the Illuminati and Global Elite than see their family and their community face complete chaos and collapse.

But what if I was to tell you that the phenomenal reserves of oil and gas of Saudi Arabia are not millions of years old – but less than 1500 years old? When the climate of Saudi Arabia suddenly went from tropical and lush and fertile to desert over a period of 300 years? Still not convinced that the label “fossil fuel” is a massive and deliberate lie by the Illuminati and Global Elite to control you? OK, how about if I told you that the same process that takes place every hour of every day at a sewerage treatment plant in processing animal and vegetable waste is but two small steps away from producing high grade quality oil and gas in less than 90 days with only a few low cost modifications? Why and how? Because the process involving bacteria to break down the sewerage is the same natural process that took place over hundreds of years, not millions of years under the deserts of the middle east and north Africa and South America and Mexico! Let me repeat what I just said – the process that breaks down organic matter and turns it into oil and gas is the same process as a sewerage treatment plant as it is with an underground fissure – except a sewerage treatment plant can do it in days, whereas nature takes a few hundred years- not millions of years. In other words, the United States and the entire world could be energy independent in less than 3 months, if the Global Elite and Illuminati were forced to stop lying and promoting false phrases such as “fossil fuels”. In just 3 months there could be no more justification for energy wars; and no more justification for the Wall Street Banking War of World War III they so desperately want. 90 days is all it takes, if we the people could just get off our backsides and stop being so frightened and willfully ignorant all the time.

No more justification whatsoever for any more “fracking” – with such companies that pursue this type of environmental vandalism deemed guilty of crimes against humanity. No more need to destroy any more wilderness. In 90 days we can have global energy independence using renewable energy resources such as oil and gas – because they are being constantly created all the time! All that is missing is the fact that we continue to allow the Illuminati and the Global Elite to poison our minds and believe something that simply isn’t true. So these are the possibilities that Ucadia brings, if we only overcome our conditioning, our programming and our fears.

More about Elite Family Networks

So, like the first two parts of this series, there is a lot to get through tonight and I want to get started. But first, I need to address some outstanding questions asked of me since the broadcast of part 2 – in particular where and how to find out more about the exact names of the families of power from Europe and the non-United States within the present Global Elite?

In a moment, I will provide some further links to research on Elite Family Networks, particularly surrounding the merchant-banker families that re-settled Pisa in Italy at the end of the 10th Century and then founded Venice. But before I do, I just want to make a comment both about naming such names and about the danger of relying purely on such labels almost as an automatic stigma.

To condemn someone purely because of his or her name is as grave an injustice as to continue to promote the obscene lie of the concept of “Original Sin”. None of us, absolutely none of us inherit the transgressions of our parents and to live in a system that contradicts this fundamental notion of justice is an abomination. No one, no one should be vilified because they were born and grew up belonging to a Catholic family or Jewish community, or Hindu or Jain society, or Islamic country or some Christian variation. Nor should anyone be prejudiced on the basis of gender, or race or their appearance. I reject such notions just as such notions are repeatedly rejected throughout Ucadia.

Just because someone has the surname Rothschild or Rockefeller or even Bush – does not make them an evil person. That is the risk in discussing the names of Elite Families – because many members of these families are decent and good people. But because I was asked the question, what are the names of some of the families of Europe I want to honor the question and answer it.

For starters, the remaining royal families of Europe is an obvious clue of families that belong to the Elite Family Network, even if their position as royals – such as Spain – is relatively short lived. Again, please be careful in assuming that just because someone is born a Prince or Princess or is even a King or Queen that they are somehow evil.

If you have a look at Article 134 called Consilium (Council) under Sovereign Law and Venetian-Roman Law, then you can see some of the names of the Gran Consiglio (Great Council) of Pisa first formed in 1006 as explained under canon 6484, such as Caetani, Crivelli, Dori, Fieschi, Grimo, Gusmini, Morosini, Orlando, Sforza, Simonetti, Verchionesi and Visconti. Many of these families came to be associated with the Popes of the Roman Death Cult in the centuries that followed.

You can also see under canon 6485 the formation of the Consiglio Dodici by the Morosini of Venice after the overthrow of the dictators known as the Orseoli (also Orsini) in 1041 and a new “council of twelve” being the Barbaro, Contarini, Cornaro, Dandelo, Faliero,Gradenigo, Micheli, Morosini (Pisani), Priuli, Tiepolo, Valiero and Ziani.

Yet another layer of families you can trace from England, Switzerland and the Netherlands back to Venice is during the reign of King Henry VIII of England and the rise of the Pro Teste Ante Circe. You can see the translation of this Latin phrase under Canon 6526 and Chapter 138 of Sovereign Law that it literally translates in Latin as “I am a witness for evil”, or in English as the Protestant Church. The Reformation was a deliberate Venetian Trojan horse, and you can see how it evolved and the families involved under Canon 6521, such as the Zorzi that became the George and Knox families, or the Morosini that became the More, the Whitmore and Blackmore families. Under Article 190 and the origins of Admiralty and Canon 6808 you can see that even the Orsini by 1540 had established a foothold in England as the Russo, later known as the Russell family.

As for the origin of the phenomenal wealth and power of the Rothschilds, please go back to the four part series on the True History of America (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). I explain in the series that there were two key entities that left the United States of the Netherlands upon the revolution of the people at the end of the 18th Century and before the people were subjugated again under Napoleon. The first was the VOC or the Dutch East India Company and the second was the Bank of Amsterdam – the largest bank in the world that created and used credit from slave bonds, otherwise known as consorts and annuities. The Rothschilds were the head family of these slave bankers of the Bank of Amsterdam that took control of the Bank of England by the start of the 19th Century and converted Britain into the largest slave banking empire in history as it remains today. The Rothschilds were never German – they were from Switzerland and the Roth family of Mennonites from the 16th Century – the private bankers of the Hapsburgs that defected to join the United States of the Netherlands and amass a fortune as large as their former masters. The claim that the Rothschilds were originally called Bauer is an Illuminati joke on the whole truth movement – basically saying “you are all a bunch of self obsessed fools”, because Bauer in German means farmer – implying we are the cattle or chattel. 

As for elite families, I will make one more comment before we get into the heart of this 3rd part of the series – that is old families are like old fruit trees – eventually they stop producing fruit and die. For example, the Habsburgs as the former masters of the Rothschilds, were the undisputed rulers of Europe for nearly three centuries until they went extinct. In a sense, this is the curse of Mother Nature against such families that their power is not immortal, no matter how many fake genealogies, or history books or monuments are commissioned – eventually they themselves become ghosts. It is why we must always remain focused on the key enemy – the bad idea, the flawed idea, the deliberately, false and deceptive idea – rather than attack individual people that protect and control the planet utilizing such bad ideas.

Faith and Belief

Now that I feel I have answered the question for more information on elite families in Europe, I want to return to the topic tonight namely “Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite – Part 3 their greatest power and ultimate weakness” and what I mean exactly by their greatest power and ultimate weakness?

To do this, let me start with a simple question – can you remember in your life at least one example when you trusted someone implicitly, or accepted without doubt that what they said to be true, only to find out later that you had been deceived and that what they said was in fact a lie? How did that make you feel? Did you feel sick? Did you feel out of balance? Then did you feel any sense of anger? How about later? Did you feel violated, as if a sense of belonging or certainty of life had been ripped from you?

No matter how rational, or how scientific or how objective we consider ourselves to be, we are at heart emotional beings. We feel and need to feel we belong somewhere and that certain ideas or people are solid in our lives. We get hurt when people we love or respect are angry or attack us somehow. We feel real pain and sickness when people we used to love or trust deeply deceive us or lie to us. In fact, it can so upset us that maybe in your own experience you even went through a period of depression after your experience?

Trusting that things “are what they seem” is fundamental to life. What we see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our heart is essential to our sense of sanity and comfort. For example, I hope by now you have listened to the first two parts of this three part series on Ucadia vs. Illuminati and Global Elite and have come to learn about the powerful knowledge the Illuminati know about the Origin of the Species and what makes you tick – that the voice or voices inside your head demanding outrageous or diabolical acts may not be your mind, or consciousness at all – but deliberate external intervention by ghosts or even the Greys broadcasting to people who are in danger of waking up.

Remember how simple life seemed, before you experienced such self doubt as to whether you had some kind of psychological mental illness? and that the voice or voices telling you to stop reading Ucadia, or stop waking up, or stop questioning the world promoted by Illuminati was the rational voice and the inner sense that something is wrong, was merely mental illness? The pseudo-science of Psychology is a vital tool of the Illuminati and the Global Elite since the late 19th Century. And if you want to know more about the truth of Psychology then have a look at Article 131 on Cognitive Law. The word Psychology itself is derived from two ancient Greek words ψυχή, (psukhē), meaning "breath, spirit, or soul" and λογία (logia) meaning “study, research, education”. Hence the literal meaning of the word Psychology is “study of the soul” as yet another blatant Illuminati joke against the world. Because the word Psychology literally means “study of the soul” but the first mantra of all Psychologists is the rejection of the existence of the soul. Hence, the Illuminati through Psychology have created a pseudo-science run by the severely mentally insane that then hunt down and diagnose and condemn the normal as ill.

Anyway, the point is that we trust certain things to be true and in Western Philosophy we frequently use two words to describe such trust being the words “belief” and “faith”.

The word faith is a crucial word to anyone who is brought up in a Christian denomination or indeed any of the major religions today. When we look at what the word is supposed to mean, we find three key common definitions being “a feeling, conviction or belief that something is true or real without further reason or justification”; and “an obligation of loyalty and observance of such obligation”; and finally “a religious belief system”. The word we are told comes from the English and Old French word fay or fey and that ultimately it is derived from the Latin word fides meaning “trust”.

When we look at the word belief, we find a circular argument has been established whereby belief is defined as “mental acceptance of a claim as likely true”; and “faith”; and “something believed”.

This all sounds perfectly reasonable until we start to scratch under the surface and start asking questions about the word fay and the missing Latin words fae, faeta and faetum from most dictionaries. It turns out that the real meaning of faith has nothing to do with trust or truth or conviction and everything to do with spells, curse, ghostly prophecy, doom and misfortune. For example, let me quote canon 3484 from Article 9 on Faith under Ecclesiastical Law: 

Canon 3484

Contrary to the deliberately and knowingly false, deceptive and misleading claims of the Roman Death Cult, also known as the Vatican, the word Faith is directly derived from the Latin words fae, faeta, faetum and the occult and necromantic philosophy of controlling the destiny of all living people by binding them to ghostly spirits:
(i) The Latin word fae (deliberately removed from most Latin dictionaries), from the ancient Gaelic word fay meaning “spell”, “one who casts spells” and “a ghost/spirit that is bound to the living”; and
(ii) The Latin word faete (deliberately misspelled in most Latin dictionaries), meaning “a spell cast”, or “oracle prophecy from ghost/spirit”; and
(iii) The Latin word faetum (deliberately misspelled in most Latin dictionaries) meaning “spellbound destiny”, “misfortune” and “doom”; and
(iv) The Latin word faetum also refers to the Roman Death Cult necromantic philosophy of cursing by spell a person three times by three powerful spirits (known as the "Fates") binding their destiny to be ghosts under the control of the Cult, being Nomo (bind/mark the name), Necto (bind/mark the body), Noto (bind/mark the mind).

If this is bad enough, let us look then at Canon 3485 that explains this necromantic spell system that is the real meaning behind Faith:

Canon 3485
As the literal meaning of Faith is to “spellbind” a person into accepting deliberately and knowingly false, deceptive and misleading information, Faith, depends upon three principles of deception and false claims being Belief, Fear and Occult:
(i) Belief as false facts based upon the false, immoral, repugnant and absurd notion Qui vult decipi decipiatur meaning “Let Him Who Wishes to be Deceived, be Deceived” whereby the inability of a person to distinguish truth from falsity may be used to exonerate the liar; and
(ii) Fear as false consent based upon the false, immoral, repugnant and absurd notion Qui tacet consentit meaning “Silence gives consent” whereby issues of secrecy, intimidation, threat and fear are ignored to claim that because enough people did not object, the people consented to the falsities; and
(iii) Occult as false law based upon the false, immoral, repugnant and absurd notions Consensus facit legem meaning “Consent makes the law” and Consensus tollit errorem meaning “Consent removes or obviates a mistake” whereby because it is claimed the people consented, such consent makes the law and renders the false priest, or impostor jurist or criminal banker immune from the consequences of their curses and spells.

I am sorry if you are starting to feel sick, knowing that what you are continually told is the meaning of Faith is in fact a deliberate lie to hide a comprehensive system of cursing and condemnation. Yet we are not finished yet. We still need to investigate the word “belief”.

If we have a look at Article 9 on Belief under Positive law and Canon 1450 then we see that the word Belief doesn’t come from Old English at all, but is a conjunction of two Latin words, forged together in the 16th Century being the Latin terms beo meaning “to offer; or give or bless” and li (and litis) meaning “quarrel, dispute, lawsuit” – hence the literal meaning of Belie being “to offer, or give or bless with quarrel or dispute”, or “to curse someone with a deception, lie or misrepresentation. 

Belief comes from Belie – it is blatant and out in the open for people to see and if they choose to accept the lie, then the Illuminati and Global Elite argue it is their own fault. Go and have a look at the definition of Belie as the root of Belief – it is extraordinary.  They don’t hide it, for most dictionaries will tell you exactly what Belie means, namely to “lie, slander, deceive, misrepresent, exhaust, contradict, conceal, mimic, counterfeit, and falsely accuse” as just some of the awful attributes of Belie. The term Belie personifies the false, immoral, repugnant and absurd notion Qui vult decipi decipiatur meaning “Let Him Who Wishes to be Deceived, be Deceived” whereby a person unable to distinguish truth from falsity, exonerates the liar by accepting the lie as true.

The oldest English definition of Belief I was able to find for Belief and Believe was on page 114 of Nathaniel Bailey’s An Universal Etymological English Dictionary of 1675. The definition of the word “BELIEF” is “Credit” and the definition of the word “To BELIEVE” is “to give Credit to” as in the commercial concept of Credit and Debit. Logically one can extrapolate that “Credit” and “to give Credit to”, by the use of the words BELIEF and BELIEVE, was an operation of tricking people to “give” their energy away to the bankers as voluntary slaves through religious ceremony. This is the linking of commerce with philosophical and religious concepts that have come down to us as foundation terms of control through the use of words like faith, belief and believe.

Here is then the foundation of all Illuminati and Global Elite literature, laws, genealogies, systems, controls, education, media, universities, schools, libraries and marketing. All of it is based on degrees of Belief and Faith.

The Power of the Lie

Please remember as we discussed last week, the Illuminati are necromancers – that is they are obsessed in spells, magic and controlling the living and the dead by deception. They love bones, graveyards, death, and the rituals of death. It is why necromancers celebrate death as a funeral more than life – especially when they welcome one of their own into the claimed hierarchy of Mundi.

So do not feel less or ill because you have been deceived on such simple words as faith and belief. There are far deeper deceptions at hand regarding the Illuminati and Global Elite.

For example, take the symbols of power and model of government known as Fascism as properly defined under Article 47 under the canons of Sovereign Law. Let me quote Canon 5720, namely:

Canon 5720

Fascism is a term used to describe any authoritarian nationalistic political model and symbols that ultimately claim power and authority from Rome. The most common and blatant symbols of a “fascist state” are the Fasces, the Roman Salute, the Pentagram, the Roman Column, the Roman Eagle and a Republic form of government. The term Fasces (as the source of the words “fascism and fascist”) is the formal name for the ancient symbol of Roman judicial and military authority being a bundle of wooden rods/sticks and an axe, with its blade pointing outwards, bound together by leather straps:

(i) The wooden rods or vis/vires symbolized power, force, strength, quantity, standards and corporal punishment; and

(ii) The axe or securis symbolized authority and supreme power to inflict capital punishment; and

(iii) The leather straps or lorum symbolized binding duty and reigns of power, whip and lash of enforcement 

If you want to know the truth about any system that proclaims to be republic then have a look at canon 5721, namely:

Canon 5721

The word Republic is synonymous with Fascism and Fascist symbols that Fascism is Republicanism and Republicanism is always Fascism:

(i) The word “republic” comes from the Latin words res meaning “property, form and things” and publico meaning “confiscation (of property) to the custody of mature and adult men (custodians)”. The word public itself is derived from pubes meaning “adult men, manhood, manly maturity and fraternity of men" as “the people”; and

(ii) The first Fascist Model and Fascist State and Republic was in 203 BCE under Publius Sulpicius Galba as Caesar and the creation of a two-tier male dominated legal system, confiscating certain property and rights of “second class” citizens or "plebians" to be managed by the Senate as the “public” in trust (or fundus). Hence the creation of “public property” meaning literally property held in trust for another; and

(iii) The Republic form of government is by its very definition purely misogynist (women hating) and is historically prone to deviancy, corruption, nepotism, cruelty, stupidity and insanity as demonstrated every time a form of Republican model of government has been imposed for an extended period of time.

Now have you ever seen these symbols anywhere in the country in which you live? Maybe you have seen famous buildings in the shape of a pentagram or pentagon? Or maybe you have seen giant monuments of fasces in honor of a mass murderer and psychopath that caused the death of more than one million Americans while condemning all Americans who fought against Wall Street to perpetual slavery under the false 13th Amendment as “criminals”?

Why is this important and relevant to our discussion about the power of lies and spells of the Illuminati as necromancers? Because the consequences of ignoring the truth and burying your head in the sand can be dreadful. Take the 300 mile wide Pentagram created by the Nazis in World War II using the worst death camps as defined by the 8 part series I did on the Vatican-Jesuit Holocaust of World War II. Not only did this Pentagram seek to try and direct as much negative energy to replenish the power of Rome through a global network of evil “ley lines”, but it connected up with the Pentagram formed on September 11 1941 in Washington DC.

Do you really think that the Divine Creator of the Universe is some kind of damaged psychopath that likes torturing its creations? Do you really think the Illuminati have been in control as long as they claim? Do you honestly trust that Rome is the true center of Christianity? If you have read Lebor Clann Glas then you know that the necromancers that worship the madness of the cockroaches of the Universe and the hive mind of the Greys have only occasionally been in power and that there has been a struggle of light over darkness for millennia.

Yet by 314 CE, an extraordinary man named Constantine succeeded in uniting the known world and proclaiming the formation of Christianity and the end of all forms of human sacrifice, necromancy and the complete destruction of all sites of blood sports and human sacrifice. If you go and read Lebor Clann Glas, then you can read all about it.

In any event, Constantine created a vast empire divided into four regions (north, south, west and east), ruled from Antioch, otherwise known as Constantinople and four regional capitals. Here is the true cross of Christianity, and here below are the links to the maps to the first countries known as Politia in civilized history.

Now what is significant about this time is that a year earlier in 313 CE, Constantine also visited Rome once and for less than a day.  Yet in that half a day he changed the world, because he ordered the total and complete destruction of the city of Rome, all its laws, its buildings, its edicts, its standards and symbols of power and authority.  Not only was Rome to be utterly destroyed, but it was to be cursed forever as the symbol of every thing against civilized society and the Golden Rule of Law.  Constantine then cursed the city of Rome as the AntiChrist. You can go and read about this historic event under article 124 of Ecclesiastical Law and canon 4285 as well as canon 4286. Furthermore, Constantine also ordered all the ancient cities of slavers, bankers and moneylenders and human sacrifice to be utterly destroyed as described by Canon 4287, such as Devilum (Chester), Eboracium (York), Londinium (London), Corduba (Cordoba), Malaca, Massilia (Marseilles), Lucifernum (Lyons) and Turonum (Tours), Turico (Zurich), Argentoratum (Strasbourg), Curnum (Liechtenstein), Mogontiacum (Mainz), Vindelicorum (Ausburg), Treverorum (Trier), Bonna (Bonn), Dioclea (Dubrovnik), Salona, Vindobona (Vienna), Naissus (Nis), Kaza (Corfu), Epirus, Zorza (Argostoli), Corinthus (Corinth), Rhegium (Reggio), Messana (Messina), Syracusae (Syracuse), Tarentum, Neapolis (Naples), Beneventum, Pisa, Mediolanum (Milan), Trento (Trent) and Turinorum (Turin). These cities were considered agents of the AntiChrist and forbidden to ever be revived as cities or ever to be known as Christian cities or possessing any Christian authority or power.

See here is the biggest lie of all of the Illuminati and the Global Elite – that everything about them is a lie – all their laws and history are a lie.  Rome was a wasteland for a thousand years. Rome was never Christian. Rome was never Catholic under the Carolingians. All of it is a lie.  Instead, Rome was resurrected as a phoenix from its ashes by Pietro Pierleoni (Orseoli/Orsini) as the exiled former dictator of Venice and Hungary and his vast fortune. This is the real St Peter, buried under the Basilica and the Orsini family has claimed ownership of Rome ever since the 11th Century.

Rome is the AntiChrist and has always been the AntiChrist and the most dangerous threat to human civilization- and any fascist or republic government or condemned city as an agent of the AntiChrist is a clear and present danger to planet Earth. Make no mistake, these people are mentally insane – because they worship death and they embrace the darkness and rejoice at lies and deception.

Thus canon 4286 reveals the 9 aspects of Rome as the AntiChrist being Tyranny, Injustice, Corruption, Deception, Malevolence, Falsity, Blasphemy, Apostacy and Insanity:

Canon 4286
The word AntiChrist comes from the Ancient Greek αντίχριστος (antíkhristos) literally meaning “one that is opposite to Christ”. In the first Epistle (epistole) of Christianity pronounced at Antioch (Constantinople) called Epistole Apokalypsis meaning "message from Heaven" and later known as The Apocalypse, the reason the AntiChrist (Rome and Roman Empire) was, is and has always been the only true AntiChrist may be defined as nine (9) aspects being: Tyranny, Injustice, Corruption, Deception, Malevolence, Falsity, Blasphemy, Apostacy and Insanity:
(i) The Tyranny of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its leaders and agents steadfastly refused to honor the Golden Rule of Law that “all are equal under the same set of laws” and instead promoted a fascist model of dictatorship whereby “the law is whatever we say it is” and could be changed, manipulated, hidden and corrupted to suit the objective; and
(ii) The Injustice of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome did promote and encourage the notion of slavery and the seizure, abrogation and blatant theft of rights for profit and power, through the use of military power, covert power and assassinations and constant war known as “Armageddon”. Thus, the only right honored by the AntiChrist (Rome) and its agents has been the perverse notion that “might is right”; and
(iii) The Corruption of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome did not, nor ever has followed its own rules or procedures, but used such procedures to “trick” others into a predictable pattern of rules, while every manner of corruption has then been used to defeat such an opponent. Thus, the courts and tribunals of the AntiChrist (Rome) and its loyal allies were, are and have always been the most corrupt in usurping their own claims “laws” and “procedures”; and
(iv) The Deception of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its nobles proclaimed to honor the rule of law, justice and due process as well as be moral members of society when in fact they were the complete opposite through rampant drug consumption, child molestation, sexual orgies, corruption and murder and utter madness. Thus, the AntiChrist was and is and has always been the ultimate deceiver and impostor to the planet Earth using the argument “whoever be deceived, let them be deceived” as justification for their actions; and
(v) The Malevolance of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its allies have been obsessed in blood sports, cruelty, torture and sacrifice in complete opposition to the values of all civilized societies and enlightened minds. Instead, the pseudo-intellectuals in support of the AntiChrist (Rome) invented absurd and contradictory notions that such malevolence was an instrinsic part of the cosmological order, in defiance against thousands of years of illumination; and
(vi) The Falsity of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome was and remains the single largest producer of fraudulent and false documents in history, with literally hundreds of thousands of works, artifacts and monuments being blatantly fictional creations in support of deliberately false, deceptive and misleading accounts of history and events. Thus there is virtually nothing that can be trusted that is spoken, written or published by the AntiChrist and its agents as being true; and
(vii) The Blasphemy of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome and its adherents have always been necromancers and sorcerers obsessed in death, the control over bones and flesh of the dead, the controlling of the spirits of the dead through spells and curses in complete opposition to the principles of Christianity that demanded bodies be cremated and forbid the collecting of bones or uttering of curses or spells; and
(viii) The Apostacy of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome was and has always been its own worst heretic, by refusing to follow its own false histories, false rituals and false scripture and instead repeatedly “re-made” itself every few generations. Thus, the AntiChrist is not only the worst blasphemer and heretic to Christianity but the worst apostate to its own false beliefs and faith making it and its followers the most willfully ignorant (evil) of all; and
(ix) The Insanity of the AntiChrist (Rome) was and is the historic fact that Rome was, is and has always been the epicenter of mental illness due to the combination of pathological falsities, absurd philosophies and complete disconnect from nature, true history, consciousness and civilized behaviour. Thus the prevalence of utter insanity, stupidity and idiocy amongst political, military and religious leaders is at once a product of the AntiChrist and its allies and a defense mechanism for the AntiChrist - given if the whole species is insane and disconnected, so that no-one can objectively see such dire mental illness and incompetence.

The Fuel Source that is Curses

Now, this is where the discussion is going to get a bit weird for some who are listening.  You see the dead Illuminati that run the planet as ghosts possessing the living Illuminati who choose willingly for such possession, actually rely in the steady stream of fresh curses. They embrace the curses as the very fabric of Mundi.

For some, this might seem the opposite to what you imagined – that curse equals bad things and that this is not what you want. They want more curses, they need the world to hate them, to fear them, to wish for them ill feelings. They need the dead to be angry, resentful, confused and in pain. They need Hell to exist. They must keep the idea of Hell alive. This is the glue that keeps their bizarre world going. And all who have dismissed the idea of the end of Hell are knowingly or unknowingly supporters of the Illuminati and Global Elite.

Yet the Illuminati perfected a knowledge that rendered their living elite members seemingly immune from the consequences of their actions until they were dead. It involved some pretty horrendous acts as defined under the corruption of the notion of Baptism in the ancient rituals of Mithraism using those sarcophagus in plain sight I mentioned in the previous blog of this series.

You see, apparently, the strength of our collective stupidity in believing their lies, combined with our collective hatred of them, and the purity of mind of little babies sacrificed on their altars to bind their undeveloped minds as a cloak over a member of the Illuminati as the blood washes over them, appears to have had some effect over the centuries.

We, through our unwillingness or inability to “name a thing for what it is” and to recognize that curses only strengthen Mundi have unwittingly been the reason they continue to hold power – until now. You see at the center of the most sacred covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum is the seeds of the end of this madness in the form of the Day and Year of Divine Redemption as per Article 24.

Divine Redemption didn’t simply end in 2012, it is ongoing. It was a benchmark and a historic moment – because all the transgressions, curses, claims and bindings of the dead of the past, present and future are forgiven now and forever more. It renders the cursing of the dead of no more effect. And it renders the force field effect of the living members of the Illuminati and Global Elite inoperative.

Instead, Ucadia through the sacred covenant Pactum de Singularis Caelum hold the living members of the Illuminati and Global Elite fully accountable for their actions with immediate consequences and without any ability for these people to deflect, assign, waver, or defer such effect of their actions.  That is not to say that I wish ill upon them. That would be prejudicial and judgmental and counter to what I have just said.  You don’t need to do that. Simply, if they continue as they have done for centuries to murder babies and young boys and abuse and murder young girls then the living members will face the full consequences of their actions. You can make up your own mind the immediate and instant physical and mental consequences of such actions will be to them, now that there is absolutely no spiritual deflection or substitution.

So this is the gift of Ucadia – and incredible idea. An idea that needs your help to grow and to be known.


To all of you who find the courage and willingness to care enough to help I thank you again. To those of who still after all this time do not care enough to help or make a difference, I hope that you may one day care enough about your own future and those around you to do something positive to help.

And to everyone who comes to read and listen to this three part series I say thank you for taking the time and may this knowledge free you of doubt and fear and help you live a more joyous and fruitful life.

Until we speak next week, please be safe, be well, thank you and good night.