Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Restoring the True Purpose of the Ucadia Model

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday the 19th February 2014. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this broadcast and to read the article on blog.ucadia.com:

Tonight, I want to share with you the increasing number of disturbing incidents in recent months of people blatantly, deliberately and maliciously attempting to misrepresent the Ucadia Model, and myself – Frank O’Collins – by continuing to steal information, even lodge false claims of ownership, even falsely attach my name to documents and arrogantly claim the support of Ucadia in association with their various plans.

All of this comes on the back of the past few years in trying to provide to people a range of tools in answer to countless emails and calls, and cries of help from people who are suffering various legal matters, challenges and problems.  In fact, since the release of the material concerning the rights of men and women and the will and testament information, the level of abuse, theft and willful and deliberate injury to myself and to Ucadia is at record levels.

It is why tonight, I am announcing to everyone who cares to read or listen to this blog that as of this moment the Ucadia Model is being restored to its original intention, its original purpose, when I started full time 20 years ago to assemble years of thoughts and ideas into the Ucadia Model.

It is why I am also announcing to night that as of this date, some important changes as to moving forward and why from this moment, Ucadia will not be providing forms, or templates or examples of documented relief, other than the elements of the Ucadia Model itself.  Nor may anyone legitimately claim from this moment the word Ucadia, or association with Ucadia, or any endorsement of Frank O’Collins without being exposed as a blatant liar, or a thief, or a person infected with the Mundi Virus.  Ucadia is being restored to its true intention as a model and nothing more and this is what has now happened. 

I realize that for some, this will come as a shock.  For others there may be even outrage as if I am responsible for someone else’s problems, the classic “shifting of responsibility” or the “shifting of blame”, the victim mindset.  In truth, the constant abuse, the constant breaches of trust, the constant lies and misrepresentation have done their best to make clear that all of this continues to be a distraction from the core purpose and benefit of the Ucadia Model, which is to firstly finish the model and secondly for there to exist a model of an alternative existence that does not involve “Hell on Earth”, but “Heaven on Earth”. So any ghost virus, or ego or mind virus that wishes to distract, and vomit all kinds of excuses or hatred towards this primary purpose will just have to do it without the benefit of any forms or documents or any kind of references to relief or remedy from Ucadia.

So let me explain some more about these changes and the rules within Ucadia that should stop people from abusing trust, and give pause for those that may be considering such abuse, before we speak again as to the purpose of Ucadia. If people choose to misuse the information of Ucadia there exists in the Covenant of One-Heaven alone multiple references that render any such documents, any such Trusts, any will and testament, any claims null and void.  I repeat:  null and void from the moment they create such abuse.  I am not going to read them all out but I am going to read the references on the record so everybody on this call knows that if someone comes to you and claims they have registered the name, Ucadia, then you can show that they are liars, and that those claims are null and void and have no force and effect.  If someone comes to you and says that Frank O’Collins has endorsed this or Ucadia has endorsed this then you know they are liars.  They are thieves and they are suffering mind virus and you know why such claims have no effect whatsoever.  Let’s go through them.        

Offences in Covenant against the Misuse of Ucadia

Under the Covenant of One Heaven at 25.5 Forbidden actions in use of UCADIA, it states very clearly the forbidden actions and use of Ucadia: 

The attempted registration in any foreign jurisdiction of the name, mark, symbol, icon or images of UCADIA is strictly forbidden and any man, woman, person, association, aggregate, trust, estate or entity that engages in such a forbidden act is immediately Anathema Maxima and ineligible to ever form a campus, or legitimately use of claim any form of agreement of Voluntatem et Testamentum, or any currency or forms or services associated with the present sacred covenant.

The use of UCADIA in a seal other than an official seal associated with an Office specifically defined by the present sacred Covenant and associated Charters is absolutely forbidden. 

The registration of material associated with UCADIA other than in the formal execution of official duties as defined by the present sacred Covenant and associated Charters is the gravest of transgressions against Heaven and all that UCADIA represents and all members of One Heaven are bound by their oath to ensure that such transgressions are stopped, remedied, reversed, rejected and resolved. 

I won’t go through all of them but if you look at 27.13 you see that it states very clearly under xv:  Any right that asserts the right to use, or claim or register the name Ucadia or any derivation, mark, symbol, icon, version or image thereof contrary to the manner prescribed by the present sacred Covenant and associated Charters; this is a prohibited right.  

27.13 Prohibited Right

A Prohibited Right is a False Right and Invalid Right that asserts one or more of the following self-evident false arguments and is therefore automatically null and void having no force or effect ecclesiastically, lawfully or legally:

(i) Any right that cannot demonstrate its ultimate provenance back to a valid Divine Right; or

(ii) Any right that asserts immunity from the law from which the Right is inherited; or

(iii) Any right that asserts immunity from the duties or obligations granted with such a Right; or

(iv) Any right that asserts a man or woman may be classified, determined or treated as a Thing; or

(v) Any right that asserts by virtue of birth of flesh or blood a man or woman is superior to another; or

(vi) Any right that asserts the right to create secret laws or rights unknown to the public; or

(vii) Any right that asserts the exclusive right of one group, body, aggregate, association, person, body politic to administer the law to the exclusion of the public at large; or

(viii) Any right that asserts a man or woman may be considered guilty or liable before an accusation is proven; or

(ix) Any right that asserts an officer or agent holding such office or position in trust may ecclesiastically, lawfully and legally give false testimony or deliberately false and misleading information; or

(x) Any right that asserts the right to suspend the operation of the proper Rule of Law, Due Process and Justice to obtain an advantage for or against another; or 

(xi) Any right that asserts the right for a man or woman to occupy the position of a justice of the peace, or judge or magistrate and act in such capacity without any effective oath of office; or

(xii) Any right that asserts the right for a man or woman claiming to be a justice of the peace, or judge or magistrate to hear and adjudicate a matter of law with unclean hands, in bad faith and with prejudice; or

(xiii) Any right that asserts the right to treat a financial or equitable advantage obtained by fraud as lawful and legal; or

(xiv) Any right that asserts the rights of another can be waived, surrendered, suspended, abandoned, resigned, disqualified, seized, captured, arrested, alienated, suppressed, forfeited or annulled without proper Rule of Law and Due Process of Justice; or

(xv) Any right that asserts the right to use, or claim or register the name Ucadia or any derivation, mark, symbol, icon, version or image thereof contrary to the manner prescribed by the present sacred Covenant and associated Charters; or

(xvi) Any right that asserts the right to disavow, repudiate, contradict or injure some or all of the present sacred Covenant and associated Charters.

These are prohibited rights and you cannot abuse the material.   You cannot steal it.  It’s prohibited and if you do that there is no force and effect in law and you are a thief.  You are a liar, a criminal and a pirate and you cannot sugar coat it.

42.8 Prohibited Use of Live Borne Record

This states very clearly the prohibited use of the Live Borne Record.  

Any Member that is subject to an Anathema, or has deliberately and willfully asserted one or more Prohibited Rights, or has sought to claim, or register the name Ucadia, or any associated content, icons, marks, symbols, instruments, securities or property contrary to the clauses of the present Covenant is forbidden to hold, possess, use or claim the benefit of their Live Borne Record until the cause of such prohibition has been properly resolved.

Any claim, or attempted or actual registration of Ucadia related material, marks, symbols, names, instruments, rights and property into a foreign jurisdiction contrary to the rights and obligations prescribed by the present sacred Covenant is a grave transgression before all Heaven and the Earth and hereby shall render such a man or woman ineligible to hold, possess, use or claim the benefit of their Live Borne Record for not less than seven (7) years.

44.7 Prohibited Use of Promised Land Record

Any Member that is subject to an Anathema, or has deliberately and willfully asserted one or more Prohibited Rights, or has sought to claim, or register the name Ucadia, or any associated content, icons, marks, symbols, instruments, securities or property contrary to the clauses of the present Covenant is forbidden to hold, possess, use or claim the benefit of their Promised Land Record or any official documents or instruments associated with the present sacred Covenant until the cause of such prohibition has been properly resolved.

Any claim, or attempted or actual registration of Ucadia related material, marks, symbols, names, instruments, rights and property into a foreign jurisdiction contrary to the rights and obligations prescribed by the present sacred Covenant is a grave transgression before all Heaven and the Earth and hereby shall render such a man or woman ineligible to hold, possess, use or claim the benefit of their Promised Land Record or any official documents or instruments associated with the present sacred Covenant for not less than seven (7) years.

19.3 Conveyance of Property between Trusts

The conveyance of Property within a Divine Trust including the claiming or attempted registration of the name Ucadia, or any mark, symbol, content, icons, rights or images, or the ownership of a Divine Trust itself is expressly and implicitly forbidden in any form, presumption or method by Heaven and the Divine Creator and therefore any such claim or attempt is automatically null and void. Furthermore, the grant of any Right of Use of Divine Property is strictly limited subject to those relevant clauses expressed within the present Covenant.

The conveyance of Property within a True Trust or the ownership of a True Trust itself is strictly limited subject to those relevant clauses expressed within the present Covenant and Canons of law annexed herein.

The conveyance of any Property within a Superior Trust or Inferior Trust or the conveyance of ownership of either types of Trusts may only ecclesiastically, legally and lawfully be accomplished if such a transaction is done peacefully with the full consent, amity and respect of all parties as either a Gift or a Grant once any associated outstanding accounts of estate are settled and closed in accord with the present sacred Covenant.

Property within a Superior Trust or Inferior Trust that is in dispute may not be rightfully conveyed, nor may any outstanding accounts be settled and closed, until a state of peace and amity is reached or in the specific and unique case of Inferior Trusts that a period of ninety (90) days without further dispute is legally documented and the legal presumption of peace and amity may be inferred.

19.8 Invalid, null and void Property Conveyance

Any claim or conveyance that seeks to claim a Prohibited Right, or registration or possession or ownership of the name Ucadia, or any associated marks, content, symbols, icons, intellectual property and rights contrary to the clauses of the present sacred Covenant is a grave transgression against all of Heaven and all of Earth and therefore is invalid, null and void ab initio (from the beginning of such an act of transgression).

Any other form of conveyance of property contrary to the clauses of the present sacred Covenant are hereby invalid, null and void.

36.4 Voluntatem et Testamentum

All men and women who have acknowledged in good faith, good character and good conscience their True Trust in the Office of Man or Office of Woman have the Absolute Natural Right known as Ius Naturale Testamentum to make, ordain, publish and pronounce their Will and Testament. Any rule, law or edict that seeks to deny, obstruct, weaken or obfuscate such right is automatically null and void from the beginning and cannot be law.

The present covenant recognizes the prescribed form known as the Voluntatem Et Testamentum as the specific form by which a member of One Heaven holding either the Office of Man or Office of Woman perfects their Will and Testament in accord with the present sacred Covenant and the Rights and Obligations prescribed herein.

The Will and Testament through the form of Voluntatem Et Testamentum is to the personality (person) of a Superior Estate, the physical mind and the will of the person and the will of all legal persons derived from the existence of the man or woman. It is both a sacred prayer and sacred scripture to be respected and honored by all persons who claim an office by sacred oath or vow. It is also a sacred Covenant and bond between a man or woman in whose name the Will and Testament exists and the Divine Creator. It is an unbreakable covenant by the man or woman who is the grantor or testator.

When such a Will and Testament bears witness to the Covenant of One Heaven and the Canons of Law of One Heaven through the form of Voluntatem Et Testamentum, then: It is the most solemn, most sacred covenant in history; and It is an unbreakable bond between heaven and earth and no power, no force, no spirit, no corporation, no person or entity can break that bond; and no power exists in heaven that can break such a sacred bond. One gives existence and credence to the other. Such a valid Will and Testament and the present Covenant of One Heaven are two parts, the lock and key, that when united cannot be broken.

However, where a man or woman claiming either the Office of Man or Office of Woman deliberately and willingly repudiates some or all of the present sacred Covenant; or asserts one or more Prohibited Rights for their own advantage then any such associated Will and Testament and associated estate and trust documents, whether or not such prescribed form as Voluntatem et Testamentum are used, therefore has no basis of covenant, or bond with One Heaven or the present sacred Covenant.

36.8 Estates, Companies, Associations and Trusts

Any Estate, Company, Corporation, Association, Entity  or Trust duly formed under the prescribed form of a Voluntatem et Testament in accord with the terms of the present sacred Covenant is bound to honor the highest standard of laws of Ucadia and the laws of any associated foreign state with whom such an entity may or may not be registered.

Any Estate, Company, Corporation, Association, Entity or Trust in material breach of its mandated duties may be prosecuted under the laws of a foreign entity or the laws of Ucadia and the appropriate Union, or both.

Any Estate, Company, Corporation, Association, Entity or Trust that wilfully and deliberately asserts a Prohibited Right for its advantage or seeks to claim, assert, register or claim the name Ucadia, or any symbol, mark, image, icon, value in contradiction to the present Covenant is automatically null and void, having no legitimate recognition or validity by the present sacred Covenant, even if such validity, or registration or existence is claimed.

Any Estate, Company, Corporation, Association, Entity or Trust by its wilful and deliberate actions that is illegitimate also means any and all such instruments, documents, notices and forms produced by it are without any legitimacy or validity and are null and void ab initio (from the beginning).

These clauses are not intended to accuse anyone who comes to Ucadia with good intention and good faith and with good character and good conscience.  What I am saying tonight is not to disavow those who are seeking relief and remedy.  But I return to the original purpose of Ucadia.   

Completing the Ucadia Model

Now why people think they can ignore these elements and continue to offend Ucadia is beyond me.  However, it is also important to remember what Ucadia is as a Model:

+ The Journey of Unique Collective Awareness being twenty three (23) chapters providing an overview of the key philosophies and ideas of Ucadia in expanding outwards your knowledge towards the nature, meaning and mind of Unique Collective Awareness; and 

+ The Journey of Self being twenty three (23) chapters providing an overview of the key philosophies and ideas of Self in diving deeper inwards your knowledge towards our nature, our thinking, our being and our future and connection to Unique Collective Awareness; and 

+ The keystone known as the Ucadian Will and Testament by which men and women one at a time perfect their will, personal accountability and competency as well as an unbreakable covenant with the Divine Creator upon which all validity of any and all society rests; and 

+ The foundation of twenty two (22) collections of the most sacred texts of history and the future known as Maxima Textibus Sacris; and 

+ A structure of eleven (11) most sacred covenants and charters in history borne from the sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum or Covenant of One Heaven; and 

+ Twenty two (22) Books of Canon Law by which all maxims and principles of law are to be found and sourced including: Divine Law, Natural Law, Cognitive Law, Positive Law, Ecclesiastical Law, Bioethics Law, Sovereign Law, Fiduciary Law, Administrative Law, Economic Law, Monetary Law, Civil Law, Education Law, Food & Drugs Law, Industry Law, Urban Law, Company Law, Technology Law, Trade Law, Security Law, Military Law and International Law; and 

+ Seven (7) Ucadia Patents being U001- Ucadia Classification System ,U002- Ucadia Symbols System, U003- Ucadia Semantic Classification System, U004- Ucadia Standard Model of Universal Elements, U005- Ucadia Hydro-Helio Model of Atomic Elements, U006- EIKOS Language System, U007- UCA Model; and

+ Thirty Three (33) Codes of Law derived from the Books of Canon Law and the Covenants by which any sized community may restore law, competency, systems, processes, efficiencies for sustainable prosperity and harmony including: Agriculture Code, Banking Code, Budget & Finance Code, Building & Construction Code, Civil Code, Communications & Media Code, Company Code, Criminal Code, Culture & Entertainment Code, Education Code, Elections Code, Emergency Code, Employment Code, Energy Code, Environment Code, Executive Code, Fitness & Health Code, Food & Drugs Code, Industry Code, Infrastructure Code, Judicial Code, Knowledge Systems Code, Legislative Code, Military Code, Police Code, Prevention & Sanitation Code, Prison Code, Revenue Code, Service Code, Technology Code, Temporary Assistance Code, Trade Code and Transport Code; and 

+ Over seven thousand (7,000) forms defined and associated with the thirty-three Codes of Law enabling any sized community to operate efficiently and successfully with the forms divided into twenty-six primary categories being (AA)-Agriculture and Environment Forms, (BB)-Banking and Financial Services Forms, (CC)-Company Forms, (DD)-Disease Prevention and Sanitation Forms, (EE)-Education Forms, (FF)-Food and Drugs Forms, (GG)-Executive Government Forms, (HH)-Health and Fitness Forms, (II)-Industry, Infrastructure and Energy Forms, (JJ)-Justice Services Forms, (KK)-Budget, Revenue and Treasury Forms, (LL)-Sovereign, Foreign and Legislative Forms, (MM)-Military Forms, (NN)-Trade Forms, (OO)-Civil Service Forms, (PP)-Police and Emergency Forms, (QQ)-Ecclesiastical Law Forms, (RR)-Culture and Entertainment Forms, (SS)-Members Forms, History and Community Forms, (TT)-Transport, Communications and Travel Forms, (UU)-Building and Construction Forms, (VV)-Elections Forms, (WW)-Employment and Temporary Assistance Form
s, (XX)-Civil Law Forms, (YY)-Criminal Law Forms and (ZZ)-Technology and Knowledge Systems Forms; and 

+ A Complete financial system and structure of assets, currencies, treasuries and banks called the Ucadia Financial System capable of transforming the present debt-slavery based system into a credit-personal responsibility system of the planet within 60 days of implementation.

Continued Contact

I need to complete these elements and I need the time to complete them. I know that people are hurting. I know people are suffering around the world and I realize that people are being tortured.  I know there are people who are starving.  I know there are people who have lost their jobs.  And, there are people who are being attacked and under great threat from the system.  But, that does not excuse the abuse of the material that I have presented and it does not overcome the fact that so long as I have provided documents and templates, the abuse has provided a platform for energy, disinformation and for others to diminish and weaken people’s ability to come to the model and see it for what it is.  

There are highly professional and ‘no-expense spared’ disinformation people putting you-tube videos up as we speak claiming that Ucadia is a cult and Frank O’Collins is a disinformation agent. Meanwhile,  others have come along claiming to be in "good faith" and spiritually "balanced" yet have breached and abused trust and have lied and are riddled with mind virus. They have tried to take this (model) and try to make money from it and abuse it and perpetuate the problems.

So I am not penalizing anyone.  I am not here taking the bat and ball and going away—far from it.  I am re-doubling my effort to finish the Ucadia model.  I am reinforcing my commitment to finish this.  I am not walking away and I am re-committing my life and energy to finishing this.  But I will not stand by and be distracted nor allow there to be diversion from the most valuable thing I share with you with people abusing forms and documents and other elements that were presented originally with the right intention of answering so many queries and requests that so many have asked.  

So Ucadia is going back to its roots.  If anyone comes to you and says that Ucadia endorses this you know it is untrue.  If someone comes to you and says, “I speak for Ucadia,” you know that is not true.  if someone says that Frank O’Collins endorses this you know that they are lying.  You know that now from this broadcast.  And, you know the effect in the Covenant that renders such claims as false, as a crime, as an offense.  

I will continue of course to do the blogs from time to time.  But the talkshoe calls will cease.   I will be inviting people to come and share their views and come on and answer their questions from time to time, but as far as my involvement in trying to answer specific questions, I have to come to this point where I have to make this choice.  I am not surviving myself.  And, I know that people that need help and are struggling.  I cry from the emails I get.  But I have to survive and I will survive.  I am not going to sacrifice my survival and my life in the time that I need to do, nor am I going to sacrifice the primary purpose for the one, the two, the three, the five, the ten, the twenty, the hundred, the thousand that cry out, “Help, help, help!”  

I will finish the model and I will try to influence as best I can in everything that I do to change this “hell on earth” to something better.  But I have to focus and finish.  So, you will see the Estate forms are gone.   You will see all kinds of forms are removed.  But  you won’t see the model gone.  You won’t see the canons and codes gone; they are still there.  The charters are still there.  The patents are still there.  But, you won’t see me every week on a talkshoe Q and A.  I won’t have a blog every week any more.  And there won’t be the excuses for the abuse of this any more. 

I can’t stop people being stupid.  There are still people being stupid.  Of they will continue and there are some who may be empowered by this to be even more stupid and abusive.  

But I will finish the Ucadia Model to the best of my ability.  But I will not let Ucadia or myself be used as a symbol of abuse and to be part of the problem. I will not let that happen and I am stopping that from happening.  So you will see the tidy-up of the material and a more balanced approach with the material.  You will see a tapering away from extreme views.  

Some may not like that.  Some may say that I am hiding things.  The model is a model and I will finish developing the Ucadia model as I have promised.  

It will be up to you. I will be focused on finishing the Ucadia Model.  SO there you have it, a vast model that needs to be finished.  How you use it, within reason will be up to you. I will be finishing the Ucadia Model and trying to stay alive and pay my bills. Your life is your life.

So thank you. I hope you continue to read and find it useful.  So please, be safe, be well. 

Thank you and good night. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Cult of Self: Why the elite, powerful and famous refuse to wake up or change

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 5th February 2014. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this broadcast and to read the article on blog.ucadia.com. Tonight, I want to take stock of the facts that we know so far concerning who is waking up across the planet and who is not; and why on the one hand we are seeing such incredible signs of change in societies right across the world, yet many of the elite, the powerful and famous seem to still be refusing to wake up themselves or change their bizarre or depraved or narcissistic behavior.

Why? Why does it seem so difficult, so nearly impossible to get through to the elite banking families, industrial families, the rich and famous that they are treading a path to their own destruction?  What is driving such utter madness and unsustainable lust for excessive and conspicuous consumption? 

If you have been listening to these audio broadcasts or reading the Ucadia blog on blog.ucadia.com then you will know that over the past couple of months, we have done a three part series on the world of Mundi and the Mundi Model of Hell on Earth – conceived over 450 years ago as a way of a few merchant and political elite to maintain and sustain power, well beyond the norm.  But is everything Mundi?

Mundi was conceived in brilliant wickedness, by using knowledge similar to Ucadia and pushing it for evil. But there is plenty of evidence throughout the world and in the media and in movies produced by Hollywood that the elite banking families, industrial families, the rich and famous portrayed in such movies as Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick haven’t got as clue about Mundi.

Yes, there are a few people within the Catholic Church and a few Rabbi and a few members of various esoteric orders that have the historic knowledge of Mundi, but to those in public power – the kind of people that met in Davos, Switzerland where 85 people control more wealth than nearly 4 billion people combined, have not got a single clue about true spirituality, or any real connection to any kind of positive or negative spirit.

How then did these people, some as we just said, incredibly wealthy and powerful- at the same time become so disconnected with the greater universe?  And why do they still believe the opposite? That far from thinking they are disconnected, why do these people believe they are totally connected to supernatural sources of power?  What is continuing to feed such a bizarre disconnect in the continuation of child sacrifice, child molestation, sex orgies and the use of drugs? Is it possible to explain how such a tremendous bubble exists, where the most powerful people in the world are so completely deluded with what they believe are their spiritual powers versus the ineffectiveness of what they are practicing?

In this short audio, this is what I wish to explore. Let’s start with some of the craziness towards the end of the 19th Century to make sense of what is happening today.

The explosion of the world of Fakeologists

Never in the history of the world was there such an explosion of fake texts, fake ideas, false teachers, fake religions and false practices than the 19th Century.  And it was a lucrative business.

Industrialists in the United States and particularly England, who had grown fat and rich on the bones of exploited children in their coal mines and prison work house factories, were obsessed in not only how they could keep their ill gotten gains by some form of immortality, but how their fortunes could be protected or how they could avoid judgment day.

This kind of sociopathic thinking – on the first hand enslaving people for short term gain – then to try and cheat death – became a hall mark of Victorian England.  Rich and morally bankrupt families held séances with fakeologists – sourced from a rich array of world travelers, hockus pokus artists, cheap magicians and blatant liars – who convinced many they could commune with the dead, or were possessed by some demon spirit – or had keys to the source of eternal life.

Now, I am not speaking of Freemasonry.  Freemasonry itself did not escape the madness of the 19th century when it became totally infected by false theories of Egypt.  Instead, I am speaking of your classic bullshit artist- the kinds that have formed some of the most infamous cults of the past one hundred plus years.

For you and I, hopefully we can see through the pathetic attempts in the use of early movie pictures to present the image of ghosts coming back to tell people to give some of their fortune to these bullshit artists, these fakeologists.  But at the time, you need to realize that people had never seen moving pictures before. The concept of the movies and movie projection were new – so when they saw these images, many believed the lies of the fakeologist. 

But something more serious occurred as well. These bullshit artists started to write fake scriptures and fake prophecies, not only as a source of more lies, and a more complex presentation to make money, but to go after power themselves as demi-gods and cult – leaders.  Thus some of the most absurd, contradictory and ridiculuous works were formed by these bullshit artists.  The completely fake and absurd Hermes Trismestigus, as the basis of the Golden Dawn, the crazy works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and Isis Unveiled and Theosophy and then the crowning glory of the sex and drug addict Aleister Crowley in promoting the most hilariously fake and insane bullshit ever seen in his works on the Qabalah targeting wealthy Jewish families and his Thelema philosophy of satanic power – much of it a pathetic rehash of the work of John Dee and stolen even from the Golden Dawn. The success of Crowley was a new breed of bullshit artists who claimed to be either Satan or Lucifer made flesh or in command or communion with great evil spirits.

The same crap has been peddled ever since by some of the most outrageous bull shit artists into fake religions and whole communities built around fake religions and fake rituals.

The point is – these people who created this crap did it for money, for power, to satisfy their lack of self discipline, or their addictions.  And none of it, I repeat none of it, and to be absolutely clear NONE OF IT has any spiritual strength, power or accuracy. So why did it continue to be patronized?  Because these bullshit artists stumbled upon a rich vein of influence far more lucrative- the power of mind control as the birth of psychology and psychiatry.

If you can convince someone black is white, or night is day – you control their mind

It turned out, it didn’t matter if there was any real spiritual currency in murdering your children, or sodomizing them, or raping young girls, or consuming copious amounts of drugs or wearing ridiculous black satin robes or hoods – if the participants believed it had power- then it did.  The power of the mind. The power of self belief.

It turned out, this is exactly what the ruling elite banking and industrial families needed.  Yes, they use to be scared that one day, there would be a reckoning, but now thanks to these bullshit artists and their fake rituals and fake beliefs, they could feel empowered again through meaningless chants and rituals- all dressed up to imply some supremely evil power or knowledge. 

The Fakeologists then became more adept at constructing their Cults and targeting their audience, so we can safely summarize the elements of these Cults which are part of the problem today.

SUPERFICIAL AGGREGATORS - they collect all the symbols and try to synthesize into a contradictory, philosophy

FALSE ECUMENICISM - the false idea that we are one under the superficial aggregate

MIND CONTROL as the claimed “legitimate tool” by fakeologists for recruitment, retention and fulfilling agenda

HIVE MIND - think the same, act the same, great changes can come

PERPETUAL SELF PERSECUTION - always under attack, always being victimized and threatened by some ogre and authority, but often self actualized, self inflicted and deliberately staged

SEX AND DRUGS AS REWARDS AND PATH TO HIGHER CONSCOUSNESS - but more restricted to only elite members since the 60's/70's experiments

This became the architecture for what we face now.

Enter the Cult of Self

How to you get someone out of a cult, when the cult leader is themselves?

How to you free someone from a cult, when they are the only one in it?

The natural evolution of mind control from the bullshit artists perpetuating fake spiritualism was the ultimate customized cult- a cult built for one.

The perfect trap;

The perfect mind virus;

The customized prison of the 21st century;

Specialized and tailored to ensure no one can escape because it is designed to feed our desires and terrify us with our fears.

This is what we face today.

Now, I realize this is a short blog and audio today.  But I hope it nonetheless explains possibly why we continue to see a refusal by so many of the rich, the power and famous to change, to wake up.

I look forward to speaking on more positive topics in coming weeks and thank each and every one of you who continue to make a difference.

Cheers.  Frank

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Ucadian Prayer for Respect and Healing of ALL

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Hello this is Frank O’Collins for Wednesday 29th January 2014. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this broadcast and to read the article on blog.ucadia.com. If you have been following this blog and the audios then hopefully you know we just finished last week a three part series on the nature, origins and influence of the Mundi Model from over 450 years ago in creating the madness of literally “hell on earth”.

Three weeks ago, we started with the article 2014 and the Remission of Mundi being the end of such a model of insanity and why the Mundi Model represented the strategy of the elite of the day in taking knowledge of Life is a Dream and other key knowledge expressed within Kabala as an earlier prototype of Ucadia wisdom and twisting and corrupting it for pure power and control.

Then two weeks ago, we raised the article of How you can escape the Mundi (Prison) Model of Hell on Earth and how each of us can develop our own (excuse the language) “Bullshit Detector” so we are no longer sidetracked, distracted, obscured and misled by the Mundi Mind Virus and Ghost Virus.

Then last week, we completed the three part series by discussing Exposing and Forgiving the Conservative Gatekeepers of Mundi and Hell on Earth and why we need to look to the madness of the ideas and not curse the people who may be existing in a zombie like state in perpetuating such insanity as the waste of resources, the needless destruction of wilderness and the endless cases of corporate corruption and incompetence.

So if you have not yet had the opportunity to read and listen to these three blogs and audios, then I do hope you will take the time. And even if you have already listened, then maybe you might find the time to listen again – because the exposure of why this world is so screwed up, why leaders and politicians continue to act in such mindless stupidity and incompetence needs to be exposed as not a random and unfortunate series of events, but the daily working of a deliberate, planned and complex model called Mundi more than 450 years ago to create Hell on Earth for the perpetuation of control and an insane idea of immortality for but a few.

Tonight, I wish to do something different.  Tonight, I don’t want to talk about the madness and insanity of people infected like zombies with the Mundi Mind Virus or possessed by Mundi Ghost Energy.  Nor do I want to highlight the events of corruption around the world. Instead, I want to pray for respect and healing of all people; and to clear the air and put on the record my position; the position of Frank O’Collins and the respect and belief that I hold, that all men and women are created equal and that all men and women are entitled to their own thoughts and their own ideas and that no one should ever be victimized, bullied, cursed or attacked because of their race, creed, religion, sexuality or any other beliefs.

So hopefully, as I pray to heaven and to the earth and to all spirits that this clarity of message gets through the fog of disinformation, lies, mistrust that sometimes is promoted around Ucadia and Frank O’Collins. So that as we continue to discuss good and bad ideas into the future, everyone can know, as clearly as is possible, the truth of the heart and spirit and motive of my deepest respect and love for all people. 

The death of the Doves

Firstly, I was reminded this week that there are overwhelming signs all around us.  Just this week, we saw beamed all around the world the event of Pope Francis with a little girl and boy releasing two white doves from the Papal Balcony only for hundreds of millions around the world to witness in horror as one bird was immediately attacked by a black crow and the other by a sea gull.  No this is not a parable, or some vision. It is an event that was captured in real time by cameras and photographers of media from around the world and witnessed by tens of thousands in St Peters Square.

The crow, being an ancient symbol of omens both good or bad for the land for thousands of years and the sea gull or gull being the ancient symbol, also of good or bad omens, but of the sea. The dove is of course regarded today as a symbol of peace and goodwill, but in fact in Latin, is called Columba or two doves being called Columbus and the Symbol of Cybele and the symbol of the capturing of innocence and reaping of souls.  It is no wonder the symbol of the Dove came to represent the perpetuation of ignorance by the Roman Cult and the symbol itself of Mundi.

Now, do I think that Pope Francis is seeking to perpetuate the Mundi Mind Virus or the ancient symbols of the Roman Cult deliberately? No I do not.  I am of the opinion that Pope Francis genuinely regards the white doves, as do millions of people today, ignorant to its actual and original meaning, as a symbol of peace and good will.

So why then the clearly abnormal and unprecedented event of both the omen of the sea and the omen of the land – the messenger of the spirit world attacking immediately the symbol of perpetual ignorance, zombification of the world and the existence of Mundi?

And when will the Mundi mind virus finally break so that people can see these unprecedented signs for what they are?

A life of many labels

As for my life, the life as Frank O’Collins I have been continuously blessed.  From the moment of my birth and early childhood until every day I live such as now.  There have been countless times when I could have died; when I could have faced great danger and yet at each moment and time I was saved from such a fate.

In a world where literally billions are born into uncertain circumstances at best and many into a life of abject poverty, I was born the eldest of five into the family of an upper middle class Radiologist in the leafy suburb of Kew in Melbourne. Whatever I wanted, within reason I was blessed to receive. I had my own room; the family home in Grange Road Kew had a swimming pool, a tennis court and even its own library. Sure, such a life in no way compares to the life of a Windsor Saxsburg-Gotha, or a Rothschild or a Rockefeller or any other of the elite business and noble families of the world - but it was nonetheless an easier childhood than most.

And when it came to life as an early adult, my life was no less blessed. When I considered at one time joining the priesthood given the constant haunting of visions and prophecies since August 15th 1977 at the age of 12 and then the exact same vision on the same day a year later, all doors opened for me and I was welcomed by the then Archbishop of Melbourne Frank Little.

When I decided to turn my back on a life as a Catholic Priest and instead looked for some other career, I found myself recruited into the Conservative Party of Australia known as the Liberal Party for almost six years. It was then that I came to meet men and women, some of whom ended up becoming future Prime Ministers of Australia and Premiers of various States. Even when I found myself in trouble because of my own faults, I have been spared from tragedy and torment that others have faced. 

Now the reason I have been saying all of this is not to go on and on about how wonderful my life has been. I assure you, the nearly twenty years of dedication to completing the Ucadia Model has been without doubt the most difficult and painful and tough and challenging process I have ever undertaken.  The point is to reinforce that I come to you, to everyone as an open book.  I have nothing to hide. I have made mistakes. I have been wrong constantly and will inevitably continue to make mistakes.

But when someone takes my honest revelation of the fact that on my mother’s side, a great great grandparent was Jewish and then somehow paints my beautiful deceased Catholic Mother as Jewish – I have nothing to hide. I have the utmost respect for all people who profess to be Jewish. I deplore anyone who attacks others solely on the basis of their faith and culture of being Jewish and I would gladly stand side by side with any Jewish people against aggression, hatred, intolerance and ignorance.

The same as my upbringing as a Catholic and a Christian. For my whole life I have witnessed nothing but men and women of the highest integrity within the Catholic Church, such as my great uncles and aunts and my Jesuit uncle Gerald. I am not even a fraction of the man or the character of my uncle Father Gerald O’Collins, who has dedicated his entire life to breaking down the barriers of ignorance and intolerance between different faiths – especially between Protestant and Catholic and between Christian and Jewish and even Islam. Nor am I even worthy to be included in the same breath as my great aunts and uncles who dedicated their lives, who risked their lives to help others and also promote tolerance, opportunity and true Christian ideals. So if someone thinks they are attacking me by calling me a Jesuit then I say I would be honored to be known as Jesuit, for I have nothing but the highest respect of such men of extraordinary ability and intellect who choose to live self discipline and a non ego life. For in truth, I am not worthy for such title, even if people say such words in a negative way.

The same can be said for people who have claimed that I am somehow a Freemason, or some member of that fraternity found in law and the private bar guilds and banks around the world. Over the years, I have known some Freemasons as well as met some judges and leaders of major financial institutions and am even related by marriage to a former international banking leader of Wall Street. But for all that I have uncovered regarding the banks and the private bar guilds and the freemasons, those that I have met have been nothing but the most polite, intelligent, conscientious members of society. So if someone thinks they are hurting or insulting me by falsely claiming me to be a freemason, then I would be honored to even stand for one day in their presence. Those who have masters degrees and degrees in law, compared to my failed attempts to complete two university degrees. Those, who are quietly trying to restore the law and competence within the courts, versus my cries and yelling in the wilderness. In truth, I have not the qualities of character, nor the evidence of community dedication and professionalism to ever be known as a Freemason or any of their associated fraternities.

A respect for all peoples of all cultures

As for Ucadia, well Ucadia has taught me to realize that not only is life a dream, but I am part of the ultimate dreamer. I am one and yet I am ALL.

But what I am yet to learn the courage to express enough is what this means in practice. Like many of us, I am easily distracted by the constant stream of insanity, injustice and madness; sometimes that I forget to make myself clear. So let me not make the same mistake tonight. 

I am a Muslim, I am a Christian, I am a Buddhist, I am a Hindu, I am a Jain, I am a Jew, I am all faiths as I am a man and I am the absolute creator of ALL the dream of existence.

I am Caucasian, I am Negro, I am Hispanic, I am indigenous, I am Asian and I am all races of people as I am descended from first born and am the singularity of the mind of our species.

I am all nations and all cultures and all beliefs and all expressions of ideas as I am Unique Collective Awareness and part of the Unique Collective Awareness.

Thus I do not hate, nor can never hate another man or woman or being or spirit. I do not come here to curse or hate another but to profess my utmost respect and love to all.  And while I shall continue to vigorously express my disappointment at bad ideas and those ideas that seek to belittle us and enslave us, and while I do make mistakes, I do not seek to judge you, or condemn you, or belittle you.

And if you feel I have unfairly judged you, or singled you out, or offended you, or belittled or hurt you then I am deeply regretful and ask you for your forgiveness just as I forgive each and every man and woman and spirit that has sought to injure and hurt me.

Thus, let us remember then the strength of the Year of Divine Redemption and the greatest healing power in the universe… the power to forgive and to heal.

So until we speak again, please be well, be safe. Thanks to all who continue to help and to support.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exposing and Forgiving the Conservative Gatekeepers of Mundi (Hell on Earth)

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for Tuesday 21st January 2014. Thank you for taking the time to listen to this broadcast and to read the article on blog.ucadia.com. Tonight, I wish to complete for you the third and final talk for the moment concerning Mundi– with Mundi being the word we explained three weeks ago that has always meant “underworld” in Latin – and Mundi being the proper name we discussed for the deliberate, systematic and comprehensive plan implemented more than 450 years ago to create a “prison planet” and “hell on earth”.

If you have not yet had the chance to listen to the other two talks and articles on Mundi, then let me apologize to you. You see, I realize that when you hear and read words like “prison planet”, it probably stirs up images of listening or reading the posts of one of the best funded disinfo projects of the past fifteen years in the world – all designed to keep people distracted, confused and fearful.

For others, I realize that when you hear phrases about a “deliberate, systematic and comprehensive plan more than 450 years ago called Mundi to create hell on earth”, it may well sound like the worst kind of “conspiracy nut jobs”.  Certainly, if people refuse to think and if people choose to live their days with the same attention span as a goldfish, this might at first appear true. But I assure you this is not a conspiracy – it is the illusion called “reality” in which we live.

An illusion, brilliantly crafted to the finest detail, so that people who live in the most fertile of lands, believe that without a job they will starve to death; And that people who have more potential access to more knowledge than any generation in history are constantly distracted by instant messaging, emails, phone calls and twitter noise that they are lucky if they Google anything deeper than the weather or their favourite celebrities; and a world where people are so addicted to owning more things and more useless mass manufactured crap, that they care less about the rich getting richer, than being one of the rich.

Yes, the world is a mess and as I said last week, you can go about your day thinking this is all some giant cosmic mistake, or you might like to stop for a few seconds more than a goldfish would and ask a simple question – what if this is not all a terrible mistake?  What if everything is working exactly as was intended with Mundi?  What is this illusion we call reality really?  Is it designed to be hell on earth?

Well, that is what we said two weeks ago when we spoke about 2014 and the Remission of Mundi. The term in Latin for a world is “orbis” and the world as the earth is “orbis terrum” and a theoretical world is “universitas”. So if anyone says to you – “oh no, Mundi means world – this fellow has it all wrong” – then ask them why Capitoline Hill in Rome was built upon a great series of caves called Axis Mundi – or the meeting point between heaven or Caelum and the underworld being Mundi?

Mundi is very much a real model and real plan for power. And as we spoke about two weeks ago, the Mundi Model is built upon the most obscene, heretical and contradictory set of doctrines introduced more than 450 years ago against the true origins of Christianity and true teachings of Jesus Christ to become the bedrock of Mundi- the cursing of the world, the cursing even of God – to convince people they have no escape, no way out, no hope other than the slimmest chance of salvation from an eternity of torture and agony. And Mundi being the ultimate model driven by fear and negativity has powered the rich, the corrupt and the wicked for centuries until now.

Well, last week as the second part of the three part series, I spoke about How You can Escape the Mundi (prison) model of Hell on Earth and how through the deeper knowledge of Awareness Loves Life you can create your very own “bullshit detector” to stop being distracted from ghost energy, from false knowledge, from tricksters and fraudsters that want to keep you trapped in Mundi, addicted and weakened.

For those of you who have listened to this broadcast, then maybe some of this knowledge has struck a chord?  Maybe you can now see how so much of what is called the “new age” and “spiritual movement” is actually a vehicle for the ghost energy of Mundi to keep people side tracked and forever lost from real wisdom.

How many gurus, shamans, priests, priestesses, psychics all tell you that you are less – until you open up, pay up, change, awaken, join, unite, strip down, get up, or whatever challenge or promise or enticement is given.  But how many every say to you – look you are already immortal. You are already divine and can never die, but because you are carnated into flesh, the greatest you will ever be as you is you- the greatest office you will ever hold is the Office of Man or Woman because you are already the Divine Creator in flesh.

How many tell you that YOU ARE MORE BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU?  If you listened and read the audio and article from last week, then hopefully your Bullshit Detector is working and you can start to see just how much crap people throw at you.

Have no fear; I get crap thrown at me all the time. In fact, there are people who even today still try to claim I am a freemason, while others claim I am a Jesuit, while others again claim I am possessed by the spirit of Lucifer, while others claim I am a paid agent, while others say this is not my real name, and others say I am something else. Mundi Mind Virus is everywhere; madness, falsity and distractions. But anything and everything in the hope you will never read Ucadia- anything in the hope that you remain on a perpetual journey of jumping down rabbit holes. Because as we said last week – if you think muddled thinking and madness of mind in life has no consequence at death – think again. Ghosts spend a lifetime tricking and misleading people in the hope they will overcome any bonds of love of those that have passed so that they have new recruits.

So tonight as the third and final part of this particular series, I want to discuss the exposure and forgiveness of the Conservative Gatekeepers of Mundi and Hell on Earth: 

+ Those police officers and sheriffs and bailiffs that continue to injure, arrest and torture not just strangers but their own neighbours, their own friends, their own brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. Not simply because they have been increasingly trained to behave as emotionless psychopaths, but because they have allowed themselves to become disconnected to their own spirits, their own divine mind; and

+ Those merchants and bankers and moneylenders who continue to steal from people, cheat from people and allow the people from whom they have stolen and cheated to be thrown out onto the street when there is nothing more to steal and rob; and

+ Those judges and magistrates and lawyers who continue to condemn and curse people, who continue to condemn and curse themselves and sometime act that condemning people to death, or a life in a commercial torture chamber system is somehow a game, or just a normal job. These judges and magistrates and lawyers are not devils; they are not demons.  In fact, the vast majority of people appointed to the bench are selected precisely because they have some sense of duty and conscience – so how did they become so disconnected? and 

+ The gatekeepers: Those Political and Religious leaders, particular the ones who are conspiring and rallying against any call for conscience, any call for the restoration of the Rule of Law; and any call for restoring of true Justice and Due Process.  How can these people, these bishops and cardinals and rabbi and politicians be so mentally sick? 

Tonight, I am going to be as clear and concise as possible, so there can be no running away, no hiding, no deliberate confusion. For when these people hide behind the cloak of conservative or status quo values – they are nothing more than the gatekeepers of Mundi, the protectors of perpetuating the model of hell on earth.

Far from Mundi being the first model, being the tradition, the origin, the source – it is a relatively modern idea in the history of civilization – only a few hundred years old – and completely radical, different, revolutionary to the thinking and ideas before it – the modern and perverse notion that a few people and families could condemn the rest of the world to perpetual slavery and hell by controlling not the people directly, but the idea of the world itself, while they live in a protected and isolated world of paradise.

Yes, periodically, people woke up from their oppression and rebelled and this required force and brutality to put it down – a bit like today – but by and large, the greater population took the absence of overt force and control as a win and they were willing to accept the Mundi Model of hell, for a few scraps because of the superficial appearance of freedom.

So lets first talk about the meaning of conservative and conservatism so our discussion tonight makes sense.

The 19th Century Invention of Conservatism

So how do you hide the most radical usurpation of English Law and traditions in history at the start of the 19th Century, where the Bank of England controlled by the Rothschilds and being a body of unelected people seized control over the affairs of the British Empire and effectively became the Crown Corporation? 

I mean the facts are clear and in black and white as the official statutes of Westminster such as in 1816 (56 Geo. III c.98) being “An Act to unite and consolidate into One Fund all of the Public Revenue of Great Britain and Ireland…” whereby the Bank of England became officially the Exchequer and all public paper money issued by Great Britain became the private promissory notes of the Bank of England. The British Empire became privatized.

It is also clear in the same year in 1816 (56 Geo. III c.97) being “An Act to authorize the advancing, for the Public Service, a Proportion of the Balance that shall remain from time to time in the Bank of England for the Payment of Dividends on account of the Public Debt.” That all elected politicians effectively became employees of the Bank of England and all Public Servants became officially employees of the Bank of England operating as the Crown Corporation, including Her Majesty Queen Victoria and all Lords and nobles. 

It is also blatantly clear in 1825 (6 Geo. IV c.74) that the Bank of England was given complete and total control of all the property of the British Empire, especially the annuities, including all past and present colonies which by the way includes Australia, New Zealand and the United States by making the Bank the Trustees of all property by combining the concepts of Cestui Que Vie trusts for “idiots, lunatics, infants or trustees of unsound mind” ensuring that such property was to be administered by the Bank of England.

So how did the Bank of England and those who conspired for their own 30 pieces of silver with the Bank get away with such treason, such treachery again their own people, their own families and the people of the world?

Well, they invented a new invisible cloak within the existing Mundi Model of Hell on Earth and called it Conservatism beginning with Nathan Mayer Rothschild who paid French writer and diplomat for hire François-René de Chateaubriand a handsome reward for concocting a new counter-intelligence notion of “conservatism” in defending claimed fictitious clerical and political ideas that never were in his journal “Le Conservateur”.

Yet, try as the Rothschild did, the fake philosophy of customs that never were and history that never existed and radical ideas being normal all under the absurdity and falsity of “traditionalism” failed to catch on in England.

The answer in the end was simple – just purchase a political party, bribe all its elected officials and supporters with huge sums of money- then rebrand it and then get it into power to reverse engineer history and public perception. That is exactly what the Bank of England did by 1830 when the first use of the word “Conservative” was used in the Quarterly Review, falsely attributed to John Wilson Croker. By 1843, the Bank had purchased the loyalty and souls of the former Tory party, who happily abandoned any pretence to morality, to conscience, loyalty to the people and the crown and it became the Conservative Party- a political party dedicated to re-writing history, suppressing rights and embedding the advantages of the rich and the new rich.

By the way, I am no fan of the social progressive political parties either.  The evidence is overwhelming that the Union movement was systematically and deliberately hijacked at the turn of the 20th century to embed a two horse race- one Conservative, one Labor and Social based but both controlled by the elite maintaining status quo.

In any event, the plan worked and the false flag system flowed out across the world beginning in 1843 in the United States with the New York City and Philadelphia municipal elections when huge sums of money were paid for bribes and provided that from now on, elections could be purchased in the United States and the plan for the ultimate prize to be hatched, the purchase of the Presidency at any and all costs starting with the campaign to elect Abraham (Lincoln) Springstein aka Springer, funded by the Bank of New York (later the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) by 1861.

As for the Democratic Party of the United States – no one who is honest can credibly call it the same party before the Civil War and after as the political party after the civil war was effectively a second subsidiary of the banking cartel with the same rules for blatant bribery and corruption through purchase of office and protecting the status quo.

So there you have it, the wonderful legacy of conservatism- a giant lie, to promote lies, for the purpose of money and power and greed, that pits fathers against sons, brothers against brothers, communities against communities and ultimately as the Gatekeepers of Mundi and the perpetuation of Hell on Earth.

Enter the framework of Nihilism to prop up the Status Quo

As successful as blatant bank bribery was to get in their candidates to promote corruption and Mundi madness, there have been several times over the past two hundred years when such controls risked total collapse – not because of a lack of power – but because of lack of even semi-credible ideas with which to prop up the rotten model of piracy and mental illness.

That is where the schools promoting the agenda of nihilism, dressed up as conservatism has been a “god send”- excuse the pun – for the elite in maintaining the status quo.  If not for the wholesale conversion of our universities and colleges into mass assembly lines for the zombification of our best and brightest, so the minds with the greatest potential become condemned and trapped with ridiculous and contradictory notions of knowledge and logic, the whole edifice of Mundi would have collapsed long ago.

It is why I have tried to be so clear that when we speak of such labels as conservative or liberal, or atheist, or Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim that we don’t actually get sucked into the game of the status quo- when the real issue is whether people actually have any basis of mind or have been zombified into a slave to Nihilism and the perpetuation of Mundi.

People who keep throwing around labels like Jesuit this, or Khazar that, or Freemasons this, or Zionist that – serve no benefit to ending the madness of Mundi- they are actually helping it continue- by ignoring the obvious fact that Nihilism is the central concept that unites the Mundi Model of insanity and Hell on Earth not the superficial labels.  It is why I have been at pains to point out that not every Jesuit school is the same.  In the case of the United States, Georgetown University has been a center of Nihilism for two hundred years and the birthplace of the Nihilist absurdity of American Exceptionalism – that is All may be equal under the law, but America has the right to break the law and yet treat that as lawful.  But that does not mean every Jesuit is evil, or every section of the Jesuit order is part of the problem.

On the contrary, this year marks 200 years since the restoration of the Order and in many respects a more rapid expulsion of Nihilist mind virus from its ranks than any other part of the community.  You want to know some of the worst offenders in perpetuating hell on earth – then you need to lump in the bankers and merchants for sure- but you would also have to add to those ranks many of the false information gurus who keep popping up every few months under counter intelligence programs amongst the truth movement spreading more and more bullshit – I apologize for the language – that can only be discerned if you are willing to build your own bullshit detector as we spoke about last week.

Forgiveness and recognition of change

As for what happens next, we need to recognize that change is happening, that people are waking up and that the real enemy has always been the poor ideas, the madness and insanity that permits the Mundi Model to survive even for one more day.

Such a model is not eliminated by hatred, or more ignorance. It is defeated through knowledge, through compassion, through forgiveness of ourselves and others.  This of course is easier to say than to do.

I am guilty far too often of getting offended when people have a go at me or when people do actions deliberately to harm Ucadia and its goals. If you have been listening, then I have a recent episode of this regarding someone taking thirty years of work, over a million web pages, and hundreds and hundreds of talks and then claiming to the US Trademark Office that they owned the trademark Ucadia.  I mean, how mentally ill is that.  And yet I forgive them for such ignorance, because every member who establishes their own campus has certain rights to use the name Ucadia and every province that unites campuses has even greater rights to use the word Ucadia and I am reminded that the time is overdue for me to deliver on the promise of ensuring the Ucadia Model is handed over to each and every one of you – proven in the covenants and charters.

So I forgive people who continue to act as pirates, just as I forgive all those people still acting as gatekeepers to the Mundi Model of Hell on Earth.

Knowledge is the key. Wisdom is the freedom. Forgiveness is the greatest power. Let us continue to learn, to meditate, to forgive and to end this madness, beginning with ourselves and our friends and our family.

Respect others even if they show no respect to you or to themselves. Be polite always, even in the face of aggression and oppression. Be confident, do not fear.  Even if they hurt you and throw you in prison and seek to torture you, it is not over. This is not the end.  Millions have been condemned to perpetual hell as ghosts. We are immortal beings. Let us free ourselves of the curses that bind us, the addictions that weaken us and remember the true power within each and everyone of us.

So please forgive me, if I have ever offended you or frustrated you, as I forgive all those who have hurt me, or offended me, or injured Ucadia. For I am part of you and you are part of me.

Thank you