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In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for the Ucadia Blog for the Ucadia Sacred-Space-Day-Time known as the 2nd Day known as “MONS” of the 7th Sun Arc” of the 3rd Day of Moon Cycle of the 1st Season of the 3rd year of the new Great Era. In Roman Cult time, this would be known as Thursday 22nd of January 2015. The unique Ucadia Gazette number to this Sacred-Space-Day-Time is Gazette Number 4690845.

If this all sounds strange and you are new to listening to Ucadia, then please, I urge you to go read and listen to the article from last week entitled “Year 3 [2015]: The revelations, events and changes yet to come” where I explained that today all time and space is sacred; and that there is no unsacred space-time; and that as we are living flesh and blood beings we cannot possibly be considered dead entities in law unless we are dealing with a fake system of law; and that no longer are we slaves to some perverse death cult model of necromancers and bone collectors. I also explained last week that if you go to the website One-Heaven.Org and click on the link to the Gazette and type in the Roman Date or the Gazette Number 4690845, then you will see the public and spiritual notices for today (and then for every other day yet to come this Ucadia year) as prima facie evidence and proof at law under the heading “Divine & Ecclesiastical Law”.

A number of you who did read and listen to the article and audio recording from last week replied to me with some feedback as well as some questions for clarification – that I hope to answer for you in a moment. Before I do that, I want to briefly explain why I chose the topic for the article and audio recording tonight entitled “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God” and what I hope can be achieved if people take the time to read and listen carefully to this Ucadia blog and audio.

If you do take the time to read and listen and agree with what I am about to say, then I hope you can take the time to post this blog and audio in as many places as you can and even post it on YouTube if that is something you have the skill and time to do.

The first reason I wanted to discuss the topic “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God”, is that after all I have written and recorded and all that I have said and done, I continue to find many people judging without reading; and speaking without listening; and replying without comprehending. Maybe you continue to experience the same issue with people around you as you express a greater awareness of the truth?

For example, when I have explained that the highest law and the one constant law throughout all civilized history and religion is the Golden Rule of Law, namely “no one is above the law and everyone is subject to the same laws” and that this fact is also expressed in the verses attributed to Jesus in Matthew 7:12, some people still don’t get it. When I have shown time and time again that any system that hides laws, or creates immunities for certain classes of elite people but punishes others for the same alleged crime, then such a system cannot possibly be law – again a number of people find it impossible to discern such a simple fact.

Or for example, when I have explained that the only real property in the world is rights; and that all men and women are born with certain unalienable rights – as is expressed clearly in the document known as the Declaration of Independence – and that any system that seeks to steal, deny or obstruct such fundamental rights cannot be a system of Justice or Law, some people find this difficult to grasp. I mean the word “justice” from Latin literally means “rights of use”, so unless such rights are administered with clean hands in good faith, good conscience and good character then there is no law.

Or for example, when I have shown that the basic principles of Due Process in the administration of rights under law from the beginning of time, forbid any man or woman to be judge, jury or executioner in their own cause; or for a man or woman to be considered guilty before even the evidence is presented and the case heard; or for anyone to be a judge or to give evidence unless they swear a solemn oath to tell the truth and not injure the law – a lot of people are not comprehending these simplest and most fundamental of principles.

So I have spent twenty-two years distilling the maxims of law into the twenty two books of canons of law and yet many people continue to write, or complain but then refuse to read; or look to present excuses why they won’t read – because someone told them it is dangerous information, or even the most superficial of excuses such as claiming the word “canon” is somehow evil. I mean, the word “canon” comes from the Ancient Greek word kanon (κανών) meaning “rule or standard” and was introduced by Constantine when the formal structure of Christianity was first formed – more than 1,000 years before the Venetians and Pisans stole the word and weaponized it under their false cult known as the “Roman Cult”. Yet some people seem stubbornly keen to believe what they want to believe and to find any and every excuse not to open their eyes or their ears.

It is why the one hundred and forty four maxims are reprinted as a core part of every constitution and charter of Ucadia such as Article 7 of the Sacred Charter and Constitution of the Globe Union. So there can be no sensible argument or reasonable excuse to say “it is too complicated” or “I didn’t have time” or “I did not know”.

I realize and can empathize with the discomfort and fear that some may feel when faced with the truth. I also do not blame anyone, nor condemn or judge harshly anyone who turns their back on such basic and simple truths of Law, or Justice and Due Process to then throw their lives away following false gurus and blatant scams. Yet, this does not diminish what has been said or written or the fact that people have been shown again and again and again the simplest of measures to discern truth from falsity.

The second reason I want to discuss the topic “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God”, is that clearly if certain people are presently incapable of comprehending truth from falsity, or grasping even the simplest of measures to help their own discernment, then there must be something causing such lack of discernment, beyond levels of education, or media propaganda, or social pressures and even personal psychological needs and wants.

A clue that there is a level of consciousness playing an active part in disrupting the general levels of discernment of people can be evidenced often by the reactions you may receive with sharing certain information from Ucadia.

For example, most people are generally more accepting of a positive conscious awareness of planet Earth and that every action has a consequence on the environment and sustainability of life – yet are less willing to accept the same rule applies to our own levels of conscious awareness in judging others, our thoughts, desire and actions. So what causes such a disconnect of logic – when both concepts should be complimentary?

Or another example is the more “new age” lifestyle of customizing your own philosophy in replacing traditional notions of religion where people speak of spiritual guides, ascended masters, psychics, spiritual healers, tarot card readers and even druids, witches and warlocks as if the same consequences for following such ideas and participating in such rituals does not have the same effect as if one still participated in the purely commercial rituals of fake Christian cults. There appears a distinct lack of discernment as to what is merely re-hashed “hocus pocus” compared to real and lasting self knowledge.

A more sinister version of encouraging people to switch off all forms of common sense, reason and logic is esoteric fundamentalism – that is an increasing number of authors desperate for fame, or notoriety that will take two or more disconnected ideas and synthesize them into a pseudo philosophy to try and shock, or scare you and sell books and become famous. For example, I encountered such lunatic fantasy in the form of the poorly concocted label known as the “Collins Elite” that somehow synthesizes UFO activity as really being demonic, caused by inter-dimensional portals formed by Alastair Crowley, Jack Parsons, Ron Hubbard and now controlled by a mysterious “New World Order” group called the Collins Elite funded by the CIA. Where do you begin on such a merry go round of madness? Are there negative spirits? Of course – what do you think I have been speaking about for years on the Mundi Mind Virus of perpetuating a world of stupidity and slave mind? Are their intelligent life forms beyond the Homo Sapien? Well, if you are still unsure, you better start reading the Journey of UCA on the website Is there a connection to Collins over history to higher forms of consciousness? Go and read Lebor Clann Glas. But if your conclusion is that somehow Ucadia is about enslavement, when it is the only site that reveals the Golden Rule of Law, the true focus on the teachings of law by Jesus and others and identifies who really are the slave traders with mountains of prima facie evidence in statutes – then you have a serious case of cognitive dissonance – that is, you are not listening to what is being said hundreds of times and you are not comprehending what is written on thousands of pages. Or if you think that Ucadia is somehow about negative spirituality when it is the only philosophy that reveals the power of each individual and the fact that no one stands between you and the Divine – because you are the Unique Collective Awareness made flesh – then you may have a serious mental illness caused by those who are telling you such falsities and stopping you from seeing the truth in front of your eyes. 

So this brings us to probably the biggest problem we face today being the inability of so many people to stop their almost “zombie” and “robot-like” behaviour, where they are wedded to their phone, or tablet, or computer screen or television and spend almost every waking moment, filtering and processing but rarely participating in deep thinking or meditation or reflection of any kind. Have a look at the faces of people as they travel to work, or sit to eat. For some reason, it is almost as if we woke up one morning and more than three quarters of the population of planet Earth were kidnapped and replaced by robots and empty vessels. What then is causing such disconnect? What advantage are these forces seeking by encouraging more and more people to abdicate an active presence in their own physical bodies by being distracted from this digital network of noise?

Finally, the third reason for the topic “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God” is that it is a point of respect to the great mind and spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “I used to think that God is Truth, but now I know that Truth is God” in reference to an awakening of consciousness to seeing that nothing is absolute and everything is a matter of degree; and that wise discernment rather than blind faith is the only true path; and that attitudes built on fear and prejudice and conformity can never bring lasting satisfaction and ultimately only lead us to an inner world of unhappiness and misery; and sometimes to an outer life of depression, dissatisfaction and sometimes self harm.

What we choose to accept or reject in terms of ideas and models of the world has a profound impact on our existence and personal happiness. The power of ideas to free us and awaken us cannot be understated; nor should we underestimate the power of certain ideas to enslave us and keep us chained and in constant turmoil in this life and the next. As I said at the end of last year – if you willingly choose to live a life of stupidity and die stupid, then that level of stupidity carries over to the next plane of existence. You don’t suddenly get a spiritual smart pill. Nor do you go to hell according to any deliberately stupid Roman Cult philosophy. Call it Stupid Heaven then – a state of being a ghost enslaved in Mundi Mind Virus, because you refused to listen and you willfully refused to read. A state of being that can be altered to free such minds, only if such minds are willing to stop being so stupid.

So I want to take the time tonight to speak plainly, without throwing lots of facts and details around, in the hope that those who do choose to read and listen will at least find this topic relevant and useful and positive in some way.

Let us then begin by briefly answering some quick questions and requested points for clarification from the blog of last week concerning earth changes coming possibly this year and over the next few years.

Clarification on Year 3 [2015]: The revelations, events and changes yet to come

Last week, when I spoke about coming major changes to the climate of the Earth, I mentioned that in the past two thousand years we have an example of a pole shift and equator shift demonstrating major upheaval in climate-around 250 CE, where whole regions of North Africa and Arabia and India and China turned from tropic and sub-tropical environments into deserts gradually over the next 1,600 years to what we see today. I also included a link to an earlier blog I did in Ucadia Year 1 [2013] on the coming pole shifts, where I mentioned pole shifts in space of 20,000 to 40,000 years. So clearly, there appeared to be a disconnect in reconciling such information.

My answer then is twofold. The first is that what I know now, I did not know then, that the position of the equator as well as the poles undergo micro shifts of half a degree and a few hundred miles on a regular basis every few thousand years; and that every 20,000 to 40,000 years these changes correspond to a more significant shift, often accompanied by an ice age event where say Northern Europe or Greenland or Canada becomes the new North Pole; and that every 200,000 to 400,000 years the pole shift is even more significant. So I apologize that I did not make this notion clear between the two blogs with the most recent chat from last week.

In any event, the point I was trying to make is that such cycles are normal in the life of the planet and in no way are intended to cause the mass extinction of life in general or of our species – but the complete opposite – to help sustain life by protecting the integrity of the planets core balance between the liquid oceans, the atmospheric gases and the internal and external electro-magnetic fields.

The second point I wish to clarify is the description of likely climate changes for individual land masses and nations. I did not, for example mention the likely impact for New Zealand that will is likely to see the south-east of the South Island become colder, yet conversely the North-west of the North Island become warmer as the position of the islands relative to the repositioned equator appears to “rotate” slightly clockwise – being the same effect of the east coast of North America. I am happy to do a follow-up blog on these topics in the next weeks including providing some images of before-and-after likely positions. But for now, let us get into more detail on the topic tonight being “In a world suffering from lack of discernment: Truth is God”.

What is Truth?

So before we explain more what is meant by the statement “Truth is God”, what do we mean by the word Truth? 

Well, a quick look at any larger dictionary suddenly brings up a large array of meanings, some that contradict one another. For example, a common definition of “truth” is “a state or quality of being true to someone or something” – that is a definition verging on being circular – i.e. “truth means true and true means truth”.

Another common definition for “truth” is “a genuine depiction or statements of reality” and “conformity to fact or reality; correctness, accuracy” – with both definitions making the bold leap of faith and assumption of some underlying model that “truth” can be defined as an independent quality having its own existence relative to the observer – hence the Roman Cult assertion that “(their version of) God is Truth”.

Yet the older definitions of “truth” contradict the notion of “truth” being an independent quality having its own existence, when we look at the ancient definition meaning “a pledge of loyalty or faith” and “faithfulness; or fidelity”. 

Now normally, looking at the origin of the word gives us clues as to its first meaning and therefore a way of disentangling definitions added on later that might make no sense or contradict the intended meaning of the word. Yet when we look at the claimed origins of the word, we end up falling into a black hole of nefarious claims of it being Old English, or “proto-Indo-European” or Icelandic etc. 

In fact, the origin of the word truth is to be found in the ancient Gaelic word “truath”, corrupted to the word “tuath” so no one will recognize its purpose. The word “truth” literally meant one’s tribe and one’s place in society and one’s personal pledge of loyalty and fidelity to protect and support a group of people beyond just your immediate family, but your extended family. Truth was the backbone of Celtic Society and it was born from human interaction and dependent upon free will and conscious choice.

The restoration of the original teachings of Jeremiah in the formation of the Laws of Tara is still a work in progress.  But I can best describe the true origins of truth in the third book of Tara – being from where the corrupt term Torah is extracted. The third book was called Diatuair – from where we get “deuteros” and it meant “the law of the gods” or simply Divine Law. You can go and see the work in progress on Tara under Sacred Texts on One-Heaven.Org. Here are the original Ten Commandments as the perfect expression of the origin of truth under the laws of Tara:

Ten Commandments
1 There be one act above all others, 
2 All heaven and the gods command: 
3 To Honor the Law above all things. 
4 Thus from Honor springs all sacred acts. 
5 From Honor then comes three primary beings: 
6 To Protect; 
7 To Provide; 
8 To Serve. 
9 All heaven and the gods command: 
10 To protect and defend one’s honor. 
11 This being the first rule of self. 
12 To protect and defend the home. 
13 This being the first rule of home. 
14 To protect and defend the tribe. 
15 This being the first rule of the tribe. 
16 To provide for one’s health and well being. 
17 This being the second rule of self. 
18 To provide for one’s kin and home. 
19 This being the second rule of home. 
20 To provide for all strangers, guests and those in need. 
21 This being the second rule of the tribe. 
22 To serve to better one’s self and knowledge. 
23 This being the third rule of self. 
24 To serve to better the lives of one’s kin and home. 
25 This being the third rule of home. 
26 To serve to better the life of the tribe. 
27 This being the third rule of the tribe. 
28 The Ten Commandments therefore be: 
29 First: To honor, protect and to serve the law; 
30 Second: To protect and defend one's own honor; 
31 Third: To protect and defend the home; 
32 Fourth: To protect and defend the tribe; 
33 Fifth: To provide for one’s health and well being; 
34 Sixth: To provide for one's own kin and home; 
35 Seventh: To provide for all strangers, guests and those in need; 
36 Eighth: To serve to better one’s self and knowledge; 
37 Ninth: To serve to better the lives of one’s kin and home; 
38 Tenth: To serve to better the life of the tribe. 
39 Let no man change or alter these commandments, 
40 Lest he be judged by all heaven and the gods.

Once the origin of truth and its true meaning is deliberately or accidentally taken out of context, then the word “truth” and its meaning can be manipulated by people of low morals and character.  

You see, you cannot enslave a people, until you separate them and divide them. Fear only works best when one feels completely isolated and vulnerable. So the Roman Cult had to invent an entire system of stupid ideas to eventually break people down from tribes, then break down families and then ultimately destroy the family unit; and they have largely succeeded in doing just that.

Once people surrender common sense, reason and logic to accept the stupid philosophy of the Roman Cult and its supporters that “truth” is somehow an absolute independent quality of reality – then the truth can be moulded into whatever mind control agenda is needed to groom millions into being as stupid as possible, so they die stupid they become stupid ghosts. That is the agenda of the necromancers and bone collectors for more than 500 years and it has been working until now.

How do we know then what is True?

So if the real and true meaning of “truth” is one’s pledge to the tribe as per the Ten Commandments defined within the laws of Tara – how can we discern truth from non-truth?

The answer is very simple and extraordinarily powerful. You see if you are not addicted to fast foods, fizzy drinks and artificial poisons, then your primary brain is your intestines – or your gut. If this does not make sense, then please have a look at Article 59 on Complex Life under Natural Law and the 3-Brain model of complex life. Your intestines are full of millions and millions of neurons. If you don’t believe me, then just look at an image of the intestines and our third brain your neo cortex or what typically is just called “the brain” – do you see any similarities in terms of shape and pattern? Unless you are addicted to prescription medications or other forms of mind altering drugs, your gut has a natural and acute sense of connection to the outside world – that we often call instinct – or simply a “gut feeling”. In other words, if we weren’t groomed now to be perpetual slaves known as consumers, then we would have our natural ability to sense a discord or negative instinctual reaction.

The second part of this extraordinary natural system in each of us, that I once called your “bullshit detector” system in an earlier blog, is your heart. Your heart also is packed with millions of neurons and has the incredible ability to allow us to overcome false conclusions of our neo-cortex that may dismiss a reasonable or rational thought. Our heart validates or repudiates the ego driven neo-cortex. It is our rudder and our steward and the seat of what we would normally call our conscience or sense of true right from wrong.

Yet our heart can also be damaged in sensing truth from falsity through deliberate childhood trauma such as rape, or incest. Also the promotion of ultra high definition violence and horror in the form of news, films for entertainment and computer games as well as music tuned to 440 Hz and now 444 Hz, kills our hearts ability to operate properly.  Without an open heart, we have no empathy, we lose our sense of compassion, and we lose our moral compass and our conscience. That is precisely what the slave traders that own and run the Roman Cult as a business want – a world full of sociopathic consuming slaves, riddled with fear and stupidity.

With a general state of health and an open heart, you have the tools without having to worry about what I say or is written here to discern for yourself what is true and what is not true.

What prevents the world from discerning the Truth?

The good news in all of this is that we have reached a tipping point – a point where the stupid world of models that make no sense and contradict reason and an open heart are being exposed for what they are.

No matter how many false flag operations are launched, people are uniting in the streets against attempts to frighten them to abandon their rights to think and to speak. People are communicating more and finding ways to improve their health. So despite the best efforts of the ruling elite, people are waking up in tens of thousands and millions around the world more and more.

That does not mean we will get every choice right or that we will not be tricked by people who lie to us. We live in a society that rewards the art of lying and celebrates lying as a high form of entertainment. But we are witnessing a definite shift, as people are less and less accepting of the lies that are promoted on the nightly “news” and by official government statements.

All we have to consider and remind ourselves is our own natural abilities within our own bodies to discern truth from lies and to trust our instinct and an open heart. That is why “truth is God” because truth through our open heart is our connection to the Divine and our ability to validate the experience as true – rather than false euphoria or forced conformity.

So whatever you feel and whatever you think, I hope and trust that you are able to discern the truth from lies and continue reading and reviewing and judging Ucadia and the Ucadia Model for what it is, not what people may claim it to be.

Until we speak next week, thank you for all who continue to support and help and please be safe and well.



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Year 3 [2015]: The revelations, events and changes yet to come

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Hello, this is Frank O’Collins for the Ucadia Blog for the Ucadia Sacred-Space-Day-Time known as the 5th Day of the 5th Arc of the 25th Cycle of the 1st Season of the 3rd year of the new Great Era.  In Roman Cult time, this would be known as Thursday 15th of January 2015.

The reason I have defined the Ucadia Sacred-Space-Day-Time first is that today all time and space is sacred – there is no unsacred space-time.  We are living flesh and blood beings – we are not dead entities in law or some perverse death cult model of the necromancers of Rome and London and Washington DC.  The model of Mundi in declaring the world “hell” and all people dead slaves to mentally insane merchants and their enforcers is over.  In fact that was the clear message of the first Ucadia blog in year 2 of 2014 (see: 2014 and the Remission of Mundi.)

So, if you go to the website One-Heaven.Org and click on the link to the Gazette and type in the Roman Date or the Gazette Number 4690838, then you will see the public and spiritual notices for today (and then for every other day yet to come this Ucadia year) as prima facie evidence and proof at law under the heading “Divine & Ecclesiastical Law”, that the sacred space-day-time for today is sacred and unique. 

In a moment, we will go through the four key public notices under “Divine & Ecclesiastical Law” in more detail.  We will also discuss in more detail the continued disintegration of the Mundi world of Ghost Virus.  But first, I want to cover a few more reasons why I chose the title “Year 3 [2015]: The revelations, events and changes yet to come”?

For example, in Roman year 2013 I wrote an article on this blog entitled “2015 and the coming Pole Shift and what does it mean?  Who are the winners and losers?  And what you can do?  It wasn’t a blog designed to spread fear or continue the hopelessly deluded game by so many who claim to be some kind of spiritual messenger in trying to predict the end of the world.  It was blog designed to talk reasonably and rationally about changes that are part of the natural cycle of the earth.

These are natural and normal changes that are likely to see not only a shift in the position of the geographic North Pole and position of the South Pole, but also the re-positioning of the equator, or the “tilt” of the planet as well.  The reason I bring up this particular blog of a few years ago now should be obvious – we are in the Roman year 2015 being the sacred Ucadia Year 3!

If there is one event more likely to shake the ruling elite out of the self-perpetuating bubble world of insanity, it is the prospect of such major earth changes that some major cities may be impacted by earthquakes or floods; and large regions or nations affected by severe storms or prolonged drought or the return of an ice age.

In case you are wondering, none of this is science fiction, but it is perfectly provable as being a normal cycle. You see, it is only 1760 years or so ago that the earth witnessed a poles and equator shift of such significance that all major temples of major civilizations at the time no longer aligned with the heavens – causing major upheaval in religions, socio-economic cultures and even the end and beginning of new cultures.

In the Americas around this precise period, we see the complete collapse of peaceful and high cultured “pre-classical” cultures, the wholesale abandonment of perfectly good cities; and then the sudden rise of bloody and brutal empires in the form of the Maya and the Toltecs; and

In Asia at the same time period, we see the total collapse of the Han dynasty that had ruled a united China for over 400 years, the abandonment of their cities; and the onset of feudal warfare called the “three kingdoms period”; and

In India, at exactly the same time, we see the abandonment of temples again, the collapse of the confederation of kingdoms such as the Cheras, the Cholas and Pandya and the sudden rise of the authoritarian Gupta Empire; and

In Europe and the Middle East, we have major upheaval in climactic change in massive deforestation in Arabia and North Africa with rivers and lakes drying up, millions dying from drought and disease and the Roman Empire in upheaval.

Now, I know that academics like to keep each of these facts separate and isolated and never ever to bring them together – much less postulate on the overwhelming evidence of a pole shift and equator shift event – but that is precisely what happened.

The physical earth did not end.  The species did not go extinct.  Yet, the event did fundamentally alter the course of human history and certainly heralded the events leading to the formal creation of the organized cultural and spiritual system known as Christianity under Constantine at the beginning of the 4th Century CE.

So the blog today is a chance to reflect on some of the points raised within that blog a few years ago and to talk about what is happening at the moment and what likely effect potential major changes are likely to have on the course of civilization.

I assure you these changes by the conscious living entity known as Earth and guided by the conscious living entity known as the Sun will absolutely overwhelm every trick, every lie, every deception, every murder, every propaganda manipulation that such groups like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are up to their eyeballs in controlling, managing and orchestrating with ISIS or IS (Islamic State) around the world.  All those things are going to fall to the background when we are talking about major change.  Whatever the sequence of events and whenever they come, there is one indisputable fact: Year 3 in Ucadia sacred space day-time on planet Earth will herald revelations and events and changes of such magnitude the future and destiny of our species and the planet will never be the same again. And it will change for the positive, and not for the negative.  

So let’s begin with a brief update on the work and updates due through the work through Ucadia in the first few months of the year, before speaking about the significance of the Ucadia Gazette Public Notices and what we mean by sacred space-day-time.  And then finally we will talk about the “big ticket” items of earth changes and the end of the reign of insane death cults and necromancers in Mundi.

The first priorities of Ucadia in Ucadia year 3 or [2015]

For those of you that have listened to these Ucadia blogs, particularly over the past years will know that it has been and continues to be a very challenging time, not the least being the amount of work that still needs to be completed.

Yet 2015, heralds a necessary change in approach and focus. Yes, I still very much need your help in support in finishing Ucadia – but this year is also very much about developing the self-sustainability of Ucadia beyond its fragile existence at the moment and beyond Frank O’Collins.

This is going to happen in a number of ways.  In one way this is going to happen because of the work of finishing the canons of law such as Fiduciary Law as well as Administrative law and the work being done to finish Lebor Clann Glas.  Last year I took the choice to go back and revise, re-read and re-catalogue the complete set of public general statutes from Westminster from the time of Henry III until the present day.  There are tens upon tens of thousands of these statutes.  And I reviewed the Acts of Congress and many of the key acts of the Parliament of Canada as well as some of the other Commonwealth Nations in the world such as Australia.  

The reason I took that choice is that this year for the first time when we speak of Administrative Law through these blogs and I refer you to canons and to articles of Administrative Law, I will be able to show you categorically and unequivocally the origin of legal terms and concepts, the form, function and process in their system without confusion, without double-speak how they keep people ‘off edge.’  I will be able to show the processes and the relationships between these terms as well as the original acts that made it happen.

It’s still going to be a lot of work but for most people who are facing an issue in court today their many questions have been those such as:  “How do I address the issue?”  “How do I sort out a foreclosure?” or “How do I deal with particular charges or controversy?”  “How do I bring some justice?”  I hope and trust that because of the work, not just last year and the previous years, but all of it when the Canons of Administrative Law are able to be published and made available this year, that finally for many of you, you will actually see probably what you have been waiting for all this time.  You will see the practical “How” of addressing these issues, given the current system of law in the world today.  So that will be a major priority of Ucadia this year.  

Another major priority of Ucadia is the completion of the sacred text, Lebor Clann Glas.   You can find that sacred text by going to the website,, and click the link near the top of “sacred texts” and then go and select Lebor Clann Glas that you can download as a PDF.  When I first wrote Lebor Clann  Glas some years ago it was originally designed as an epic poem that allowed people to look at the large expanse of history and start to see the connections between things, between famous figures of history and between different tribes, places, countries, continents and seas.  Also, was the connection between ideas and thoughts and the cycles of life, cycles of seasons and the battle between those that saw something moral in the human species and those that sought only to enslave their fellow neighbors? 

Three years ago it became more apparent that what was lacking was some more detailed story, so Lebor Clann Glas has been progressively updated since then and I have mentioned it in the blogs a number of times.  This year I hope we will see the whole text finished and if not that, the vast majority of the text.  If you haven’t looked at this extraordinary work, and it is an extraordinary story, and if you begin reading Lebor Clann Glas from the beginning up to where it is now, even though it is not finished it will be the most powerful and extraordinary story you will have ever read.  I truly honestly trust it will be the most powerful and extraordinary story you have ever read.  

If you read the more contemporary sections and by contemporary I mean up to the 4th Century CE (current era), I have no doubt even if you just scan it, that it should pique your interest.  Finishing Lebor Clann Glas this year is one of my major priorities.   Why is it that what is essentially a story such an important issue when people are struggling in prison and people remain enslaved?  We still have annuities and we have the full apparatus of the birth certificates and the slave system, so why would finishing the story of Lebor Clann Glas be so important?  

It turns out that the reason it is so important is that whatever you think and feel about a text such as the Bible, the cornerstone of our civilization despite how complex it is, rests upon the narrative of the origin of our purpose and our reason of being here.  So, in the absence of a ‘counter claim’ with clarity, a ‘better story,’ the status quo continues.  That is what makes Lebor Clann Glas so important.  There are a few other things that are going to be key priorities this year and I will just mention a few more before we continue.  

Of course you have heard me speak about the Ucadia communities in 2014.  Even though I outlined more detail as to the structure of communities within the charters and constitutions, we still do not see the formation in a formal sense of those communities.  I am hoping and anticipating that 2015 will see the genuine beginning of those communities.  With that there will finally be the birth of the Ucadia financial system, not as creation as it already exists, but the beginning of its practical use.   When that comes it will bring its own set of challenges as well, but it is time to see those things come to life.

The other thing that is coming this year, and I’m very excited, is the first of the two Ucadia languages.  It is the language of Logos.  If you think about the challenge we face in communicating, I receive emails from people in many places around the world and I am sure many of you get the same.  People in Germany may not speak English as well as they speak German.  I certainly don’t speak German or French but I haven’t taken the time to become fully conversant in them.  There are other languages such as Spanish and Portuguese.  

The challenge when we speak is that in all cases those languages have embedded within them words and phrases with double meanings, contradictory meanings that may not ultimately make communication much less the intention of what we wish to say clear to others.  So, the creation of Logos as a true spoken and written language of expression of meaning is not create a language for the sake of creating a language, but to give each of us an opportunity that even in the simplest of examples, say the example of mediation or what we call a prayer, that when we want to communicate something bigger than the self we are in at the moment, and want to know that our intention and our vocalization of that intention is as pure and true as possible.  Imagine a language that allows that to happen. 

Or it could be language in the sense of expressing a maxim of law.  So there is none of the “weasel wording” that happens so often in English with double, triple and contradictory meanings.  When we express something in writing or when we speak it, it is what it is, like the Golden Rule of Law.  So, there can be no confusion and that will be possible through Logos, the Ucadia language. 

Hopefully because it is constructed in a manner to pay respect to the proto-languages that were spoken by our ancestors in a much more common thing where people may have written language different, but the spoken languages were comprehended because we are using units of meaning and terms that go “way back.”  Hopefully one of the miracles of this is that even if people hear this language for the first time they will recognize meaning intuitively.  Because of its design, the more you know, “the more you know.”  It is a true learning language.  It is designed that the more you know, the ‘more you know.’  I will discuss this further closer to the launch of the Logos language.  I am very excited that this is one of the key projects coming in 2015.  

These are some of things we are working through.  All these things in their own way will help extend Ucadia beyond the fragility of a handful of websites, the fragility of the mind of Frank O’Collins and the fragility of whether blogs stay up or don’t stay up.  A language once learned in the writing of it and understanding the key words is a condensation and compression of all that knowledge, wisdom and all the decades of Ucadia into a few thousand symbols, meanings and rules.  I feel that is a legacy and in all honesty even if things were to happen that would at least leave a legacy beyond what we have started and it would fundamentally change because of its existence.  I’ll be working on those things.

Sacred Space-Day-Time of Ucadia and the end of Mundi consciousness

As I mentioned at the beginning, I want to talk a bit about sacred Space-day-time.  In particular I want to truly view this year as a sacred year with nothing to fear.  No matter how much propaganda the CIA and other agencies of the pirate banker and merchants model due to us, to be optimistic that as people in Paris proved and people around the world have proven, “enough is enough!”  We value our rights, our culture, and our freedom more than we fear for our lives.  Rather than cause people to be separate as proof of just how insane and stupid and cynical these people have become they are causing the greatest awakening and change in recent history through the inability to act as civilized beings.  The charade will end of using terror to promote commercial interests. 

If you look at the Ucadia Gazette and you go on to the Ucadia Gazette you will see that if you punch in the Roman time of the 15th of January 2015 or the Ucadia time of E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 then you will see that there are four fundamental records for each day. 
There are more, but these are the four fundamental records.  The first is a record that recognizes a survey of the great roll of Divine Persons.  I am not going to read out each of these.  I will talk to each of these and I’ll talk around this one.  I will read out parts of the other three.  

The reason for the record of the great roll of Divine Persons is that it explicitly proves that every homo sapien, every member of our species, every higher life form that has ever existed upon the planet known as Earth exists in essence within a sacred and respected roll as being part of the Divine.  Therefore, no matter how we may wish to condemn or curse people who have lived badly, who have done terrible things, who have done unspeakable brutality and no matter how much we find ourselves seeking to resolve blood with more blood or hate with more hate, when we rise above that never-ending cycle then we see consistent with the Covenant of One Heaven that no one is condemned and all are sacred whether we choose to recognize and act accordingly or not.  

This is absolutely fundamental because the world we live in today and many of the people who are still on the internet, desperately ever single day trying to sell their wares or run a cult or commune are doing so by dividing and cursing and speaking of negative things that keep us separate, uncertain and angry and to provide negativity.  It maintains the concept of hell and maintains the concept of people that are condemned and damned.  This record every single day puts that as a lie because every consciousness that has ever been on this planet is part of the sacred and part of the Divine.  Nothing that the Roman cult or any of its necromancers and bone collectors, not the Mormons, not the secret madness of these different groups can change the fact that every single consciousness is part of the Divine and part of the sacred.

If we move to the second record it is the sacred Space-Day-Time record, not only do we say that every consciousness is part of the Divine but every consciousness lives within a sacred Space-Day-Time where Mundi can no longer exist according to the public record and according to the fact of every day.  Let me read this particular one because it needs to be read.  I want you to hear me speak this and when you read this yourself I want you to reflect on the words and what this means in breaking curses and in breaking down the negativity of this world.  

Sacred Space-Day-Time Record for SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015]
Code: Pactum De Singularis Caelum
By the Power and Authority vested within the most ancient sacred covenants of Yapa of the Saltwater People, of Mandi of the Plains People, of Tia of the Mountain People, of Waiata of the Sea People, of Five Worlds of the First Nations, of the Rule of the Cuilliaean, of Ka-Ba-La-Ah of Akhenaten (Moses), of Tara of Jeremiah, of Acadia of Xerxes, of Eliada of Alexander, of Nazara of Yahusiah (Jesus), of Codex Regulae of Hadrian, of Eucadia (Ucadia) of Heracles of Eliada and Larissa, of Digesta of Marcus Aurelius, of Bibliotheke of Constantine, of Pandektes of Justinian, of Al Sufian of Muhammad, of Sacre Loi of the Carolingians; and by the full and complete conveyance and transfer of all such Rights, Title and Powers of the above mentioned ancient sacred covenants into the most sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum by the Divine Creator of all Existence and by all Heaven and Earth; and by all associated sacred Treaties and all those who have testified to these immutable and irrefutable facts, Notice is hereby given that the unique and sacred Space-Day-Time Event known as SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015] is recorded in the Public Register and Great Record of One Heaven, also known as the Great Record of Space-Day-Time as the first, original and highest Record. Furthermore, in accord with Article 33 of the most sacred covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum, all Space and Time associated with the present Record is most sacred; and that all intentions, relations and actions within such sacred Space and Time are also sacred; and that no unsacred, or profane or Hell or Underworld or Purgatory or Mundi or sacrilegious space or time exists in relation to such Record; and that any and all other dates, times, spaces, calendars, almanacs associated to the present Record are subservient and dependent and subject to the supremacy of the present Record. Be it further enacted that the present Supreme Ecclesiastical Ordinance shall also be deemed and taken to be a Public Act; and shall be judicially taken Notice of as such, by all Judges, Justices, Officers and other Persons whomsoever, without specially pleading the same.
Notice ID: QQ3033-000004-690838 Publish Number: First 

I wanted to read this because it is significant.  Whenever we are saying is we hope everyday to be sacred, for the future to be well or we say a prayer or mediate what this is saying is that this is a fact now.  It is a legal fact that today is a sacred Space-Day-Time and that the Roman Cult, the pirates and that the pirate bar guilds have neither authority nor right to dispute.  They can claim in the absence of any valid refutation of this, any valid argument against it.  The fact is that you are part of the Divine; you are the personification of the Divine.  There is no ‘unsacred’.  Mundi and the mind virus of Mundi must come to an end.

There is still more.  The sacred record of the Golden Rule of law is one and the significance of what that record is.  Also look at the final record, the Sacred Trust Record.  With these four records we make it clear that the Golden Rule of Law has never left.  The Rule of Law has always been here.  No one can ecclesiastically, morally, lawfully or legally claim you as a slave.  No one can claim you as a slave!  If they do claim you as a slave then it is an apostasy, it is a profanity and it is a direct rebuke and challenge to the universal laws of existence and to the laws of this planet and this temporal existence and all events.  No birth certificate, no annuity, no drivers’ license, no consent, no court case, no chains, no walls, no prisons—all of those are a lie.  None of it may claim you as a slave. 

Sacred Record of Golden Rule of Law for SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015]
Code: Pactum De Singularis Caelum
By the full Jurisdiction, Authority and Power of the most ancient sacred covenants of Yapa of the Saltwater People, of Mandi of the Plains People, of Tia of the Mountain People, of Waiata of the Sea People, of Five Worlds of the First Nations, of the Rule of the Cuilliaean, of Ka-Ba-La-Ah of Akhenaten (Moses), of Tara of Jeremiah, of Acadia of Xerxes, of Eliada of Alexander, of Nazara of Yahusiah (Jesus), of Codex Regulae of Hadrian, of Eucadia (Ucadia) of Heracles of Eliada and Larissa, of Digesta of Marcus Aurelius, of Bibliotheke of Constantine, of Pandektes of Justinian, of Al Sufian of Muhammad, of Sacre Loi of the Carolingians; and by the full and complete conveyance and transfer of all such Rights, Title and Powers of the above mentioned ancient sacred covenants to the only true apostolic Divina Ecclesia being the Society of One Heaven, Notice is hereby given that any and all valid law, decree, precept, rescript, bull, testament, deed, charter, statute, agreement, ordinance, regulation or policy in operation or claimed to be in operation within the Sacred Space-Day-Time Event of SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015] is subject to the Golden Rule of Law and of Justice and of Fair Process in accord with the most sacred Body of Law known as Astrum Iuris Divini Canonum, also known as the Twenty-Two Books of Canon Law, namely //All men and women and higher order beings are equal before the Law and subject to the same set of Laws and the same essential Rights administered in Good Faith through Good Conscience and Good Character//. Therefore, any law, decree, precept, rescript, bull, testament, deed, charter, statute, agreement, ordinance, regulation or policy in conflict with the above mentioned Golden Rule and that seeks to seize, control, subjugate, deceive, belie, alienate, isolate, abrogate, enslave or curse by such false and profane and sacrilegious notions as (but not limited to) Original Sin, or Cestui Que Vie, or Divine Right to Rule, or Dead to Law, or Slavery, or Perpetual Servitude, or Living Gods amongst Animals are hereby null and void from the beginning (ab initio), having no force or effect. Be it further enacted, that the present Supreme Ecclesiastical Ordinance shall also be deemed and taken to be a Public Act; and shall be judicially taken Notice of as such, by all Judges, Justices, Magistrates, Officers and other Persons whomsoever, without specially pleading the same.
Notice ID: QQ3044-000004-690838 Publish Number: First

Sacred Trust Record for SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015]
Code: Pactum De Singularis Caelum
By the full Jurisdiction, Authority and Power of the most ancient sacred covenants of Yapa of the Saltwater People, of Mandi of the Plains People, of Tia of the Mountain People, of Waiata of the Sea People, of Five Worlds of the First Nations, of the Rule of the Cuilliaean, of Ka-Ba-La-Ah of Akhenaten (Moses), of Tara of Jeremiah, of Acadia of Xerxes, of Eliada of Alexander, of Nazara of Yahusiah (Jesus), of Codex Regulae of Hadrian, of Eucadia (Ucadia) of Heracles of Eliada and Larissa, of Digesta of Marcus Aurelius, of Bibliotheke of Constantine, of Pandektes of Justinian, of Al Sufian of Muhammad, of Sacre Loi of the Carolingians; and by the full and complete conveyance and transfer of all such Rights, Titles, Uses, Property and Powers of the above mentioned ancient sacred covenants to the only true apostolic Divina Ecclesia being the Society of One Heaven, Notice is hereby given that no man, or woman, or person, or higher order spirit, or entity or aggregate may claim or hold separate title, possession, occupation or ownership of any such rights, title, instruments, certificates, uses, property, claims, contracts, deeds, estates, symbols, seals, powers, authorities, commissions, sacraments, trusts, derivatives, funds, franchises, records, assurances or securities whatsoever in association with any space, or any location, or any form of calendar, almanac or time calculation subject to the Sacred-Space-Day Time Record of SOL E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 [Thu 15 Jan 2015] unless granted through the Golden Rule of Law, of Justice and Fair Process of the Divina Ecclesia, also known as the Society of One Heaven. Furthermore, in accord with Canonum De Ius Fidei (Canons of Fiduciary Law), in the absence of a valid recorded Oath, or Vow, no Office may exist. Nor is any rule valid or permissible that seeks to indemnify occupants of Office for failing to undertake and have recorded a valid Oath or Vow of Office. Therefore, no judge, or justice or magistrate may administer or adjudicate any matter of law within a competent forum of law, nor may any clerk seek to convey any form of property unless they are Ucadia Gazette - One Heaven Edition Number 4690838 E1:Y3:A5:S1:M25:D5 p4 presently a valid Trustee under Oath. Be it further enacted, that the present Supreme Ecclesiastical Ordinance shall also be deemed and taken to be a Public Act; and shall be judicially taken Notice of as such, by all Judges, Justices, Magistrates, Officers and other Persons whomsoever, without specially pleading the same.
Notice ID: QQ3055-000004-690838 Publish Number: First

Year 3 [2015]: The revelations, events and changes yet to come

As to the changes for this year, I don’t have a ‘rolodex’ and I am not privy to the order of events.  I don’t think that would be very healthful even if I did have some sense of it.  

Whenever we are dealing with change whether it is super storms or earthquakes, any of these things, we get nervous.  We should get nervous.  We build cities close to the shore.  We build bad homes that can be destroyed in storms.  It’s like the Three Little Pigs story.  Most of us unfortunately have actually bought homes of sticks or straw and not many people can afford to build a home of bricks, much less a home. 

I don’t want to get into the ‘when’, how or any of that.  I think that really belittles.  But what I want to say is there are key points about change.  In reflection of what was said two years ago if events don’t happen today, tomorrow, next week, next month or even within the year, it doesn’t make it wrong.  This is not a picking contest and I’m not trying to play “Bingo” here.  The point of any of these changes is to say that they are natural, a normal cycle.  The Earth is a conscious being and the Sun is a conscious being.   This consciousness is not here to serve the madness that has affected our species and continues to pollute and go out of its way to destroy as much of this planet as possible.  What it wants to do is to end that madness.  

If that means delaying events for another year until more people wake up, then it will.  That is exactly what it will do.  If not enough people have awakened this year and if those in charge think that this year is the ‘end of the world’ and they can all hide in their bunkers like rats, wait for the end, and then they will come out and go about their business, and if not enough people have awakened then the Earth is not going to make the big changes this year.  They will happen next year or the year after.  If enough people wake up and things unfold as they should, then yes, expect to see change.  Expect to see that change help us to get rid of this madness and stop this insanity that is dominating the world (planet) at this moment.  

But the Earth is not here to destroy us.  The Sun is not here to destroy us.  We exist as part of the Earth and because of the Earth.  We exist because of the Sun and all the planets.  What can we do this year and what do we have to look forward to?  We can summarize many things that we learned and discussed last year.  I went through the list before I started this blog and we covered a lot of subjects last year.  

What you can do?

If there is a theme for this it’s a thought that I said a few times in blogs last year.  It is to be gentle with yourself and not to beat yourself up or to see yourself as less.  Don’t give up your energy and your destiny to other people, feeling that you are powerless.  You have the power to get up every day.  You have the power to dress yourself.  You have the power to get up and get outside.  You have the power to live, to speak and to feed yourself.  You have the power to start to seize more and more of your life and not feel that you are on some treadmill with no control.  You can learn.  You can read.  Please, I have urged you every year, every time to please read and learn and see.  I am not stopping.  We keep putting this together and I hope that you do go and read the rest of Fiduciary Law and Administrative Law when it comes on.

Read more of Lebor Clann Glas. When the language is there I hope you read it, learn it and try it out.  I hope that despite whatever people say to you, whatever opinions people have, whatever fear people may want to sew to get you to not read Ucadia or listen to these blogs, I hope this year that you can stick with Ucadia.  I hope you can continue to listen to these blogs and find things that are useful for you.  Where and when you can, and if you can, please support Ucadia.  I’m not going to sit and run through another year of the futility.  For every support that comes, I assure you that it will be put to the proposition that this year is about ensuring the sustainability of everything that has been started with the Ucadia model.  

We are into the year.  It’s a good tradition that at the beginning of any form of year whether it is a calendar or Chinese New Year or any time.  I end up by saying that I wish for you with all my heart and spirit that you have the very best, the healthiest, happiest, most prosperous, the most blissful year and whatever trials and tribulations that you may face that you know that you know that you are not alone and that your ancestors and all that spirit around you is there to help guide you and to support you in a positive way through it.  

Thank you, please be safe and be well.  Thank you and good night.