Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UofU - Episode 92 - America the Sea of Souls


More and more people are waking up every day to the fact that they are not the “WE” referred to in the Constitution of the United States. Whether it be through a cruel experience with the courts, or experience of the rampant piracy of alphabet agencies hell-bent on extracting outrageous fines, or simply the reckless abandon of politicians and large financial institutions to get away with virtually whatever they want.

Talk is cheap, where is the proof?

The problem has been proof. You may have heard or read that the courts now operate under Admiralty as well as other law- how can this be proven and explained?  You may have heard that the United States is nothing more than a “for profit” corporation- where is the proof and how did this happen?

This is the goal of this latest broadcast and the links below- to provide some of this evidence from the very laws that made it all possible.

Link to Article mentioned in the audio:

The links to pdf's mentioned in audio:
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  1. Wow! A blog is a great idea for UCADIA. Having all the information, pertaining to specific call is VERY helpful in trying to understand HOW they decieved us from the veru begining. Thank you Franl for all yoir hard work. I will syudu these links and posy this page with the audio, everywhere I can.

  2. Yes it seems to be working Great for me, I am downloading into folders for further study and Teaching. Thankyou for this truth and information. From Sir Jeffrey and The Office of Abused Children bi DOCS COPS Foundation [ AC/DC ]. Australia. my Face book page is