Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2015 and the coming Pole Shift-What does it mean? The winners/Losers? What you can do?

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Whenever someone posts a topic like pole shift or pole reversal, doomsday, Armageddon, or some impact of a coming asteroid or planet X, I don’t know about you but I personally get a kind of visceral reaction where I just want to delete emails, turn off audios and move on.

It’s not because I don’t find the information informative which it may well be; I have pretty much heard it all before.   There isn’t a month that goes past without someone sending me some kind of “the world is going to end” email.   In fact I have to tell you that by the end of last year it was pretty much happening every week because of the focus on the Mayan calendar.  

“The world is going to end is the favorite ‘catch cry’ of many who may have far too much time on their hands, especially those that are leaders of the religious right, people who have staked their reputations, and huge fund-raising programs and personal wealth on predictions of the end of the world.  All they do when the end of the world doesn’t happen is ‘roll it forward,’ and keep on making money.

The claim is an asteroid is going to hit the earth and that is pretty self-explanatory.   But other than asteroids, and even when people talk about pole shifts, usually the justification behind end of the world claims tend to be pretty superficial, judgmental and ‘old-fashioned.’  It’s either that the world is full of sinners or because the universe is run by some narrow-minded, emotionally unstable psychopathic deity who loves to torment his creations and demands that we sacrifice our first-born, or burn animals, etc.  Or a deity that has some kind of deep confidence problem with our not worshiping other idols or a deity who keeps professing who it is such as, “I am who I am,” or who indeed is a deity that bears grudges and cannot stand happiness.

Thankfully as people have grown up and away from the clutches of such cults and false teachings and people who still spew forth such gross mental illness, many have come to realize that our world is indeed a paradise.  It is not a prison, but a place where we are stewards and custodians rather than jailers, slaves, or owners.  Tonight we are not talking about the end of the world.

The coming pole shift will not be the end of the world, I assure you.  But it will be the end of certain economic models.  It may well be an end of certain deep mental illness. And there will be winners and losers, clearly.  There may well be some major implications geopolitically.  But the world will continue to go on and our species will continue to go on.  

In this audio we are going to talk about the many natural cycles, logic and common sense regarding the earth and its relation to the sun and the planets; and the planets relation to the sun and the sun and the stars in relation to other stars in the galaxy.  All are going through cycles within cycles and seasons within seasons.   The evidence is overwhelming that different regions of the earth have at one time been fertile and even equatorial while other regions have been under ice. 

North America for example and Hudson Bay in particular was at one time the North Pole.  Australia was the South Pole for millions of years (which in part is why the land mass is so flat).  Thousands of years ago Saudi Arabia was fertile and had sustained forests and large numbers of animals.   So was North Africa.  Today they are deserts.  There is evidence of dramatic major climatic change well before the human species arrived and it is overwhelming.

Tonight is not a debate on how much impact the human race has had on the earth or how little impact the human race has had on the earth. What we need to do and what we must do is approach things with as much common sense, competence, and sensible thinking as possible and that we don’t simply accept things that don’t have logic.  Twenty years ago when Mt. St. Helens exploded in North America, just one volcano with one eruption, produced more pollution than all the cars in North America up until that time for twenty five years.  

When the Icelandic volcanoes erupted a few years ago, disrupting traffic across Europe, those volcanoes in a matter of a few days produced enough pollution that all the cars in Germany, France and Great Britain combined for five years.  So as much as the human race impact and has indeed impacted the climate, our impact relative to dramatic changes and events can be argued as minuscule at best and a non-event at worst.  That is despite many of the great conspiracy theories that continue to erupt and that all the climactic changes we are seeing is the result of some super weapon controlled by elements of the government in the United States.  I am sure there are people in the military who love the psy-ops and the continued free publicity that people in the truth movement desperately want to do as unwitting or as willing, desperate agents of the industrial-military complex by producing and continuing to foment that kind of argument.

Can disasters be artificially created?  Of course they can.  Blow up the dam wall and you produce a flood and kill thousands of people.  The dam wasn’t created by nature; we created it.  If you blow it up it’s absolutely an artificially created natural disaster of a great flood.  You can do the same with fracking and building mines and filling the mines full of liquid and moving under pressure.  Of course you can cause earthquakes as they did under Haiti.  

Tonight we are talking about the logical consequences and the natural cycle of changes of changes, most specifically the natural cycle of the movement of the poles and the movement of poles where certain regions shift from temperate to freezing and certain regions shift from temperate to equatorial and certain regions shift from equatorial to freezing.   It’s the natural cycle in the movement of the earth’s crust.   

2015 - less than two years away

Before we get into that let’s do a quick preview of what we mean by 2015 and the kind of winners and losers, the kind of changes that are going to happen when the poles shift.  The poles are going to shift; they have shifted in the past.  We will go through those cycles of the major cycles.  230,000 years ago the North Pole was located at 75 degrees north and 163 degrees west.  We will talk about the shift of the pole 119,000 years ago when the pole shifted to 63 degrees north and 195 degrees west.  When the poles shifted again 84,000 years ago, North Pole was to 72 degrees north and 10 degrees east.  There was a dramatic shift of the poles 48,000 years ago and North Pole was 60 degrees north and 83 degrees west.  When the poles shifted again 11,000 to 12,000 years ago it was to the present position of 90 degrees north and 0 degrees west.

The coming shift of the pole will be to close to 80 degrees north and about 80 degrees east, by 2015.  What does that mean?  When that pole does move and the indication is that the poles are shifting towards to post of Russia, and while I have said that the North Pole could be 80 degrees north and 80 degrees east, it could be shallower than that.  It could be close to 70 degrees.  The severity of that (coming) pole shift is an unknown.  There could be a 5 to 10 degree difference that is difficult to predict. 

It could be shallower and more conservative than this.  80 degrees is a conservative estimate.  But that shift of 10 degrees is going to have massive, massive impact on the long-term climate change.

These pole shifts are in spaces of 20,000 to 40,000 years and longer in some cases.  Great civilizations such as the Roman Empire lasted only over 1000 years and that was considered a great, great Empire.  Pax America has only been around for 150-plus years. We are talking 20,000 to 40,000 years.  So the climate effects over that period of time are going to be significant in this pole shift.

What are we going to see?  In 2015 or thereabouts, plus or minus a year, and it might be into 2016, there will be a pole shift; it is unlikely we will see it before then.  This is why I have said 2015.  We are likely to see the movement of the entire east coast of America to be closer to the Equator given the new position of the poles.   That means that New York’s climate effectively in relation to the pole as Atlanta apparently has now.  Australia will be another great winner.  Australia will move substantially to the Equator and the whole northern part of Australia will become far more fertile.  It will be a major, strategic place for food sovereignty.   

The change in the Equator will have the southern part of the Amazon becoming a loser in the positioning.  As the Equator moves further north it will cover Venezuela and Columbia and the tip of Costa Rica.  Given that the Equator will move further north, the southern Amazon will dry out.  In Argentina there will likely be a dramatic change in climate.  In fact the southern part of South America will almost joined and that passage will become iced over potentially as the South Pole moves closer to the tip of South America. 

Other dramatic changes in 2015 are going to be the movement of the currents as the Equator changes position.  We are likely to see an impact with the North Atlantic Current which will terminate off the coast of Spain as opposed to off the coast of Britain is it is presently.   As the North Pole will be almost at the coast line of Russia, the whole of Europe and the whole of North Asia will return to an age of Ice.   Large parts of Siberia will be uninhabitable and under permanent ice throughout the year.

Glaciers will return to the north of Britain and potentially to the north of Ireland.  China is likely to see great droughts and desertification as the North Pacific Current becomes much shallower and terminates much further south.  Given that Russia and China are major political and military powers the effect of this climate change within the next few years is going to have massive geopolitical implications.  As China will have a climate and environment, unless there are dramatic changes in the design of that culture, which I would suggest to you is too late now, where the climate will make the sustainability of a population of more than 100,000,000 virtually impossible.  900,000,000 people will either have to fight for their survival or simply cease to exist within 15 to 20 years. 

There will be massive geopolitical change.  But, as I said, for North America and particularly the United States, they are a big, big winner with one proviso.  There is unlikely to be any building unless it is done with substantially better building codes in the South and Southeast United States of greater than 3 stories that will survive the kind of storms that will come one board.    So you can expect major changes in Florida.  

This is what is coming; this is a normal part of the cycle of the Earth, the movement of the poles and the resting of the crust.  In order to make sense of this we need to tackle some areas that remain ‘sacred cows’ to the orthodoxy of science.  We are going to tackle some of these to get our minds around the ‘why.’  And we need to get our minds around the ‘how’ and in particular  we will talk about “Day Zero” and what we are likely to see leading up to the pole shift and how we can predict step by step and stage by stage what we are witnessing.

Hopefully we can get over the disinformation of things like “HAARP” and the kind of “end of the world” rhetoric that people jump on to raise money and all the other distractions.  We will talk about this sensibly.  In order to talk about this sensibly, I ask you to go to the website,  On we have a series of documents that have been there for years and years regarding the knowledge of science and the environment. These are the Ucadia patents.  They are documents that I have presented to scientists and groups of scientists with the same predictable results.  They refuse to read, to acknowledge, to debate, they will not argue and they are only prepared to simply dismiss and pretend this information does not exist, thus proving that we are dealing with the underbelly of desperate orthodoxy.

Orthodoxies that blind us to 2015

There are several sacred cows that make any discussions of pole shifts difficult and the first one is the cult, and it is absolutely a cult, which is the extension of the scientific orthodoxy of “flat earth” that didn’t fully expelled until 350 to 400 years ago.  What replaced “flat earth” was the Pangaea Cult which is so stupid, is a philosophy that believes that the land masses of the Earth were lopsided so the Earth was covered with land only land on one side and the rest of the Earth was oceans.  Somehow land was a bit like moving moss or creatures that moved out across the Earth so that they all spread out.  Now of course Pangaea is an absolute mad mind virus that entraps incredibly talented people.  I am not attacking scientists; I am addressing a philosophy of insanity.  

What Pangaea prevents science from seeing is the footprint across the surface of the Earth of all the great asteroid impacts that formed and forged the surface of the Earth and helped shape the formation of the land that enriched the history of our planet.  Pangaea blinds us to that history.  I mentioned the asteroid impacts before in previous audios and I am putting those links back up as part of this audio blog for you to see those impact zones all across the Earth.  

See: 4000m (Antarctica), 3600m (Canada), 3200m (Nth Atlantic), 2800m (Alaska), 2500m (West Africa), 2500m (West Asia), 1600m (East India), 1400m (Iceland), 1200m (Nth America), 1000m (Africa), 635m (Antarctica), 542m (Himalayas), 542m (Asia), 485m (Nth America), 443m (Nth Antarctica), 419m (Russia), 358m (Nth Atlantic), 298m (Central Atlantic), 251m (Sth America), 247m (East Asia), 235m (Sth America), 200m (Sth America), 145m (Australian Bight), 65m (Central America), 60m (Central America).

These massive impacts are beyond just the creation of the Gulf of Mexico.  These impacts formed whole coast lines such as the eastern coast line of America and the eastern coast line of South America.  Hudson Bay was a major impact that helped form the surface and the oceans of the planet.   So hopefully that is one myth, orthodoxy, cult that can one day be broken.  

Another cult that makes the common sense logic of the cycle of the movement of the poles difficult to describe is the recognition that the earth should be viewed much like a gyroscope as to a solid object, or semi-solid object that moves as one.  With the gyroscope you can see the internal workings of one pole or one element moving one way and another pole or element moving another way.  It gives a really lovely image for the mind to comprehend a bit like a spherical version of Russian dolls.   If you can have a sphere within a sphere within a sphere, each of those spheres can be at slightly different angles.  And yet they can all be part of the same.

In recent time there have been a number of people that spoken about or wanted to talk about the concept of the surface of the Earth being hollow and that they have made the mistake of extending their theory out to try to believe that whole Earth is hollow.  No, the crust of the Earth is an incredible membrane.  That is exactly what it is—a membrane that protects the inner workings of the Earth and the inner spheres of the Earth and is of a certain porous nature that allows it to absorb gases, liquids and energies.  It is thin enough to allow an interaction between the internal workings of the Earth.  But, that membrane also needs to be rested because the internal forces of the Earth and the external fields of the Sun are so great that if the longitude movement of those fields is allowed to continue over hundreds of thousands of years, then there can be a catastrophic collapse of the membrane.  

The membrane is delicate.  I will give you an example of how delicate that the crust of the Earth is relative to the internals of the Earth.  Take an egg:  if you hit that egg hard enough, the egg will crack.  If you hit the egg really hard, the internals of the egg will explode, the crust will crack.   If you hit even harder the whole thing will split.  The width of the crust of the Earth relative to the internals of the Earth is so thin that the shell of that egg that you look at would have to be less than 1/10th of what it is.  So any knock of any significance would cause dramatic harm to the shell or the crust of the Earth.  That is how delicate the crust of the Earth is.  

The survival of this planet and the functioning of this planet as a water-based planet is a key mechanism for our Sun in attracting water-based comets that bring huge amounts of hydrogen in from the external fields into the Sun and replenish the Sun’s hydrogen, much like going to a petrol station.  The Earth has a major part to play within the inner parts of the solar system in being a massive water-based planet.  The crust and the integrity of the Earth’s crust are crucial in maintaining our oceans.  If our crust was to collapse and break away, our atmospheres would vaporize and we would not be able to function.  Of course there would be another life, but we would not be able to function as we do in the balance of life and eco-system of our star and other planets.  

So, we must get our heads around the idea that there are inner fields and that there indeed more than one pole, more than one element to view the Earth.  In the simplest way we can talk about the core of the Earth, the mantle, and the crust of the outer Earth.  That is a simple model and we will stick with that simple model.  We are not necessarily talking about one pole, but three poles and the movement of the three poles.  If you look at the document of Ucadia Patent diagrams of U005, the Ucadia Hydro Helio Model of Atomic Elements, and then go to page 56 and figure 60.  As you scan through the documents you will see that there are physical diagrams created to look at the internals of every single atomic element made up of combinations of hydrogen and helium.  Look at figure 60 and you will see that there is a model that defines the orbit positions of the different energy particles which allows us to see the different poles of the Earth.  We can say effectively that there are 3 poles.  There is a pole of light and positrons, there is a pole of magnetism and there is a pole of heat.  

The internals at right angles then have internal fields that correspond to those poles.  There is the internal equator of light, there is the internal equator of heat that interacts and there is the internal equator of magnetism.  For example the region that corresponds strongly between the heat and light in terms of magnetism, that equator, corresponds for example, with the Bermuda Triangle in that angle across there.  The poles in terms of light correspond to the south regions of some of the nation of Australia and to the regions in the North of Canada.  The three poles give us a view and ability to read the Earth and the movement of the Earth.  

What we call the geographic poles are really the heat poles of the Earth.  They are not fixed.  The Earth does not have a ‘tilt.’  Think about the idea.  Was it knocked on a tilt and kept ‘tilting’ along?   That Kepler Model of mechanics has restricted us from seeing the dynamic interaction of energy and the fact that what we interpret as the ‘tilt’ is really the heat poles of the Earth.  The Sun produces two key particles in relation to heat energy:  electrons and hetons, the heat particle or the opposing particle to photons.  It is something that scientists have attempted to get through their minds for years and years with no success.  They refuse to consider the concept of heat as a particle even though they have invented infrared viewing!  Heat viewing!  If you are viewing through infrared then why can’t you view heat as a particle, the same as light is viewed as a particle?

Yes, light operates in fields, but it’s a particle operating in fields.  So the particles operating in fields can be viewed as a wave and can be viewed as a discreet object.  Geographical poles are the heat poles so when the output of the Sun varies, the position of our poles, the tilt of our Earth also varies.  We consider the angle of the tile.  Similarly as the output of light and photons change, the change in the light poles changes.  The output in magnetism changes then that changes our magnetic poles.   So this is the way to view that the Earth has 3 poles.  

The crust of the Earth by virtue of its nature must move periodically in order to preserve its integrity.  So, let’s talk about the cycle in leading up to a pole change.   Is there a pole reversal?  No, a pole reversal similar to the creation of flux fields with AC/DC current is a sure way to destroy the integrity of an object.  Why AC/DC equipment breaks down over time is simply that the process is corroding and disruptive.  If the movement of the crust of the Earth is to preserve its integrity, then the Earth is not going to do something to destroy the integrity.  That would not make sense. This is why I have been talking about breaking down the cults and orthodoxies of science that stop us from seeing the logic of what is happening in front of us.

What is going to happen from 2015 onwards

I am going through the notes on website  These notes (see Climate Change) were done in 2009 and they need to be update but they do give a process.  In order for the crust to move there is certain locking mechanism.  First there needs to be in increase in CO2 over a period of 500 to 600 years (see process).  The ice around the poles provides a locking mechanism.  Only one pole needs to melt to release that locking mechanism.  In fact it would allow a swing to move.  The South Pole doesn’t need to have as much ice melt.  Only one pole needs to liquefy.  That is the North Pole.  By liquefying it allows the crust to become lose and to move and shift relative to the mantle and relative to the core.

In 500 to 600 years you would expect to see an increase in the warming and the gases, principally CO2.  Over a period of 6 to 12 years there needs to be a rapid melting of the ice cap, a very rapid melting.  Why is this done over such a short period?  The integrity of the crust depends on being locked into place with the ice and the stability depends on that so it does not swing from one position to another.   Once it is able to move it doesn’t continue to move.  The stability of the currents and the stability of fields mean that this process needs to happen over a very short time period in order to minimize disruption.    

The problem is that once the ice caps start to melt and the problem that once the gases start to increase is the violence of storms and the violence of energy across the surface of the Earth increases.    This is a risk to the stability.  Major surface cells and surface storms can change the climate and they can also be disruptive.  So the period of the melting will happen over a fairly short period.  Now, in order for the crust to ultimately move, the balance between fresh water and salt water needs to tip so that over a period of really a day or half a day, the ocean currents of the Earth effectively neutralize to allow the crust to move. When the currents re-set the currents will re-start in the different directions based on the geographic structures within the oceans and the energy particles and the energy fields.

So the day of movement of the crust is really a ‘non-event.’   It is a day like being literally in the eye of the storm and it will be the calmest of days when it takes place.  It must be the calmest of days.  The shift of the crust can literally occur in a few hours.  I know that disaster movies like 2012 and all these movies talk about the movement of the crust causing disruptions of the ocean and all kinds of earthquakes.  The reality is that it has to be done like removalists removing a 100 foot pane of glass that is less than one centimeter thick.  If it is not done carefully and the glass shatters then the whole process and reason to move is redundant.

Why is it moving?   It is moving because of the integrity.   It is moving because of this cycle to allow the earth to continue to function optimally.  The crust has to move because the forces of the internals in the Earth and the forces of the externals of the Sun cause degradation.  Once the crust moves, that is when major climate changes will occur.  You can expect that at the end of the movement of the crust, several events will happen virtually simultaneously.  The first is that the movement will trigger a reaction in the releasing of the CO2.  Trapped within the oceans particularly when the currents stop, this is the release of massive amounts of CO2 and that huge amounts of increase in the density of the atmosphere will cause ‘super-cell storms.’  

I could also trigger a number of the caldera volcanoes around the world to erupt, such as Yellowstone, Java.  They may or may not erupt.  There is no guarantee they will erupt, nor is there necessarily a need for those calderas to erupt.  But, they may erupt.  If Yellowstone were to erupt it would wreak havoc in a number of states in America.    If Java were to erupt, you could pretty much wipe out 100,000,000 souls in Indonesia.  In any event the super-cell storms are very similar to the logic of the film, The Day After Tomorrow, are likely to emerge in the climate change and the re-setting of the currents.  

In a period of days, if not weeks, we will see the complete re-establishment of ice in the new location of the North Pole as to the coastline of Russia and within days and weeks after the crust has shifted, we could see the entire north of Europe return to ice and snow.  That ice and snow could extend further south even to a few hundred miles to the edge of the Mediterranean in a mini-Ice Age before the climate finally re-stabilizes after 100 years.  

The "Three Little Pigs" scenario of willful ignorance

So what does this mean?  Are we all going to die in some great disaster like those disaster movies?  No, we are not.  The event itself will be incredibly gentle.  There will be an increase in storms and volatility leading up to the pole shifts as the level of CO2 continues to rise and as the ice continues to melt.  The tipping point will cause the currents to be stalled for a period.  Within a day, within a few hours we will see the shift of the crust.  Then there will be a release of massive amounts of CO2 in the oceans.  There will be 20 to 40 times the present amount of CO2 in the atmosphere released within hours.  This will be the fuel for the super-cell storms that sweep across the extreme temperate, Artic, Antarctic regions.  There will be new Artic and Antarctic regions and an Ice Age will be formed within days, if not weeks.

Given the speed of these events if there has not been preparation then a number of countries will inevitably caught off-guard.   The long term ramifications of these events, particularly in the countries like China that sustain a population of one billion, will mean that population of one billion will be unsustainable.   It will be impossible for Europe to maintain levels of hundreds of millions of people as it does at present.  The present design is impossible to maintain and this will cause massive political and economic change.  

Through those events there is the possibility of war and there is clearly the possibility of depressions, famines and great upheavals.   But, it is not the end of the world.  So, what do we do?  I have spent 18 years writing the Ucadia model to address future events.  Was I aware of these events when I started writing?  No, I was not.  Am I trying to promote Ucadia because of these events?  No, I have tried everything I can to make people aware.  This effort and people’s reading is entirely up to them.  This is all free information and it has been on the internet for many years.   Some people read, but most don’t.  Some people help and the vast majority don’t care.  Sadly, this is the Three Little Pig scenario that determines our history.  

If someone had resources and wealth what could they do?  The least they could do is to take a drop of that wealth and consider what could be done if Ucadia could be accelerated and completed in terms of the models where we don’t have to have the type of regime as portrayed in some of these horrific future movies where people all live in gulags because there aren’t resources and there are militaristic elite that run the world.  We don’t have to live in that scenario.  

But if there are not the resources to finish the Ucadia model, we may run out of time because people get out of the Three Little Pigs mentality and they cannot get out of their pettiness and they will not help.  Do you know that even today there are less than 40 people that have helped Ucadia financially?   After all that has been done, the vast majority of people cannot give a damn to support.  There is a group of people that think that just asking for that belittles the information.  Maybe it does.   I am only telling the truth that this information comes from a man who has spent 18 years and everything he could to bring Ucadia forward.   And still there is no support.  

It’s like the Titanic, The Three Little Pigs,  Atlantis, The Roman Empire, The Byzantine Empire, The English Empire, The Sumerian Empire, The Akkadian Empire, The Hittite Empire, The Phrygian Empire, and on and on, it is inevitable that the people who have the resources will lose them all.  It is inevitable that the people who could have helped will not.  It is inevitable that this change is coming and when it comes there will be bleating cries all around asking why?  Why didn’t we help?  Then it will be too late.  In 2 to 4 years it will be way, way too late. 

Will you do anything? Will you change?

Will the Ucadia model be finished?  I hope so.  I am certainly working towards that.  80 to 90 percent of it is there.  I have showed you, there is knowledge in knowing what energy particles do for making machines and making energy.   I still don’t have and still can’t get through the orthodoxies of science to see things differently.  Maybe on this audio and what you read on this blog you will.  It’s not designed to frighten you.  It is designed to say that we are about to go through major change again.  

Just as the poles shifted 230,000 years ago, 190,000 years ago, 84,000 years ago, 48,000 years ago, 12,000 years ago, the poles are going to shift again.  When they do, there will be winners and losers depending on where you live.   You may be a natural recipient winner or you may be part of a culture that will undergo some dramatic change.  
All cultures will go through dramatic change.  

Thank you for listening.  I hope you find the information and the links as part of this blog useful.  Thank you for those who are capable of looking beyond and who keep helping and supporting Ucadia.  We need that help and without it we could not continue to do what we do.  Until the next audio, thank you and all the best.  Good night. 


  1. Frank we love you for all the work you have done to help the planet. But last night on your show I firmly know you gave out erroneous and misleading information concerning how the chemtrails and HAARP have damaged the planet. The evidence is overwhelmingly in my favor. The ecosystems of the planet are failing and disasterous bio-feedback climate loops are heading us straight for the Venus syndrome.

    1. How can you say chemtrails laced with heavy metals and nano alum. oxides are erroneus? Have you ever looked at the Orange Report extending from the 1950s to today. Where is your proof?

    2. Sorry reply should say: How can they say...
      Yes I saw Wayne W. in the doc.
      Wonder if Frank saw the Orange Report?
      Your preaching to my choir and thanks for doing so.

      Whenever im going to see chemtrails in Whistler im going to report an alleged crime and demand RCMP investigate.

    3. Wolfgang I did not say the heavy metals/aluminum oxides are erroneous. That is the problem. Between the heavy metals and HAARP the natural life support systems of the planet are buckling. In the arctic there are very large deposits of methane hydrate and they are melting at an alarming rate because of the geoengineering. If a pole shift was all we had to worry about I would be a happy man.

  2. sir, can i get your source from the things about you predicting the year 2015 will be the year that the pole shift will complete? thank you in advance.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ever read Revelation 6:12-17? It is a description of a pole shift.

    Sixth Seal: Cosmic Disturbances Rev 6:12-17

    12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold,[a] there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon[b] became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders,[c] the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”

    This is a description of a physical 'Pole Shift' as the Lord slows the rotation of the earth and moves the continents. Then the rotation speed of the earth was increased for a time to counter the bathtub effect of the oceans sloshing from side to side is described in Mark 13:19-20.
    19 For in those days there will be tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be. 20 And unless the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom He chose, He shortened the days.
    Also, note the continents have been returned to the pre-flood 'Pangaea' shape in preparation for the coming seven years of Tribulation and then the 1000 year millennium kingdom.