Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ucadia Will and Testament Model (Updated): Why it is time to take a stand

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Hello and thanks for listening.  This is Frank O’Collins doing an audio blog for Wednesday, 20th of November, 2013.  

The topic tonight that I would like to share with you is the Ucadia Will and Testament model and why it is time to take a stand.  The reason why I have chosen this topic tonight is that as we get into the audio blog tonight, I am very happy and proud to announce that we have an updated template for the Ucadia Will and Testament model which we call Voluntatem et Testamentum.  I’m sorry for the Latin, and there is a lot of Latin associated with Ucadia.  But, we have this updated model and I am really looking forward to going through that with you later in the blog tonight.

That is the reason why we have chosen this topic tonight.  Firstly, we have after many, many months been able to update the template or form which I hope you appreciate.  It is enormously powerful.  But, before we get into the template and before we even get into the background within Ucadia as to why we even focus on this issue of a Will and Testament template, I want to start with a topic and a subject that continues to be promoted across the Internet and it is a phrase that continues to be promoted on emails, at seminars, and between groups.  It is the phrase that needs to be addressed well before we even get into the detail.

It is the premise that you will hear about the reason that you have not found relief and you have not found remedy or the reason that your problems have not gone away, or the reason that you have not found peace, or the reason that your world is in turmoil and that reason is that, “You are just doing it wrong and that the system is somehow perfectly fine.”  And XYZ is there to promote with you, to you, or sell to you the magic silver bullet, the way to do it because “You are just doing it wrong.”  

The System is NOT all OK

Well, the truth is that that would have to be one of the most false, absurd, insulting, awful and, one might even say, deliberately evil phrases that still permeates the Internet.  Because the system is not fine and the system has not been fine for hundreds of years and some might even argue thousands of years.  The system is a prison system; the system is a slavery system.  The system is an occult system.  The system is an evil system.  The system abuses children.  The system takes your energy and sees you as already dead.  The system sees you as nothing but a battery from which energy is taken whether you like it or not.  That is not fine!  That is far from fine.

The system was designed for ‘no way out.’  The system has many, many layers to it and the system feeds off you.  You are the worker bees and other people take advantage of that. 

Now, I am not exaggerating and the evidence is overwhelming.  We have gone through statutes of law, documents that have been published as public law that state categorically and unequivocally that financial instruments are born out of your existence that are called annuities and these annuities are held secretly away from you based on the energy, the sweat equity that you will provide until you die and that the fruits of that energy are sucked up and absorbed by others for their benefit.  These are statutes that are on the public record from Westminster that apply right across the world and especially to those places that have been and continue to be dominions of the CROWN.  

We see black and white evidence across the world of the destruction of our rights and the removal of any illusion whatsoever that the government is there to help you.  We see again from statutes from 1848 onwards the creation of a concept of courts of summary jurisdiction.  What is summary jurisdiction?   Summary jurisdiction is the presumption that you are guilty before the case is even heard.  Guilty!  Before the case is even heard!  That is not justice or rule of law!  Anyone that thinks that is fine has got rocks in their heads.  Anyone that thinks that is fine needs to take a long hard look at the world.  

One part of my family, that part of the family from which I inherit my surname, O’Collins, comes from Ireland.  And as part of getting my house in order, I have been going through and making sure that all the genealogy and the history that I can find and piece together make sense.  So, I have gone back into the history of those parts of the family that emigrated from Ireland to Australia.  But, if we take Ireland as one example of the system being ‘fine’ or the system has been ‘fine,’ at the beginning of the 19th century when England was a hell-pit, abused, destroyed and polluted from the sheer greed and avarice of men with absolutely no morals, Ireland remained a relative paradise.

In fact Ireland produced so much food it was an exporter of food and the country was relatively peaceful.  And, people had prospered for several generations and had acquired quite a degree of wealth.  Well, the Bank of England and these greedy merchants saw Ireland for what they thought it was, as something to be raped and pillaged.  By the time of 1850 on a small island that held a population at the beginning of the 19th century of no more than 4 million souls, half a million, 500,000, militia had been hired as mercenaries from all over the world to be plunked into Ireland when there was no war.  There was no battle, there was nothing going on, other than the deliberate plan of the Bank of England and these mercenaries to start at one end of the island and go to the other and strip everything of value.  

You know the greatest value that they found?  Children.  The healthy children of Ireland. Because a white child slave was the most valuable commodity that these merchants and pirates could sell.  So, they killed hundreds of thousands of Irish.  They killed parents so they could take these children.  And, there are thousands of mass pit graves across Ireland today from the mass murder.  The mass murder was for profit that these people did.  And the population of Ireland went from something like 4 million to less than 2 million in 50 years.   How did they hide it?  You’ll laugh at this.  Very simple… They created the lie that the Irish didn’t eat anything else but potatoes and that they didn’t have dairy food and that they had no meat.  They had cows, sheep, pigs but for some reason the Irish with cows, pigs and sheep didn’t eat meat?  No, they only ate potatoes and they only ate one particular type of potato from one particular part of the country.

Somehow the Irish had all this land and yet they could only eat a certain type of potato that was grown in a certain area in the southern parts of Ireland.  That’s it.  They alleged that the whole of Ireland depended upon only one type of potato.  So when there was blight in this particular potato, that supposedly caused mass starvation across Ireland and millions of Irish died from starvation because they were too stupid to slaughter a cow and eat the meat.  They only ate potatoes (allegedly).  Now, you tell me how that lie continues today?  How can that lie continue today of the mass murder of millions of Irish? 

So, when I go back to my family history and I find that some of my relations died in workhouses by being worked to death because that was the only way they could survive, you tell me that the system is just fine and that “I am just doing it wrong.”  And what about today?  What about all those Americans living today in cars and boxes and shelters?  There are more Americans in poverty than all the other developed countries in the world.  There are more people in prison in America than in the entire world combined.  And, you think that the system is fine?  Are you going to believe the bullshit of these hucksters, liars, and remedy gurus that the only thing they have left to sell because of competence and they get challenged when people say, “That is not what the law says,” is their saying, “You are just doing it wrong.”  Are you going to believe the argument that you are, “Just doing it wrong?”  

If it was true and it’s not, but if it was true, then all the work that is in the Will and Testament in the Ucadia package wouldn’t be needed.   In fact the work of Ucadia as a model concerning law would not be needed because the system would follow Rule of Law, due process and justice.  You could go to court and you would not be going to a court of Summary Jurisdiction.  You would go to a court and the judge would be there to help you.  The judge would be there to have the matter resolved.   There would be no annuities, no slave bonds which there are today.  Everyone is a slave!  Everybody is a slave in their system.  None of that would exist.  

There would be no philosophy of original sin which is an absolute aberration.   None of that would exist and we could walk through and find remedy.  But, that is not the world we presently live in.  How much evidence do you need wake up and stop following the lies of people that say to you that you are “Just doing it wrong”?   Everything is fine, you are just doing it wrong.”  Because I assure you that those are people who are so desperate to sell their snake oil.  They will be the first to tell you that anything regarding Ucadia, anything regarding the Will and Testament is occult, or it’s bad, or it’s wrong or deluded or whatever lie they can throw at you.

Please, please, I ask of you what will it take for you to wake up?  What will it take for your friends to wake up and see the world for what it is?  

How do you find relief, remedy or answers in the world of slavery in a world of trickery and deceit and a world where all these people are out there lying and selling people down the river?   And, they lie on a daily basis by saying, “You are just doing it wrong.”  This is complete and total bullshit.  How do you get through?  

Well, some believe that the only way that when facing such tyranny is to man the barricades or to sit down peacefully and do what Mahatma Gandhi and others did in terms of passive resistance.  Passive resistance is fine and there is a time and a place for that.  But, the problem is that most people still believe that there is a system in place where there is some Rule of Law and there is some justice.  Why?  Because the media tells them (there is Rule of Law and justice) and that’s what they believe.  So, as long as the system has this veil and can hide itself as a system of justice, as a system of Rule of Law, then passive resistance or any kind of call to action in that form can be spun and misconstrued as anti-government and anti-social and a threat.  

The Ucadia Will and Testament Model

So, is there any alternative then?  Yes, there is and that is what the Ucadia Will and Testament package (see: Will and Testament and Notes) is all about.  Well, what is a Will and Testament?  As I said there will be a lot of white noise thrown about the Ucadia model.  You can go find the documents I am referring to on the website  When you get there go to the section on Education and there you will find the documents under Estate forms.  Under the Estate forms you will find we have listed the notes that go with the documents.  I urge and encourage you to read those documents first.  

Now I’m not going to repeat some of the material I’ve done a few times now in the past where you can go to the blogs and see the background on what the elements of the estate package are.  I am referring to the audio series that I did in March of 2013 which you can see on  You will find the three part series is there and I will walk you through the steps regarding what the estate is.  I am not going to cover that now because they are good audios and that is good material that is relevant today. 

If you want to look at some of the Maxims of law regarding Estates and Wills then you can actually go to the website and go to the canons of positive law.  When you get to the canons of positive law, go look at the canons regarding Estates and Trusts and you will find that those canons provide you with the maxims and history in the context regarding Ucadia as to the Will and Testament.  All those things are there for you to have a look at.  

What I want to do now is go and actually look at the background of updated template and just to do a quick summary of what is a Will and Testament and why the template has been designed the way it has.  Then we will do a ‘wrap-up’ from that.  The concept of a Will and Testament has there are many definitions that you will hear, and I want to read a couple of points in the introduction to Wills and Testament that you will find under the notes at under Education and Estate forms.  Let me read a couple of points as background.

As a way of trying to clarify the Will and Testament, it is a formal declaration, a memorial, a deed and a trust agreement by which a person testifies before witnesses as to his or her true intention and volition regarding the management of his or her cumulative Estate, the disposition of Rights and Property and the disposal of such Rights and Property upon his or her physical death.  If you hear people say such things as, “Your Will only matters when you die;” that is actually not what the statutes say.  That is not what the statute said that invented the concept of Will.  

The statute, the Wills Act of 1837, is the most significant Act in the definition of Will for the last hundred plus years.  It makes no mention of the need to be physically dead before elements of your Will and Testament or the elements of the management of the Estates are in place.  Why would they do that?  Why would there be this disconnect between the public opinion of Wills and the actual law itself?  Why would there be such confusion?  The answer is very simple.  The Bank of England, the bankers and the private Bar guilds realized as they were looking for more ways to rape and pillage you and me and our ancestors, that the best way for them to get their hands on the richest pot which is our property and our Estate is to trick us into declaring that everybody dies intestate.  Everybody since 1837 “dies intestate” in their (the existing) system.  That is, they die without a valid, recorded Will.  That is an absolute fact.   

They did that by changing the rules of what is a valid Will, and by changing the rules by depreciating the whole concept of Testament.  For thousands of years back to the time of Hammurabi and the Sumerians and right through the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was a well established custom that when one speaks a Testimony in front of witnesses, then not only is that the Testament of the Man or Woman, but that is clearly an expression of his or her Will and that the paper was only ever a memorial of that event.  It was never the effectual part of that event as all equity is spoken and law is written.  The speaking of the Testament is what made it effective.     

What they did in 1837 was they “flipped a switch.”  They said that paper, and paper alone is what determines the validity of the Will and even though they say Will and Testament, the nobles no longer did nobles spoke the Testament.  If you think about it, how many people do you know that have actually spoken what they considered to be their Will and there is a recording of that?  And more, how many had the recording witnessed and validated by witnesses who have made that witnessing known as part of the Will?  How many people have done that?   I suggest if any it would be remarkable and the answer would probably be none.  That is the trick of 1837 under the Wills Act.

By definition Will and Testament are at least two key concepts:  
1. the concept of the valid Testament from the Latin word “Testamentum,” being the Testimony and, 
2.  the concept of Will but as paper and in modern concepts being effectively the mind of the person or persons, the mind of the person or persons as the Will component.  

Why is the mind or the Will of the person so important to the present system, which is not fine and which is falling apart and breaking at the seams?  Why would that be significant for the last few hundred years?  

What is an employee?  What is an employer?  What is a driver?  What is a citizen?  What is a recipient?  What is a defendant?  They are all persons aren’t they?  If the system defines them in the legal statutes then they are legal persons aren’t they?  So, if persons are the automation of the system that we live under now then the mind of the person is critical isn’t it?  So, you see, if a court is dealing with a person and there is no clear indication as to the mind or the Will of the person and if you add to that court the power that the court is treating as the person as ‘dead’ then it is a probate court that is effectively proving a claim against the Estate, and these giant annuities that have been created in the background which those in the system can rape, pillage and suck out all this energy to make their own profit, then it’s a perfect storm for them.  It is perfect for them.  Because then they can argue that they determine the mind of the person and not you.  

What else about the Will?  It is the declaration of a memorial, a deed and a trust.  A declaration is really ultimately is an assertion of one or more Rights.  If you think about the image training of a Will and what people normally expect what the Will is, the Will lists the property you claim to own and it lists how you want to be buried and any kind of funeral arrangements and who gets what, and that’s it.  That is the image training of a Will. 

Technically we are not arguing against those elements.  Certainly a Will and Testament should refer in some way to the funeral arrangements.  It certainly needs to assert any Rights that we may have and it should indicate in some manner or form the Beneficiaries of the Will.  A key element of making the Will effective is the naming of the Beneficiaries and the naming of the Executor as the one that will administer that process.  

What you find when people create their Will with the aid of one or more members of the private Bar guild is that they list titles of property, such as “I own this house,” and investment properties and shares which are another form of title.  They list cars as another form of title.  So, all the property is listed as titles.  But what you don’t find is that there is any listing of the Rights to those titles.  And, by Rights I mean the Right of Possession or the Right of Ownership or the Right to Hold.  You find that these Rights are not normally listed in a Will.  They are presumed within a Will.  

The problem of the presumption of those Rights not being listed in a Will is that another party may claim that you do not have those Rights.  Another party may claim that you never had those Rights.  And once you start looking through the statutes, laws and procedures of the private Bar guilds, you discover, surprise, surprise, that they have developed hundreds and hundreds of their own Rights for which politicians and the world are largely oblivious. 

Their Rights, the way they have defined them, give them carte blanche to pretty much do whatever they want and to determine whatever they want.  If they determine that you have no Rights, then guess what?  You have absolutely no Rights.  

So, it turns out that when you look at the definition of real property, hereditaments and land and you dig into the legal meaning of those words, the only real property that there is, is Rights and nothing more.  If you don’t define your Rights within a Will, you have none.  You may go back and rest on those documents that you think give you Rights which would be the Magna Charta, or the Bible, or the Bill of Rights of 1689 in England, or the Petition of Rights of 1628, or The Declaration of Independence in 1776, or the Bill of Rights in the United States of 1791, or the UN Declaration of Rights in 1948.  You may think that those things give you Rights.  But if you don’t define that in your Will then you have not defined the real property and you may as well admit that you have no Rights.   

So there is the first argument when someone comes and says, “I don’t need to worry about this Ucadia Will and Testament thing.  It’s too large, it’s too bulky, it’s over the top, it’s a laundry list of things” and whatever people say.  You can say, “Fine.”  It’s time to take a stand, draw a line, and either be an agent for change or not.  But if you don’t define and declare your Rights, then you are pretty much admitting that you have nothing and that you remain a slave in their world.

What are the components of the Will and Testament?  We said it’s a declaration, a memorial, a deed and a trust agreement.  The memorial component is largely forgotten because people don’t speak their Will which makes it the Testament.  If people don’t speak their Will, if they don’t have a recording of their Will, then it is not a Testament.  It is only a Will.  A deed component is clear; anything dealing with the conveyance of a property needs to be a properly constructed deed.  A properly constructed deed requires an expression of the intent to convey, that it is done freely without duress, that there are terms regarding the conveyance and it is properly executed and witnessed. These are the elements that are needed for a valid deed.   

A trust agreement really relates to the appointment of someone being in the capacity of what we call a Fiduciary which is just a fancy way of saying a Trustee.  In the case of the Will and Testament that role is normally deferred until one is physically deceased.  But, there is no reason whatsoever that a Fiduciary cannot be appointed earlier in the administration of your affairs if that is what you choose to do in the management of your property.  Of course you can appoint a Fiduciary into such a capacity.  So, the very fact that a Will is recognized as being where we nominate the Executor, which is the appointment of Fiduciary and any terms or conditions that we give to that role, it means that one can appoint a Fiduciary into that role now, well before you physically die.  

So there is more of the deliberate disinformation that you will hear over and over again.  “No, you can’t have an Executor until you die.”  That is complete crap and a bare-faced lie.  If that is coming from someone who claims to be an expert in law, then they should bloody well go and read the Wills Act of 1837.  That is not what that Act says or implies.  There again you see the disinformation and the confusion to keep you a slave, to keep you in fear and to keep you buying the Kool-Aid from people that say, “You are just doing it wrong.  You don’t need to go to that extent.”    

What is the structure of this Will and Testament of Ucadia and why have we gone to the extent that we have?  In the time remaining I’d like to go through some of that without overstating what has already been listed in the attached notes.  So, there are two major components within the Ucadia Will and Testament model.  There is the expression of what is called the Ten Commandments.  Some people may chuckle when they hear the Ten Commandments, but in fact they are Ten Intentions that do match up to the Ten Commandments in the Bible and that is deliberate.  The Ten Commandments express clearly your intention of why you are doing this, who and what you are, that you are not claiming anything which is not yours, you are not impinging on others, you are doing no harm, you are honoring the principles of the Rule of Law, due process and justice, but you are NOT a slave.  You are NOT an idiot.  You are NOT a thing.  You are NOT a ward.  You are NOT a pauper.  You are NOT something to be discarded.  You are NOT worthless and you are NOT without value.  That is what the Ten Commandments of the Will express.  

If you are facing a nihilist, an idiot, someone riddled with mind virus, then let them disavow the Ten Commandments of your Will.  Let them disavow them, but not simply ignore it.  So, the explanations of those are listed within the notes and I won’t go through each and every one of them now.  This is a key moment.  

Within the Tenth Commandment, we break it down into what we call 33 Degrees.  I know the instant I say the word, “Degree,” alarm bells go off and warning signs on the magic number 33.   I can see it now.  People will say, “You know, Frank O’Collins is not a Jesuit because he must be a Mason!”  I can see that kind of disinformation flowing everywhere.  No, I am not a Mason, have never been a Mason, and I have no interest in any of those claims.

There is a reason why, a very key number of reasons, why we use the word, “Degree.”  So please turn off the warning lights and the alarm bells and let all the disinformation that people throw at that, let it calm down and let me explain to you why we describe these 33 Degrees, using the word, “Degree.”  Let’s cover this before we get into the substance and let’s cover the style component first.  The word, “Degree,” is a very important word in their system and in all systems.  The word, “Degree” comes from two Latin words: the word ‘de’ is a prefix and the word ‘gratis.’  “De gratis” comes together and means: “of or from the greatest, meaning step, stair, pace, stage, position, station, status, rank, ground, standing or ladder.”  That is the original Latin meaning.  

When you have a look at the meanings in terms of languages around the world, then you find it is a word of enormous importance.  It means emancipation, journey, achievement, status, and as we said, that you are not a pauper, you are not a slave and you are not worthless and a “thing.”  How do we demonstrate that you are not these elements if not in the use of language that makes it clear?  Degree means, in one of the legal definitions, “a level of property rights possessed by an entity.”   In other words if we have no Degrees we have no Rights and we have no property.  But, if we have Degrees, if we have achieved Degrees, then clearly we have Rights and clearly we have Property.  

The term, “Degree” was chosen not because it is esoteric but because of what it truly represents.  When one chooses to be competent one adopts the use of the Voluntatem and Testamentum model as your Will and Testament.  The fact that Degree is a word that is associated with their hiding of knowledge, their enclosure of knowledge, their occult treatment of knowledge… well fine.  If that causes them pause, good.  If it causes them to read that’s even better.  If it causes them to consider how broken and false their system is before the Divine Creator, great.  If it causes a few nihilists to wake up, then all the better.  

Hopefully we have overcome the disinformation that is going to fly around regarding the use of the word, “Degree.”  These are steps.  The first step we take, the FIRST DEGREE is to define our Rights and Obligations, the 99 Rights that we have spoken about some weeks ago.  

The SECOND DEGREE is then to define the status of Rights and what we mean by the difference of certain Rights having a greater or lesser status, and the fact that no Right can be higher than a Divine Right.  

The THIRD DEGREE we define is the transfer of Rights to make clear that nothing can be implied.  

The FOURTH DEGREE is the Assertion of Rights and how Rights are asserted and the exclusion of the use of force, fear, piracy, theft and seizure that they do every single day, claiming it lawful when it cannot be considered lawful. 

The FIFTH DEGREE is the Reservation of Rights in regards to the protection of our Rights.  

The SIXTH DEGREE is the Claim of Right.  Here we say, and I have said this before, “We are happy to accept a Claim providing that it adheres to these conditions.”  

The SEVENTH DEGREE defines the Dispute of Right and how again Disputes of Rights must be in the framework of Rule of Law, due process and justice.  The behaviors such as threat, intimidation, vexation, fear or force of any kind cannot be regarded as a legitimate action in the Dispute of any Right.  

The EIGHTH DEGREE is invalid and prohibited Rights.  

There, within the first eight Degrees you will find within our Will and Testament all the elements associated with Rights.  I’ll come back again to objections people will say.  They may say, “This sounds over the top; this sounds like you are laying claim or building an empire or you are making a mountain out of a molehill and going over the top.”  The reality is that they have written laws, their system is far from fine, and they have written laws and statutes and procedures that if you do not define these things, they give themselves a license to do whatever the hell they want.   That is how they operate and how they get away with it.  So you have to make it clear; if you don’t make it clear they jump all over you.  That is why this is a line in the sand.

Now, in terms of Creation and the Name, the NINTH DEGREE, again this is crucial.  I said this the other day, “There have been a lot of mistakes made to get to this point and I have been guilty of many mistakes.  One of the mistakes that I even got suckered into thinking about is the issue of the Claim of Right where people say that you have to Claim the Name.”  

I have audios and you have probably heard me say that you have to Claim the Name.  A Claim by definition is that you are not in possession of it.  If you are not in possession of the Name you are pretty much “dead in the water,” regarding the Estate.   The true way of viewing this is that you have ALWAYS owned, possessed and held the Name whether they like it or not.  It’s up to them to deny that.  Let them deny that in public.  Let them say that they claim your Name as a slave.  “We treat you as a thing and as a slave.”  Let them say this.  Let them bring that out of the shadows so that we are no longer under any illusion.  When you assert as a fact your Right of original possession, creation, ownership and use of the Name, then all they EVER have or had is equitable title.  All they have is the use of a Name as a Beneficiary and nothing else.    

In terms of the TENTH DEGREE, location, place and time, again people might say this is weird but it is not.  It is a statement of fact and for anyone to argue that you are sitting in a warehouse of their creation or you are living in their world is a lie.  You may visit their world but you certainly don’t exist in their world.  The proof of that is that we define location, place and time.  That is why I spent the time along with the tremendous help that was contributed from others in the development of Ucadia and in the development of the location, place and time model of Ucadia.  

In the ELEVENTH DEGREE we have actions, efforts and energy and again we make absolutely clear that no one can claim your energy.  

I won’t go through the rest of the Degrees and elements now as I think that the notes are self-evident and the detail itself is self-evident.  I hope you will take the time to read the notes and reflect upon them as well as the instruction on how to complete the Will and Testament and how to make it valid.   

Thank you to all who are willing to take a stand

What I want to do now is I want to wrap up as this is the introduction and just say a couple of things in closing.  I said to a few people over the last few weeks that I have been incredibly grateful to those of you who have stepped up to the mark to help and contribute and support and donate to Ucadia.  This period has been the most difficult period that I have faced in the development of Ucadia.  I have been more than happy over the period of twenty years now to have been able to personally fund and develop without any patron, sponsorship or support up until the last couple of years, and I got by.  As I have spent more and more time in getting this done, it has put enormous pressure on me.  For those of you who have been willing and courageous and prepared not to be a ‘passenger’ or a passive observer and who have actually supported, then I thank you and I know that people are doing that when they themselves do not have a lot of energy themselves.  So I thank you.

In doing that I am not seeing myself as a victim nor do I view this as some self-imposed pain and stress.  What I am doing is that I am trying to accelerate the promise that I made at the very beginning of this journey in making sure that the Ucadia model is self-executable and the material regarding campuses, provinces and universities and in this case, the Will and Testament model, is all available to you and it does not have to go through some central command and control to be validated.   And, that this is in your hands to be used and to be used wisely and with competence.  Because, if the Divine Creator trusts you, and the Divine Creator absolutely trusts and loves you, then who am I to go against such trust?  And, even though people breach trusts, and I have had trust breached with me constantly with people who said that they were here to help and then used the proximity and familiarity with me in the end as a weapon, and people actually promoted an attack by saying, “I know Frank O’Collins.”  That is how they open their attack and use that.  It is called perfidy and that is one of worst kinds of evil there is, to do that.  

That doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that we stop trusting.   It doesn’t mean that we should stop trusting people at any stage.  And so, I am sorry that I have not been able to get this finished until now.  And, I need to get this finished; that is what I am doing.  That is why I want to thank each and every one of you who are helping and contributing.  I need that help and I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t need it.  I need that help and I ask for your help please and not as an endless request, but because I am an confident that the Will and Testament package followed on with the completion of the documents in forming a campus, a province and a university and all the things that make Ucadia fully executable including the Rights associated with the ownership of Ucadia being vested in the charters and in the Covenant. This can be completed in the next few weeks.  I am absolutely confident of that. 

The thought I want to leave you with apart from that, and again thank you, is this thought about, “Time to make a stand.”  The system is not fine; the system is far from fine.  The reason you have not found relief or remedy is not because you are “just doing it wrong.”  That is a lie and the people who promote that are either doing it for their own selfish motives, acting in complete stupidity or something else.  It is not that you are just “doing it wrong.”  The system hides, seizes, lies, corrupts, and is a system of slavery.  This is not the intention and we are not living in the world that the founders of the United States intended through the Declaration of Independence.  We are not living in the world that my great-grandfather intended with all the other men at the time of the founding of the Constitution of Australia.  We are living in a system of corporations and the complete theft of our Rights and that is why that I call on each and everyone who has a chance to hear this audio, that it is time to make a stand.

What are you doing?  If you think you can make your own Will and ignore this template and think that this is irrelevant, then in the end you are disrespecting years and years of deep research and you may well end up making yourself worse and at the very least you are still acting as a slave.  You are acting as a ward and the incompetents that they claim us to be.  If you ignore all of this out of hand, then yes, sure, you are admitting that you are still a slave. You can argue until the cows come home that just because you ignore something from Ucadia doesn’t mean that you are a slave.   I’m sorry, but it’s coming to this point and the point is this:  not that if you do this your world will change for the better, not that if you do this you get some magic pot of gold.  That is not what I am saying.  

Make no mistake, I am in no way claiming that if you perfect your Will and Testament according to this model that your world will suddenly become peachy and rosy.  But what you will be doing is that you will be draining the swamp and pulling back the curtain so that everyone can see and there are no more lies that there is any Rule of Law, that there is justice, due process in a system of Summary Jurisdiction, in a system of secret annuities, in a system of slave bonds, in a system where the elite continue to steal and the poor are thrown in prison or allowed to starve to death.  That is not a system that is fine.  The quicker that we can expose the lie, the quicker we can pull back the veil, the quicker we can get on with the job that has been waiting not just for decades but for centuries to fix this bloody system and this bloody world which is a paradise and an incredibly beautiful, conscious world.  

We cannot fix things if we are still playing in the stance, “Oh, everything is fine, you just are doing it wrong.  They are well-meaning people.  It’s just bad luck that everything they try doesn’t work.”  That is crap, absolute crap.  Pull back the veil and be honest.  If they are nihilists and incompetent and stupid they should not be there.  Let’s start fixing things.  That is what I spent my time trying to do for the last 19 years with the Ucadia model that shows education, health, industrial relations, transport, and energy.  It’s all there to be rolled out and completed.  It’s a complete model of how to fix things.   I’m not the source of all knowledge but it’s a framework for us to start thinking about things differently and stop bashing our heads against the wall and thinking that if it doesn’t work now we can just keep trying because we are just doing it wrong.

Where do you sit in this?  Where do the people you know sit in this?  If all you get is, “Oh this is too hard, it’s too confusing, it’s occult,” then at the end of the day that is laziness and you know where those people stand.  This world will change not because there are a million people brave enough to stand up, because there aren’t a million brave enough to stand up or who are willing to step up and say they are not slaves.  I wish there were, but history tells us that is not going to be the number.  Nor is the number going to be 100,000 nor is it going to be 50,000.  It’s going to be a handful of people that change the world.   

History is not a spectator sport.  Where do you sit?  If you are a spectator, get out of the way.  If you are a passenger, get off the bus.  If you are here to kick the tires, stop wasting our time.  If you are here because you find this is entertainment, go and find something else to do because this is coming down to the wire.  You either take a stand knowing who you are, or you don’t.  There is no middle ground.  

I leave these thoughts with you and I want to say, “Thank you again, and I’m sorry tonight that I have a lot of passion in this subject.”  I hope there is passion for you as well, because I guarantee that anyone listening to this call except for a very, very small number of people on this planet,  have probably had aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents who were murdered, who died,  who were starved, or who were worked to death as slaves.  What are you doing for their memory?  For those that stand up and help, thank you.  There only needs to be a few who help and I hope you are one of them who does help.

Until we speak again next week, please be safe and please be well.  Thank you and good night.  

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